Sony shows off line of NFC one-touch Bluetooth speakers [VIDEO]

In an effort to take the hassle out of pairing your wireless devices to accessories such as Bluetooth speakers, Sony is turning to NFC to make the process as easy as one touch. A lineup of products, from the ultra portable speaker we go hands-on with in the below video to a range of speaker docks and wireless headphones, all feature the capability.

But the functionality extends beyond speakers. Sony is also featuring a 1TB hub which can quickly collect photos and other media from your Xperia handset or other device.

In our time with the different devices we had some hit-and-miss experiences. With Sony’s handsets, pairing was seamless. With a Galaxy Nexus, the process wasn’t so painless. Theoretically, however, the accessories will work any NFC-ready Android handset.

The Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker retails for around $60 bucks. Prices vary on other models.


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  • W!LL

    i like that

  • Guest

    x-mini speakers $18 (loud and clean as he!!)

  • Michael Thompson

    Wow, so it doesn’t roll around or do anything dumb?

  • AnjunaSpeak

    I see they found some interesting countree music to play at a technology show…