Sprint Kyocera Torque hits the FCC

Spring is quickly approaching and Sprint knows folks will be looking for trails, mountains and hills to tackle. That’s why it’s readying a new rugged Android smartphone outfitted with 4G LTE radios. The Kyocera Torque has been rumored to come with Android 4.0 and will have a display with WVGA resolution, front and rear cameras and build specifications that might mirror military-grade handhelds.

The device has hit the FCC today, and the listing confirms the existence of NFC, something Sprint seems to be taking seriously seeing as it’s the only carrier partner Google has for Wallet. The leaked screen shot would suggest that this device will be mostly stock with the exception of some Sprint-specific pre-installed applications.

There’s a thin line between “easy on the eyes” and “butt ugly” when trying to design rugged smartphones, and Kyocera looks to have straddled that line quite nicely with this device. A carbon-esque look to it just exudes confidence in its toughness, but we’ll have to see it put to the test before we can give it the “tank” seal of approval.

[FCC via Unwired View]

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  • CryptoNoel

    perfect for my dad

  • http://twitter.com/Vanakatherock Vanakatherock

    And it looks to have a PTT button camped out to the left of the screen. Nice!

  • OptimusL

    This is a good phone for construction for tradesmen like construction workers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ionekoa John Robertson

    hmmm…. have to keep a wary eye on this one. right now the GS4 is far and away the top contender for my next phone.

    that being said, i’ve always wanted a rugged phone for doing.. well, whatever I want. the only problem is that in my experience Kyocera phones have always sucked hard core. dunno. i’ll keep an eye out, see what the specs are and poke and prod it in a store before i make up my mind.