AT&T Galaxy S3 now getting Jelly Bean over-the-air

If you couldn’t get the Jelly Bean update for AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S3 using Samsung Kies for some reason, we have some good news for you. The upgrade, which adds a ton of new goodies both from Samsung and Google, is now available via an over-the-air process. All you need to do is flip that WiFi switch on your device and check for an update in the Settings > About Phone menu.

The update will bring things like Google Now, Project Butter, improved notifications and more. Other bits and pieces scattered throughout TouchWiz should include increased lock screen customization features, improved camera settings and more. Alongside a WiFi connection you’ll want at least 30-50% battery life before downloading and accepting this one.

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  • TheHowiie

    I bet it’ll be a whole lot simpler than the update I did over kies, took an freaking hour after 7 or 8 fails

  • Jason Asianface

    NO!! Where is the JB update for One X ><

  • Adam Bourque

    Samsung GS3 on AT&T is already on JB 4.1.1. I have it.

  • Jason T

    Where is the JB update for One X :(

  • HTC One X

    HTC One X JB update anyone?

  • Jeff Langsner

    AT&T 100% is testing the HTC One X update as we speak. It’s out of HTC’s hands now that they gave the base update for the carriers to test. That’s why Rogers canada has Jelly Bean for the One X. Rogers finished testing. One may presume that AT&T has been finding issues and then they have to report it to HTC for fixing. Once HTC devs claim fix on a bug, their testers do their test-runs. If all goes well, it get’s sent back to AT&T for more testing. So it’s not solely HTC’s fault that it’s not out yet on AT&T.

  • Howard

    I got the update yesterday OTA. It went smoothly. Took a little while, but no problems. I haven’t figured why my wife hasn’t gotten the update, yet.