Retailer expects Nexus 7 dock to ship January 10th

We’ve heard so much about the official Nexus 7 dock leading up to today, but have yet to receive official word from Google regarding its status of availability. At least one retailer looks to have some desirable information, however, as B&H Photo has updated its listing to show an “expected” availability date of January 10th.

Unfortunately the wording leaves room for possible delays, but should all the stars align and should the universe be in a favor-granting mood we should be seeing these starting to ship at some point next week. Priced at $40, the official dock uses the Nexus 7’s triple pin connector for data transmission and charging. The dock itself will feature a 3.5mm audio out jack and a microUSB port for those very reasons.

It’s nothing amazing, but there’s nothing like getting an official accessory that was intricately designed for your device. Google still doesn’t acknowledge its existence in the Google Play Store strangely enough, but it’s no doubt coming and we’ll be mighty glad once it arrives. Head to B&H to sign up to be notified when it’s available.

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  • ArmageddonX

    Google, I love the Nexus 7 but please please please give us some official Nexus 10 Accessories. I want a dock, cover, and case!

    • TheAtheistReverend

      You have seen how long you will likely wait for that. I’m sorry. Seriously.

      • ArmageddonX

        It’s a shame b/c they are missing out on so much money. We all go buy 3rd party accessories and that’s money Google could have earned.

  • Dagmar Schneitz

    The dock is a good start, and as long as it comes with a jack to keep your system charge. But he’s right, you should at least throw in a cover for that $40 price.

  • Garrett Neuenkirchen

    too little too late. this should have been available day 1.



  • Nathan Bryant

    why don’t they have these things ready at the same time the device comes out? it’s always 6 months to a year later and the successor comes and then you need a new dock.

    • Tommy Thompson

      probably because they wanted to see if the device would sell well before releasing too many accessories.

      • TheAtheistReverend

        Too many accessories?! Like what? A few cases? Micro USB connectors? No excuse.

    • gojags!

      I don’t plan on upgrading from my n7 for a long time. Hopefully the dock will be
      compatible with any successor Asus/Google may have in mind.

  • Donald Okumu

    Why couldn’t they make a dock that would be compatible with both the N7 and the N10?

    • techymexican

      one is made by Samsung and one is made by Asus. But it would be very convenient but how often does one see accessories that are compatible with a 7 inch screen and a 10 inch screen?

    • Jmaxku

      Because the pogo connections are different.

  • paco cornholio

    Classic Google hardware marketing – the peripherals arrive just in time for the product’s end of life. That means the cover and the Pogo chargers for Nexus 10 should ship just after Christmas 2013 – all 5 units, to be sold out within some number of seconds divisible by pi.

    Someone should tell the new Google hardware team (the old one definitely needs replacing) that there is a 4-6 week window of time after launching a product when people will keep investing in upgrades, and after that users just cope with what they’ve got.

  • M-i N-h

    I just want this dock so that i can charge while playing games with a usb controller

  • Techni Myoko

    There are four pins! — Picard

    A dock is useless if it doesnt do anything that the existing ports dont do

    Like tv out

  • Michael Thompson

    Sitting in the dock it leaves the USB port open for connecting to…very little.

  • TheAtheistReverend

    6 months after product release? Two word: TOO LATE!!!

    I have long ago given up on this dock. Poor choice to delay what appears to be a VERY simple design. There is no excuse for this kind of tom-foolery.