Android 4.0.4 headed to AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S2

 An upgrade to Android 4.0 seemed like as good a place to leave AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S2 as any, but the aging handset isn’t riding off into the sunset without at least one more software update. Owners of the phone started receiving Android 4.0.4 early this morning as an unexpected over-the-air update.

The software, which is labeled with build number I177UCLK3, didn’t come with a complete changelog, but no major changes are expected other than the bump up in Android version. Android 4.0.4 itself is a minor upgrade featuring stability enhancements, camera improvements, and general performance tweaks.

As it is getting rather long in the tooth, it’s hard to expect the Galaxy S2 will be seeing anything past this final Ice Cream Sandwich update. If you’re looking for Jelly Bean, it might be time to start considering an upgrade.

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  • Guest

    the sprint variant has had JB leaks for a few weeks now, AT&T is teh suck

  • guitarist5122

    Wow, way to drop the ball on that AT&T/Samsung. You would think this update would have hit it’s flagship 6 months ago at most.

    • thatcrazyone

      it is not Samsungs fault they made the stock image avail to all carriers at that point it is up to them to get it ready and released

  • cajunaggie87

    This is why you root. My GSII had JellyBean on it a loooooong time ago.

  • Michael

    One X AT&T…..One X

  • shadowslash

    The i777? We got 4.0.4 in June/July, only it was on Kies. I updated back then and have since switched to Cyanogenmod. I tried updating my parents’ i777s from GB to ICS on Kies a few times these past few months unsuccessfully. Guess they pulled it and rereleased a fixed version today.

    • shadowslash

      Nevermind, that was the 4.0.3 update. So are the 2.3 phones permanently stuck on 2.3?

      • Jason Hemphill

        I had issues getting an update from att. I went round and round with att and samsung tech support on conf call, for days – 10 hours, to get the ice cream update. Solution is to ask att where their SERVICE center is, not their rubber stamped stores. Wish I would have done that at the start of the whole problem. I drove 1 hour to the site, walked in and had it fixed. Took longer for me to tell them the problem then for them to fix it. They have the Samsung factory cable and software onsite to reprogram the phone… Heck they straight out said you could brick the phone and most likely in minutes it would be back to an official OS. It took them 4-5 Minutes to force flash the Ice cream OS onto my cell.

        And do have to say, no line waiting for me and was really impressed with the service I got that day……. Side note, that was the first time I was happy with an att store/employee encounter. lol

        Hope that helps anyone with trouble. :)

  • a)

    Remember all those petty iSheep saying that Samsung sucks? They just want your money and then they don’t upgrade their phones? Samsung delivers

    • Albert Naranjo

      You’re sooo right! A 2 year old phone getting a 1 year old OS as it’s final OS update! Well done, Samsung! /SARCASM

      Hmm… look at that 3.5 year old iPhone 3GS running iOS 6.0.2 like a champ!

      • BulletTooth_Tony

        iphone 3gs most certainly doesn’t run iOS 6 like a champ… Like a chump, yes… Not a champ tho. It has 6 in name only… No New features… No features from iOS 5 either… Missing features include, but not limited to:

        -No 3d maps
        -no turn by turn directions
        -no panorama photos
        -no offline reading list
        Missing from previous versions of iOS include:
        -no location based reminders
        -no wifi hotspot
        -no facetime
        -no airplay mirror
        -no Siri

        And for all these missing features you end up with… A much slower phone! Opening apps takes longer. The whole OS is less responsive…. iOS users can keep their fake upgrades if it keeps them feeling warm and fuzzy.

        • JonANDROID

          bright answer!!!!!!! did you hear that Albert Naranjo??? like a chUmp; not a champ… lmao.. thank you bulletTooth_Tony… enough said! =)

          • Albert Naranjo

            A “bright answer” because a clever play on words. And I am supposed to be the fanboy??? Really… I think anyone would agree that they would love to have SOME support after 3 years than none at all.

        • Albert Naranjo

          So getting an update to the latest OS sans a few features …many hardware related… FaceTime (no front camera), 3D Maps (Less capable 3D hardware), Siri (no noise canceling mics) ….is WORSE than not getting anymore updates after a year? Riiiiiight.

          • BulletTooth_Tony

            That’s exactly right. If a phone technically can’t handle the update and it slows it down to a crawl, then why would you upgrade? You aren’t getting the improvements… You are getting a poor experience. Old android phones get security updates without getting the latest versions… And they run just as well as first released with the feature set they can support. It is no different than getting a new version number… Aside from the fact it doesn’t slow the device to a crawl.

          • Albert Naranjo

            Hi, my name is HTC Hero and my Android 2.1 update slowed me to a crawl and rendered me virtually useless.

          • BulletTooth_Tony

            Hi, our names are iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and even we can’t run iOS 6 fully. But a bunch of morons won’t know the difference because our maker put a new number on us.

  • Pedro

    The upgrade sucks! I dont like how my screen resolution cant become brighter with the slide of the scrolldown. Cant rake screenshots with Volune down + power button. The home screen for text messages looks awkward. I also don’t like the fact that it shows how much batgery there is left! The battery seemz to be running down way faster and it seems to be heating up.

    • Griselle Cruz

      To take secreenshot now u have to press power button +home button

  • trazer

    So, I have 5 ATT S2 devices that are on Android 2.3 and 4.0.3 update was pulled and is not available. So now will I be able to move to 4.0.4, or will only the phones that are already on 4.x be able to move forward?

    I moved my two phones to 4.0.3 S2 phones up, I guess I’ll check the 2.3.x phones when one of my guys bring them in and see if the update is available.

  • thatcrazyone

    lmao that took long enough? kinda pathetic but at the same time nice since they have not fully forgotten other devices. considering canada had it like last year?

  • Bobby Phoenix

    Considering there is a new color just being released by T-Mobile, and the GSII just was released by some sub-carriers as a “new” phone release, updates to this phone will still be done for a while. Jelly Bean? YES, Key Lime Pie? Very possible. Outside of that we’re probably done.

  • Chris

    Really guys? My AT&T s2 is on 4.1.2