Vuzix Android-based Smart Glasses could beat Google Project Glass to market

While the hype surrounding Project Glass has been mostly talk (and one pretty exciting product demo), another company has developed a similar product that could beat Google’s brainchild to market. Introducing Vuzix Smart Glasses. Less a GUI overlay for your world and more an extension of the hands-free Bluetooth headset, Smart Glasses offers a heads-up view of content from your Android smartphone. Everything from apps to social media (and whatever other apps developers can think of).

The Vuzix setup is pretty simple. You get the earpiece, a microUSB port for charging and updating software, a few buttons for navigation, and of course the over-eye screen, which simulates your smartphone display from a distance of 10 inches. The Smart Glasses do have their own processor and other internal hardware, so they can run basic applications without pairing to a smartphone.

As you will see in the video above, the spokesperson we talked to was hesitant to call Smart Glasses a true competitor to Project Glass, but the innovative product is definitely after a similar market. The biggest difference, though, is that Vuzix will be ready to ship their Android-based glasses by summer for less than $500. We’re still waiting for Google to deliver their pricey early developer preview.


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  • bob

    LOL! Like wearing an SUV on your head. Looks ridiculous…

  • johnny989

    So do I have to hold it up like an idiot the whole time?

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Did you miss the part at 50 seconds where he said & pantomimed the headset that you wear?

    • barry99705

      Only the idiots will do that. Everybody else just use the headset.

  • DarrenR

    The title is missing “(and be an utter failure)”.

  • DCTheTruth

    would look like robo cop wearing these.

  • Crimsonshadow774

    Google creates the best ideas but takes far to long to put them on the market.

    By the time PG and Android @ Home get out, everybody is going to think they copied.


    The next few years sure are going to be interesting…..Can we wear these while driving?

    • johnnyboy5520

      Please no! You think texting and driving is bad? This will cause multi-car pile ups.


        Texting is not the problem. Distractions in general are a problem.

        • johnnyboy5520

          LOL, and this in your face won’t be a distraction?

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            The Chevy Vette has has a HUD for the last few generations, I haven’t heard of any accidents caused directly because of the HUD. I think a HUD would actually assist your driving, instead of distract.

  • IrishSid

    Great, I can feel like part of the Borg collective.

    • barry99705

      Naa, this is Boba Fett’s helmet targeting display.

  • barry99705

    320×240!! Woooo!

  • hemipw54

    Dude your arm will get really tired holding that thing. Duct Tape coming with each one?

  • Michael Thompson

    “Switch to Targeting Computer…”
    I could use this in my X-Wing!

  • Michael Thompson

    “His computer’s off…”
    “Just use the phone, Luke!”

  • Aar0nC

    can’t he just let you use it and give it a test run instead of trying to explain this damn thing!??

  • Gus70

    So many haters. I think $500 is too high. But I a lot of people will be wearing these soon. But maybe not this year.

  • yankeesrule587

    Wow !! Yea lets be worried about this coming to market before Google Glass when its absolutely, nothing even close to Google Glass except for the fact that it has a screen that goes over your eye, lol…False advertising at its worst.