In wake of HTC M7 leak, Droid DNA gets a taste of Sense 5

Over the weekend not only did we get a leaked peek at the upcoming HTC M7 flagship, but we also got an early glimpse at Sense 5. Now the new version of HTC’s custom interface has found itself on Verizon’s Droid DNA. The image surfaced at LeakROMS, and likely only represents a port of the M7’s software, not an early build of a future update for the 5-inch handset.

It’s a long shot to think we might see Sense 5 on any phone before the launch of the M7. HTC will take the launch of that phone as an opportunity to show off the new features that will be baked into the latest evolution of the Android skin. But if any older handsets are going to get the new version, the Droid DNA is as good a candidate as any. Just don’t go knocking down HTC’s door just yet.

[via Android and Me]

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  • Tomáš Petrík

    Goodbye HTC, this is the last nail in the coffin…

    • Jonathan DeJesus

      Damn dude, you read my mind. Watch it come out “exclusively” on Verizon. HTC is fucked if they don’t release their flagship device on all carriers. If they do crash and burn I hope Google buys them out. Nothing better than creating your own competition.

      • camelsnot

        all have exclusive phones, DeJose.

        • Jonathan DeJesus


  • Sean

    HTC sucks anyways. I don’t understand why anyone is even interested in their phones, or especially HTC sense. But that’s just me.

    • MixGuy

      down down down arrow to this dumb comment

      • Tomáš Petrík

        OK, you asked for it :)

    • malcmilli

      I think people enjoyed their build quality, and recently their camera quality, and for sprint users, the kick stand. Sense was also one of the better skins in some peoples opinions, many tech blogs agreed with that point as well.

      • camelsnot

        heh sprint and tfumble users love kickstands.. makes up for a crappy network.

        • Jonathan DeJesus

          I see your one of those dumbasses getting raped by AT&T or Verizon.

  • toomuchgame441

    I can’t believe how bad HTC fell off… They were once at the top, and this year doesn’t look promising for them. I still like HTC just wish they would get their stuff together.

  • Russ

    Maybe one day they’ll update their status icons from the doughnut ones…

    • Butters619

      It actually looks like the moved backwards with those

  • Charles Teeman

    Instead of 5.0 , HTC should just call it Senseless.


    • camelsnot

      Oh teabag, you so crazy!

  • ChemicalProject

    Looks a lot like a windows phone home screen to me…

    • camelsnot

      yeah because of the Chinese characters? racist.

      • OptimusL

        Wow… Just wow.

        Please don’t breed.

  • Sean

    I have seen a few tech blogs that did say Sense was one of the better skins. Those same articles also said skins are bad in general and vanilla android is far better. Well if thats the case, Sense is about as far from vanilla as you can get. So its a contradictory statement.

  • NightAngel79

    DNA DNA!

  • phinn

    Ugh go away Sense.

  • Aaron Soles

    If they can have a release like the galaxy s3 launch/galaxy note 2 on all carrier’s then that would help. Also they need to include micro sd card slots! That and removable batteries are what helped set android apart.

  • Aaron Soles

    The icons look worse than the sense 4. Just saying.