Chameleon for phones shown off on video

While Chameleon for Android tablets has captured our attention well enough, Teknision — the developers behind this interesting home-screen replacement — feels like phones deserve a bit of love too. The launcher makes use of every inch of screen real estate through the use of information-filled widgets and a great degree of customization and flexibility.

The developers have finally shown the phone version off on video, giving us a glimpse of the experience as it would be on a Nexus 4 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2. Things feel largely the same compared to tablets, albeit a bit compressed to make up for the relative lack of screen real estate. The experience looks just as smooth as it always has so there’s not much to worry about.

On top of it all, some new folder management features have been added to the experience for both phones and tablets, so even if you already have Chameleon on your tablet you’ll want to watch the entire video to see all the new goods. Fast forward to about the 1:50 mark if you only care about what it looks like on the smaller slate a phone provides.

[via Chameleon]

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  • CerealFTW

    Maybe they shouldve worked on the tablet app more. The apps glitchy as hell and they screwed over the kickstarter supporters

    • jbo1018

      How did they screw over the supporters? (Not questioning you just curious I never really followed the whole thing.)

      • CerealFTW

        I never followed it much but if u take a look on the comments on the pre orders apps on the play store, there are people complaining about how laggy it is and how supporters paid $10+ for an unusable beta which was sold for $4 to everybody else. And they haven’t updated since mid November

  • simpleas

    too complicated for me lol

  • jhawkkw

    I love the layout and feel of it on the 10.1 tab, but on the 7in tab it feels cluttered. It is also very buggy and subject to lots of redraws that take upwards of 30 seconds sometimes. They need to fix it dearly.

  • JulianZHuang

    this is what they gave us with 50k…..

  • Jonathan Hayes

    they need to work on their current priorities before screwing around with different and new things like Chameleon on the phone.. i was a backer of this on kickstarter and i wish i could take it back. i got this launcher on the tablet(transformer prime) and immediately noticed how slow it was, buggish it was, and how much it lacked features.. i feel like i got jipped..

  • Jalal Ghanavi

    I paid good buck for this and don’t even use it on my xoom. It’s increadibly resource demanding! They should leave out the phone option and concentrate on improving their tablet version. If it does get released then I hope I don’t have to pay an additional amount to get it.

  • Joel Joseph

    i have ben using this on my s3 for months….. installed changing the dpi’s

  • Luke Bailey

    So seeing as the tablet version is virtually unusable due to bugs and lag, they decide to put their efforts towards a phone version instead of getting the tablet version working first?

  • DavidB23

    the only positive thing I can say about chameleon is, that they gave me my money back. Slow, buggy, crashes, not customizable….