Dropbox snatches up online photo sharing service Snapjoy – Looks to go head-to-head with Flickr and Picasa

Dropbox has long held the title of top dog among cloud storage options, offering a fair amount of free storage with their reasonably priced GB options, and of course, desktop syncing. But with rival services from Cubby, Box, SugarSyc and even Google Drive, quickly encroaching on their turf, it seems Dropbox is having to think outside the, ahem, box if they want to keep their throne as the one — and only place — to store all your digital goods.

Last week we told you guys about Dropbox’s acquisition of Audiogalaxy, a streaming music service that allowed users to combine their own music with streaming radio. Having GB’s upon GB’s of storage is great, but wouldn’t it be make sense if you can store, sync, and stream your entire music library across devices? Looks as if Dropbox is thinking the same.

Today, Dropbox is continuing to make big moves in the world of the online storage, landing themselves with yet another piece of the “cloud domination” puzzle after acquiring Snapjoy — a photo storage and sharing service similar to Flickr/Picasa/etc. Uploading my photos to the cloud for secure storage is all good and dandy, but when it comes to sharing, Dropbox currently leaves a lot to be desire. Hopefully with Snapjoy under their wing, we’ll have a nice alternative to Instagram.

Just like with Audiogalaxy, Snapjoy has frozen signups and in a company statement posted to their blog, mirrored Audiogalaxy’s saying they look forward to working with Dropbox and their 100 milllion+ users. I’ve always been particularly fond of Dropbox and their latest move will keep them ahead of the pack when it comes to cloud storage services. I am excite.

[Snapjoy Blog | via TechCrunch]

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  • Ben Baranovsky

    What are those box guys called? (The thumbnail for this article) I want to find some cool wallpapers with them or something.

    • Mexjoker


      • Ben Baranovsky

        Sweet, thanks!


    I have close to 200GB of still photos, I doubt Dropbox will let me store that much for free….

    • itmustbejj

      Bitcasa just launched their android app yesterday in the Play Store. They offer unlimited storage and are currently free in open beta.



        Lots of negative reviews for that app…. How has your experience been?

        • itmustbejj

          Full disclosure: I work there, but am not involved in the app. There were some hiccups for launch yesterday where our transcoding servers got hammered a little bit. Some reviews are reflective of that, some people had login issues yesterday apparently, and some people are upset they can’t delete things from the app in the first version.

          We have desktop apps for mac, windows, and a slightly outdated linux preview. We also have a web version at http://portal.bitcasa.com We just launched a windows 8 metro app, and launched the android app yesterday. A lot of the negative reviews were for launch day hiccups, I know updates are already in the pipeline. As non-biased as I can be, I would suggest checking it out. I have a 1TB+ bitcasa account and I can access my stuff on the app, that’s pretty cool.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Ok, thanks. I’m gonna go ahead and try it. But just to verify, I can delete photos easily? Also, out of curiosity, how many petabytes do you guys have in anticipation for people uploading pics?

          • itmustbejj

            The current version of the app you can’t delete stuff, you would have to do that through one of our desktop clients right now. I know delete is coming for the app. Last I heard we have like 12 petabytes of current user data from our existing users, so photo uploads aren’t going to kill us. We have room for plenty more. We have been around on the desktop and web for about a year, but just released the android app yesterday.

          • itmustbejj

            If you have a ton of stuff to upload, your easiest route might be the desktop client, and then access it through the android app.

    • http://twitter.com/inguatu ingua2

      nothing is free.. you’re derpy to believe otherwise. BTW, aren’t all photos “still”? rest my case.


        Go TROLL somewhere else TROLL

  • Bond

    Chris, was the error in the last sentence deliberate? I like it!! lol

  • NightAngel79

    Dropbox ftw