Does this benchmark result reveal Samsung Galaxy S4’s 1.8GHz CPU?

It’s always difficult to take an entry in a benchmark database at face value, but when the potential subject is the Samsung Galaxy S4 it’s worth a second look. So goes the story with the latest AnTuTu benchmark result, er, results. Two devices have appeared with model numbers SHV-E300S and GT-I9500, but both appear to be linked to identical handsets.

If that GT-I9500 number sounds familiar, it’s because speculation has already tied it to the next iteration of Samsung’s Galaxy S flagship. If that is accurate and the benchmark results we see here hold true, the Galaxy S4 will feature a 18.GHz quad-core CPU — potentially Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa.

Roll that in with previously rumored specs including a 4.99-inch Super AMOLED FHD display, 2GB RAM, and a 13MP camera and we’re looking at a device that will once again capture a wide swath of the market for Samsung. The specs would simply blow almost every other device out of the water. But, we haven’t even dipped our toes in, just yet. Samsung is expected to unveil the next Galaxy S later this spring.

[via BGR]

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  • jimmy

    18 GHz!!!!!

    • Ian Woloschin

      And you thought battery life sucked now…

      • Vinny

        Wrong, the new chips are also 60% better in managing battery life. That is called innovation, innovation yes innovation. That is why Android just keeps getting better, they innovate.

        • kascollet

          Well, it’s solely ARM innovation but yes, efficiency and power is great news.

        • Ian Woloschin

          I was commenting on the order of magnitude typo in the article…if you could even overclock an ARM chip to 18 GHz without it exploding, it would hardly be a power-sipping chip for a phone.

          Regarding the new chip designs, they say they’re 60% better, I say don’t hold your breath. I’m sure they’ll be better, but when marketing people start throwing out nice round numbers like that, my engineer-senses start tingling.

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          Straight over your head

          • Chris

            LOL that made me laugh xD

    • Jason Asianface

      18 GHz!!! WOW!! Now that phone is going to be faster than a PC!! Woot!!

      • jbo1018

        It will totally run Crysis!

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          My S3 does already :D

    • Marsg

      18GHZ O.o , I got time for that

    • agl82

      1.21 JIGGAWATTS!

    • Cenarl

      cant wait to OC it

  • Jonbo298

    1.8ghz GS4. May as well go for a 2ghz Note 3. Marketing would have a field day.

    • PhaseBurn

      1.8? The article clearly says 18 GHz, not 1.8. Get your facts straight, mang!

      • kascollet

        Just think for yourself for a minute dude…

      • Alex Alexander

        Me Gusta

    • Alex Alexander

      There is a crazy rumors, maybe not so crazy, than the Note 3 will come with a curved screen and bigger screen but the same dimensions of the Note 2.
      Also with the new big.Little processor at 2GHz.
      I switched from the S3 to the Note 2 mainly by the screen, but if Samsung can keep the size just like the Note 2… it will be welcome.

  • Jackson Veliz

    geez… the next big thing IS here! lol 18GHZ, enough for 4k and then some o_O

  • HotInEER

    I’m so hyped for this, I can’t wait. HTC M7 has me interested also, as well as the new Sony Xperia. One of these 3 will be my next phone. Might be which one comes out first and is on Sprint.

    • No_Nickname90

      I’m in your same boat. Although I’m gearing towards the Xperia Z in terms of design. And I like the water resistance.

      And Sprint too. The only reason it having to be on Sprint is because the discounts I’m wracking in being on this Family plan. LoL!!

  • earth

    Does the new CPU include LTE? If not, we might see this version in the US.

    • PhaseBurn

      Yes, the Exynos 5 does support LTE.

  • kev2684

    18.ghz omfg wat

    • No_Nickname90

      I hope he leaves it lyk that. Surely this is one of the best typos I’ve seen evar.

  • John



  • No_Nickname90

    AT 18Ghz, you can only imagine the cost. But 2 year contract would be $200 and my contract expires this year. How lovely. =.D

  • John

    Kevin Krause will never typo processor speed again… lol

  • Ramses225

    1.8Ghz, probably a typo,

  • james ortiz

    what’s fhd display?

    • Simon Belmont

      FHD is Full HD. That would be 1920x1080p.

      Regular HD or just HD is 1280x720p. Hope this helps.

      • Soo Hon Wye

        Or it could be just Fucking High Definition :p

  • nerijus ogilba

    on antutu u can find GT-I9500 with android 5.0 o.O


    18GHz! WOW!

  • Mug

    Idiots. He got it wrong. It’s 1.8 Ghz, I read other articles on other websites. And the title says 1.8 Ghz, journalists make mistakes.


    • master94

      We know, we are just having fun party spoiler

  • http://phandroid Steven

    Its out right obvious its a typo (18.GhZ) when the title clearly states 1.8GHZ. The title is what lead me to read the article. Duh ! Didn’t it do the same to you ?

    • master94

      We are all just having fun, join us

  • master94

    18Ghz! now my phone can truly cook an omelet.

  • jordan lopez

    Ppl read the title of the article 1.8… 18GHz was a typo. they happen. There’s no need for that much power. That’s too big of a jump