Google Calendar update brings new Jelly Bean notifications, location suggestions and more

Google has updated the stock Android calendar in the Play Store with some changes that most of you will want to snap up. For starters, updated notifications are in tow with the ability to expand them and take action on an alert. You can map the location of a meeting/appointment so you can do what you need to do to make it on time, or snooze the alert in case you don’t need it right away.

Another great new feature is the ability to get location suggestions. While we’re sure inputting the location of an event isn’t a tough task for anyone, it can be a life saver to get the full address of a location into your event entry without having to do anything, especially when you’re on the go and need to get things entered quickly.

Finally, Google has added a new, quick way to add events from within the month view so you save yourself a click or two compared to the old process. Those with carrier-skinned phones might also have a modified version of the calendar app, and you’ll need to wait for an upgrade from your OEM and carrier if you want these new changes. You can certainly download the Google-made calendar if you want via the Google Play Store, but if you enjoy your OEM’s alternative then the waiting game is on.

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  • mmark27

    Need more widget options!!

  • phinn

    I’m running CM9 (yea i know ICS) and it didn’t update, but i see this new JB app on Play. Shame shame.

  • erni74

    Android gets better and better!