The Pebble Blues: Samsung sheds light on the Galaxy S3 delay that could have been a catastrophe

When the Galaxy S3 launched back in May, it seemed all too familiar to previous major Android releases. Production delays with the handset’s Pebble Blue variant seemed destined to cause stock shortages and shipping delays. But, as Samsung reveals in a recent post to their Tomorrow blog, the dedicated work of a team of product engineers and designers allowed the company to pump out a fix in only three days.

Samsung faced a tough decision when the first run of Pebble Blue battery covers came back. They didn’t replicate the initial design to the standards of Samsung, and the design with its reflective quality and hairline engravings was deemed a “core element of the Galaxy S3 design.”

The Korean company could either scrap plans for the alternative color, deliver a product that did not live up to the “promise” represented by pre-release models, or bust their tail to revamp the manufacturing process to produce a better result. Feeling a sense of duty to the customer, Samsung went with the latter option.

And so for nearly 72 hours straight, the design and development teams went to work, starting from scratch to create a method of reproducing the exact finish Samsung was going for without sacrificing productivity. An excess stock of Marble White devices afforded some leeway.

The end result was Samsung’s triumph over the shortcomings of their initial Pebble Blue design. It all amounted to the handset we see today, one that has recently surpassed 40 million in sales and is showing few signs of slowing down.

[via SamsungTomorrow]

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  • simpleas

    And that, is the wonder of Samsung. Jokes aside, go Sammy WOOT! :))

  • eclipsenyou

    Love my pebble blue S3!

  • RobWild

    This is exactly why Samsung is so successful. They over come obstacles and press forward. Look at LG, they did an ok job on the Nexus 4, but I am sure Google just threw too many hurdles in the way for them to be able to ramp up and overcome. Probably a communications or resources thing, but still, the big guy rolls on. Cool story. :)

  • David Gray

    Does anyone have ANY idea as to what we are looking at here? Thispicture is very strange

    • NexusPhan69

      Inside of the back cover (metal molding for an injection mold) with a hand holding a tool running across it.

    • ryan rochford

      think its the mold for the battery door being carved

  • jbo1018

    Im glad they got it fixed up because I love my pebble blue GS3

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    I dont know what the initial design flaw was, but the back of my S3 is horrible quality. Hairline cracks, easy scratches, etc

  • master94

    See this is why I like Samsung, they found a problem and worked all night to fix it, unlike a company we all know *cough apple, that released the broken iphone 4s knowing about the antenna gate flaw and not caring.

  • John

    That was only possible because of the thousands of child labor workers getting it done. US workers would have taken months.

    • BLADESMAN1889

      British workers would have gone on strike at the suggestion of 72 hours work straight [°_°]

  • Rolf

    When I saw the S3 PebbleBlue for the first time on a picture I thought: “What an ugly thing!”. But when I had it in my hand I was thrilled. No picture can match the S3’s beauty.

  • erni74

    Look at this beautiful Samsung Galaxy S4!