Watch Sony handcraft the Xperia Z (and a couple other devices)

One of the coolest moments of CES occurred just before Sony’s press conference to unveil the Xperia Z (among other products). In a five minute video, we were treated to an up-close look at the assembly process of the new flagship phone alongside a Cybershot RX1 and HD camcorder. The video was so good, Sony showed it to us twice (at least that’s what Kaz joked…), and now it has been posted online for all to enjoy.

Sony’s presentation was slightly different, having each video swirl around a 360 degree display encircling their CES booth, but you get the idea. The display had us in awe and gives an idea of just the sort of craftsmanship that goes into these devices (even if they aren’t actually assembled entirely by hand at the factory). Now, when can we get our mitts on a limited edition handcrafted Xperia Z?

[via Engadget]

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  • camelsnot

    sound so soothing from Sony. On the other end.. at an apple factory there isn’t time for music, no space for a camera to film the hundreds of thousands of underpaid workers, nor do they want people filming that.

    • BoSamps

      i doubt sony is the total opposite

      • DYNK

        Of course it wont be totally the opposite. Still made in Japan or Korea at least there isn’t suicides every other day. Gtfo apple troll