Eyes-on: 4K video running on NVIDIA Tegra 4 [VIDEO]

We can easily say NVIDIA’s press conference is among the most eventful for Android fans, at CES 2013. We have a new handheld console, Grid Cloud Gaming and Tegra 4 coming. Tegra 4 is quite the beast, but just how powerful can it be? Well, we have found out it can output 4K video to a 4K TV.

In our hands-on video, you can see a demo of NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 developer tablet runnin a 4K sample of After Earth’s trailer on a stunning 84-inch (3840 x 2160) television. Many tablets struggle to output even 1080p video. And with no lag or latency, we know this processor definitely has the guts to take on any task.

It’s hard to give justice to such resolutions through video, but you can definitely notice how good it performs. You will simply have to trust us on the resolution quality, though – it is stunning! Hopefully one day we can all afford a 4K TV and enjoy this.

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  • Steven Skwarkowski

    Movie looks like it will be fun to see. Im done with movie collections though. I wont be buying any more blu ray or 4k movies when they come out. No more physical media!

    • Manbo

      Hope you’ve got unlimited home internet… just because if a 1080p movie can be a few GB’s, I hate to imagine what 4 times the pixels would do to your bill.

      • dario sucic

        Who doesn’t have unlimited internet? It’s 2013, bandwith would be the problem here, not money.

        • TheScientists

          Most ISP’s have data caps (at least in the US), and those that don’t are heading that direction.

        • Manbo

          Canada my friend. Canada.
          The main providers provide ridiculous caps on bandwidth here.
          Top end packages with 200GB caps, etc.

          You can get fast internet, just don’t use it lol.

        • ryoohki360

          120g/month,Montréal. Had unlimited some years ago, but they removed it

      • Tony Lai

        wtf, u have an limited home internet service!?!? Sucks to be you!!

      • Steven Skwarkowski

        Yes, I do have unlimited. 50GB connection. I can maintain roughly 2-3Mbps through wireless. Plus, this is what the pirate bay is for

  • RavenFox

    holy moly…

    • xchopx

      exept it looks like a mirror

  • guitarist5122

    going to have to Google this 4k nonsense. 4k of what?

    • Go Hawkeyes

      4000 unicorns puking tiny pixel rainbows.

  • ben7337

    This video is probably optimized to run on it. Anyone could do this for CES. Heck, the PowerVR SGX540 can do 1080p supposedly, but it really can’t unless it is recorded from a phone with a 1080p camera, or the video is meant for it, like something crappy on youtube. In real world application it can’t even handle 720p. The Adreno 225 can just do 720p. not 1080p at all. I bet the 320 can do 1080p, but I’d be amazed if the Tegra 4 could actually do 4k properly. I imagine it’ll only do 1080p for all practical intents and purposes for a long time, and no one will care because 4k tv’s are just becoming the new big thing now and won’t be available at an affordable price for a few years at least.

    • ahhhhmmm

      A friendly hint. Video decoding is not done in the GPU.
      Basically all you write above is therefore incorrect.

      In fact most modern smartphones decode 1080p video without any problem. Only low end smartphones will have problems.

      However 4k is another matter. It will be interesting to see how well this actually works and also when a 4k TV becomes affordable.

  • Adam McIntosh

    But is it clear?