Facebook improves nearby places discovery in latest mobile update

Facebook has an update ready to roll for their mobile app hot on the heels of the launch to the Android native version. The latest iteration of the social networking app focuses on enhancements to nearby places discovery. Selecting “Nearby” from the main menu will instantly compile a list of local business frequented or liked by friends.

Sorting options will allow users to refine their search, while clicking on a place will show business info as well as friend interactions. If you find a great new bar or hangout spot, you can rate or share with friends directly from the app.

Facebook says the update is just the beginning for improvements to Nearby, which will grow as a service as more users share, rate, and like locations. The update is headed to both iOS and Android devices and should be available later today.

[via Facebook]

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  • Khang Tran

    I’ll say that I think the update they did last week or so did wonders to the app. It got so much better on my one x. I really hope they keep it up

  • JevyJav

    The update is a HUGE improvement over what it once was however the app is now 29 mb and takes up a whopping 80mbs of RAM o_O can someone say BAD CODING!

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      Clear the cache… It saves any photos you view full screen.

      • JevyJav

        I’ve done that and the app is still 30 mbs which i don’t really mind but Friendcaster in comparison only took up 10mbs. The real issue is the fact that the app is currently eating up 87 mbs of my phone’s ram. Do they have a bunch of amateurs programming for them now?

        • Jonathan Jones

          Considering I just checked and it was at 21mb, while the settings ‘app’ itself was running at 55mb I don’t see an issue with the app’s coding. It could be because I’ve become used to the HTC One S’ faux-multitasking but I see no performance issues with it or problems being caused by it!

    • phinn

      The app store shows it as 13.62mbs. I assume it decompresses to 29? That doesn’t concern me but the amount of ram you’re reporting sounds crazy.

      • JevyJav

        go into the “manage applications” option and check for your self. Currently it’s eating up 87 mbs of Ram… Like a Boss! The app still runs great, however those numbers overshadow it with fail.

  • phinn

    They should update their Messenger app. That’s all I really use.