HTC EVO 4G LTE, One X+, and One XL are the latest PlayStation Mobile certified devices [DOWNLOAD]]

It was back in early October that Sony finally released their long awaited PlayStation Mobile app for a few certified HTC devices — the HTC One X, S, and V. But as many of readers pointed out in the announcement post, there were a few notable exceptions curiously left out of the PlayStation party. Today, Sony is fixing that by adding a handful of new One cousins to the mix, adding the HTC One X+, One XL, and EVO 4G LTE to the list of officially certified PlayStation mobile devices.

Download: PlayStation Mobile App

I’d say that’s a pretty sweet selling point to owning an HTC device, one the manufacturer could definitely do a better job of advertising. Also, new to PlayStation Mobile tomorrow is a new title called Surge, a head-ache inducing puzzler that involves matching up colored blocks in a fun new way. Here’s a quick trailer you guys can marinate over while you’re installing PlayStation Mobile.

[PlayStation Certified Devices | via AndroidGuys]

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  • Matt Thomas

    what does PlayStation know about android? lol

    • RavenFox

      Why post nonsense?

    • Javier Fernandez

      Their Xperia line (U,TL,Play,ect.)

  • lynyrd65

    Why hate on Samsung? Give the Galaxy Series some love.

  • Claudio Rudy Liriano

    One X *2

    *2 Please update your firmware to Androidâ„¢4.1 or above
    :( so I still gotta wait until I get the jellybean update to play.

  • toomuchgame441

    Now if only LTE worked on my Evo LTE I’d hop back to it in a heart beat

  • Jeremy Davis

    Evo 4g is certified but the inc 4g isn’t? lolwut?

    • Joe


  • Timo Jutila

    Region locked, useless in most of the world. Too bad.

  • Jason

    Just installed on my EVO 4G LTE and getting an error code. Not working

    • Joe

      you need the jelly bean update to run it, i have the same issue too. no word on when the update will be released, but it should be very soon

  • Jason

    Haha. Can’t use this app on the EVO 4G LTE until its updated to Jelly Bean. 4.1. Says right on the website.

  • No_Nickname90

    I was so confused. All those HTC One devices. My goodness. It was kinda hard trying to read that. I also got lost on which one are the higher ends.

    I think they need to change that. =.S
    Or maybe I just need to learn the difference. =.[

    And is the HTC One X+ and the HTC One XL the same phone, but the XL is the larger one? But the HTC One X+ has a plus, so would the HTC One X and XL be the same phone? Or does the HTC One X even exist? I guess it does since you have the HTC One X+. Oh my gosh. -_-

    • Knobskin

      If I am correct, the XL is the international model of the One X….but X+ is on its own I believe.

      • Morten

        HTC One X is the international model. I have Jelly Bean on my One X ( Norway )

    • Tony Lai

      I think it’s harder to keep up all the names with the Galaxy and Razr line-ups.

  • ajm531

    is this the international version or att version? or for both?

  • Claudio Rudy Liriano

    Yep at&t htc one x and the evo still gotta wait until 4.1 update to use it

  • WHAT?

    So… Jelly Bean coming to the EVO LTE soon!