LG Optimus G now receiving Jelly Bean update in South Korea – US soon to follow?


If LG releasing Jelly Bean for LG Optimus G users in South Korea is any indication, a US release can’t be too far behind. The update, rolling out right now both over-the-air and over-the-wire for customers with the LG-F180S on SK Telecom brings the device’s firmware up to Android 4.1, and introduces users to services like Google Now. LG promised the update before year’s end but at only 2 weeks into January, they’re aren’t too late.

As I stare at the LG Optimus G sitting on my desk I have to admit… I’m feeling a bit jelly. Hopefully it will be a speedy rollout for Sprint and AT&T variants. On that note, anyone flash a leaked Jelly Bean ROM onto their Optimus G’s yet? Care to share the experience?

[LG Mobile via PocketDroid]

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  • bigcix

    I swear every device and its grandma is getting jelly except for my damn at&t One X!!!!

  • toomuchgame441

    Yes yes yes!… Hopefully some ROMs are cooked up for my Sprint LG OG, Sprint is pretty good about their updates so hopefully it rolls out soon.

  • Dr. Mark Lipschitz

    There are no Jelly Bean roms out yet. A few ICS with some upgrades from Jellybean.

  • Kyle Cordiano

    If the Optimus G could be updated by the end of February for the US, that would be good.

  • AndroidiMac

    Seriously? You’re doing that here?

  • OptimusL

    It’s a scam, this guy tricked my friend and sold him a faulty HTC One X+

  • Noobafied

    There is a ROM on XDA called Lifeless, It has some “integrated” JB within it. Flashed mine 4 days ago with V9. Yesterday came with v10. The Guy is working very hard and speedy to get it right, and It’s practically flawless at this point.

    • toomuchgame441

      Yea I’m running that ROM too… I’m still on V6. I’ll probably flash v10 today. Do u know if the latest build improves the camera? And what other JB like features have u noticed?

      • Noobafied

        The latest (v10) update on Lifeless ROM fixed the camera issue on my mine. There are some tweaks for the camera in AROMA on a fresh flash. As far as the JB feel….It suits my tastes for now until the official OTA comes out. the ATT version has a CM10.1 Rom and total nexus 4 conversion, But has been stated as ” uber-hacky” With a MULTITUDE of bugs and problems. ” softkeys inoperable, volume keys inverted, etc. I’m hoping for the OTA roll-out of Feb. We’ll see. Sprint forums are crazy, People must realize LG rolls out the updates to Sprint. Not the other way around. lol. Im very much impressed with the phone and the Roms on it so far. Were all rooting for the underdog (LG). we’ll see what comes of it.

  • http://www.logan.cc/blog/ Bryan

    If LG (or any manufacturer), would guarantee updates for at least two years, I’d buy their phones. You’d think LG could do this with the Optimus G being so close to the Nexus 4.

  • klc3rd

    Ugh I want this update lol

  • drewwalton19216801

    No source has been published as required by the GPL, LG is in serious violation at the moment. I’ll be bombarding them shortly.