Mad Catz gets in on Android gaming with new GameSmart universal Bluetooth tech

It’s the next best thing to a standardized format: get one of the biggest peripheral makers in the market to release controllers for Android. You may remember Mad Catz from years past. You know, those gaudy controllers you forced upon your little brother whenever you’d play Street Fighter. Ya, those guys. Looks like they’ll be at CES debuting a whole new set of gaming peripherals, this time designed for mobile devices in mind. Okay, while that may not sound too exciting, the interesting bit is that these new controllers will be taking advantage of Bluetooth Smart, a new universal technology found inside their controller line dubbed GameSmart.

GameSmart is Mad Catz’s new initiative that will allow for game developers to ensure their games are compatible with this new technology, not various controller hardware (MOGA, PlayPad, etc.). In theory, this could make Mad Catz controllers the one peripheral to rule them all. ‘Course as we all know, they just gotta convince game devs of that. Mad Catz will show off a full line of GameSmart products at CES next week, ranging from controllers and mice, to keyboards and headsets. We’ll make sure to give you guys a hands-on when we touch down in Vegas in just a few short days. Stay tuned!

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  • Alberto_jr

    Daigo Umahara should showcase these controllers

    • Chris Chavez

      Wouldn’t be surprised to see him or another fighting “legend” paid by Mad Catz to demo these at CES..

  • Big_EZ

    Their products suck, and if they want this to succeed they need to license it to other peripheral manufacturers. If they license this I think it could take off big time and be great for gamers.

  • Ceefax


    • Chris Chavez

      Oops. Thanks.

  • guitarist5122

    I bought one Mad Catz controller in the past. It was terrible quality. Only bought it cuz it was the smallest original xbox controller I could find at the time and the original controllers were huge (was coming from a ps1). I seriously how the quality of their products have gotten better by now.

  • Michael Thompson

    I have yet to find a usable product from this company.

  • DCTheTruth

    I see some bad analog sticks coming.

  • KyseJ

    It’d be nice if they make a good comeback with good devices.. We will see though… Maybe they’ve been talking to Rim and had this idea to come back who knows..

  • Danny Callahan

    Lol. These things are going to have SO many problems, I tell you what.

    I’m gonna call it now :
    -Poor connectivity, as well as unreliable connections with any device
    -Poor battery quality/life
    -Poor quality materials, cheap analog sticks that become loose and wiggly after 2 weeks of light use
    -Madcatz logo

  • Butthurt iSheep are Butthurt

    Yikes Madcatz, brings back bad memories of my childhood gaming.