Jan, 14 2013

72 GPU cores? Four A15 CPUs? Integrated LTE support? That, boys and girls, is what we call the Tegra 4, NVIDIA’s latest update to its line of mobile processors. Pitted head-to-head against the Samsung Nexus 10, a prototype running the new platform loaded 25 web pages in nearly half the time (using a simulated internet connection).

Though the graphics company is known best for its work in perfecting high-quality PC gaming, the Tegra 4 has a few tricks up its sleeve beyond playtime. NVIDIA has placed a special focus on the SoC’s photo processing capabilities, particularly when it pertains to HDR photography. Tegra 4 reorganizes the photo capture stack in order to snap HDR photos instantly. It can even provide a live HDR preview in order to help hone your shot.

NVIDIA is labeling it the hands-down fasted mobile processor on the market, and they didn’t end their demo without showing off a bit of Dead Trigger 2. As you might expect, the new architecture delivered near-console quality graphics on a mobile device. Pretty nifty stuff. We’ll be checking out the Tegra 4 processor in depth as CES marches on, so stay tuned for more throughout the week.


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