Samsung Galaxy S4 will have wireless charging, announcement coming in March [RUMORS]

Could the Samsung Galaxy S4 not be called the Galaxy S4 at all? That’s the bizarre speculation coming out of SamMobile today after once again dropping a bit of insider info on the device. The phone, which reportedly began life under the codename Project J and now goes by “Altius,” is being cooked up in white and black color schemes for a launch around around week 16 of 2013, according to the site’s sources.

Week 16 would mean a release on or around April 15th, lining up with earlier reports. To be clear, that date is said to be Samsung’s target shipping schedule. An announcement would come sometime in March at an event separate from MWC.

In terms of specs, new info supposedly confirms wireless charging for the device, which would be accomplished by way of an interchangeable battery cover and charging dock to ship a few weeks after the phone goes on sale. In terms of capacity, the GS4 could carry a 2600 mAh batter.

Now back to that question of the name. Apparently it hasn’t been finalized, with the exact moniker of the device hinging on Korean superstition that the number 4 breeds bad luck. Perhaps the move from model number GT-I9300 (Galaxy S3) to GT-I9500, conveniently skipping GT-I9400, supports this line of thought, but it’s hard to imagine Samsung launching this year’s flagship model without staying true to the already established naming scheme.

The Galaxy S4 (or whatever it might end up being called) will also come with a virtual salt shaker app for throwing over one’s shoulder to cast off any bad mojo. We kid, we kid, but we’ll try not break any mirrors or walk under too many ladders between now and April just in case.

[via SamMobile]

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  • Russ

    Hope it’s wireless charging is more existent that then S3’s.

    • Sean Daniel

      They have it for the S3, but you won’t find it on Samsung’s site. I know Verizon has one that looks official, but I haven’t seen any in my Sprint store.

  • sc0rch3d

    Superstition – like magic, only real /s

    • Jason Farrell

      Pronounced STUPER-STITION.

  • MangoFace

    Wireless charging?
    Just like my Galaxy S3…Oh…Wait…

  • Thomas

    So Verizon will get it when..June, July ?



      • camelsnot


        • Jason Farrell


          • OtisFeelgood


  • bakdroid

    They will follow Apple’s footsteps and call it the New Galaxy S…and another pointless lawsuit will in-sue…

    • Daniel Tiberius

      I see what you did there


    Galaxy S3S?

    • camelsnot

      ok isheep.


        The iPhone 5S is better than the Galaxy S3S

        • moises1204

          yea in your dream!

  • a)

    This is the phone that is going to expose iSheep’s minds to something that they wouldn’t normally see in their boring lives

  • jackdubl

    My S3 was supposed to have wireless charging. And my Galaxy Nexus. How many times have I heard that a phone will come out with wireless charging, only to have it not happen? I’ve lost count.

    • Eric Koelling

      Get a Nokia Lumia 920 I’ve seen the wireless charging work.

      I am an owner of a Samsung Galaxy S3.

    • selonmoi

      My Nexus 4 was supposed to have wireless charging. And it does. Works perfectly.

      • Daniel Tiberius

        Which charger do you have?

  • Craig Hawkins

    Just like the S3 and Note 2. Uh huh

  • maximillion82

    Lol hopefully sammy does it better than Google still waiting for the N4 charger

  • Daniel Tiberius

    They said the same thing about the GS3 with wireless charging. Also it won’t sell as well with a new name.

  • Wetworx

    Wonder how well the wireless charging will go this generation… Apparently, launching with the S3 or getting it at all was a pipe dream.


    So a interchangeable battery cover the way they said it was gonna be available for the S3? BS You can’t find that cover for sale ANYWHERE.