CES-bound Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL press shots leak

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL. You may know them better as the Yuga and Odin, and will be formally introduced next week at CES. But that’s a week away, and we live in the here and now. These press shots surfaced at Sony’s Japanese site in the wee hours of the new year and show handsets that appear to match previous leaks.

The Xperia Z will likely be Sony’s flagship handset for the first half of 2012 and is rumored to feature a 5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processing, and a 13MP camera. The Xperia ZL looks put its own twist on a similar spec sheet, though nothing is confirmed at this time.

Sony’s press event will take place next Monday, January 7th, at 5PM local time.

[via Engadget]

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  • sc0rch3d

    interesting buttons and their locations on the right side…

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Sure looks like a physical camera button — hope so!

  • Shawn_Locke

    “The Xperia Z will likely be Sony’s flagship handset for the first half of 2012…” should read 2013. No harm, it’s a hard habit to break. Happy New Year to all you guys at Phandroid – Quentyn, Kevin, Chris, Rob, and Edgar (Raveesh, too!) – Keep up with the great work!

  • Jason

    Uh oh… That tray thing underneath the lower icons looks a little Apple-ish doesn’t it?

  • lynyrd65

    They look nice. I’ve been hoping to see Sony really step up to compete with Samsung. The world needs another successful manufacturer that caters to developers like Samsung does.

    I hope with the rise of Sony and Samsung that HTC, Motorola and others get the big picture that no one wants a locked down smartphone. We want phones with truely open bootloaders out the gate, even on subsidized plans (fuck you AT&T and Verizon!).

  • BigCiX

    Nice looking phones…lynyrd with you on the FU at&t!

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    But does it have a proprietary MemoryStick slot?! I really NEED one of those :)

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      I heard it takes MiniDiscs O_o

      • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

        Wowza.. truly we live in amazing times!

  • toomuchgame441

    Bring it to Sprint, I want something and I’m tired of HTC and Samsung

  • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

    Holy cow. The one on the right has one of the smallest bezels I’ve ever seen on a phone! Also, the front facing camera is on the bottom right. Can’t wait to play with it at CES! :D

  • bmg314

    WANT. I have been waiting oh so patiently for Sony to bring a monster to the game. Can’t wait.!

  • https://twitter.com/EpicEuropean Kreft

    Not stock. Idc.

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      Unless a phone says “Nexus” in its name, you shouldn’t be surprised.

  • http://twitter.com/Moo_Guy_ Javier Fernandez

    I think Sony is running out of letters in the alphabet to name their phones after.