NVIDIA Shield: Live Pictures from CES 2013

How fitting: NVIDIA announced their “Project Shield” gaming handheld/console at their CES Press Conference, only to keep it shielded from our hands when it hit the show floor. Encased in glass, the NVIDIA Shield sat taunting us with all it’s Android gaming glory.

We’re scheduled to get some hands-on time with the NVIDIA shield, but until then, feast your eyes on these photos which we HOPE will hold you over. If not, take a gander at the rest of our CES 2013 coverage until we bring you the goods!

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  • Michael Thompson

    I’m just glad I have multiple monitors because my main one has marks all over it from me throwing my wallet at the screen.

    • jeremyseattle


  • Nick_Lopez_Loya

    This is gonna be awesome as long as it’s not more expensive than a vita or a 3ds.

  • godrilla

    no hands on video for phandroid plaid you

    • Michael Thompson

      Yes, plaid you!
      Plaid you to ARGYLE!!

  • Steven Cannan

    running andriod right its prob on the blog lol

  • naduh

    The pics in the lightbox are WAY TOO BIG.

    • jeremyseattle

      I know! I can see individual specs of dust on the device!