Google Now could be coming to Chrome browser, would be perfect iGoogle replacement

Code discovered within Google’s Chromium project has started speculation that Google Now’s predictive cards system could soon migrate from Android handsets to the desktop version of the Chrome browser. Backend commands were uncovered for the purpose of “creating a skeleton for Google Now for Chrome implementation” using Chrome’s notifications extension.

While the discovery does little to reveal Google’s actual plans, the implementation of the popular Jelly Bean feature into more Google products makes sense. Last week we asked readers how they felt about Google Now, with a majority of those responding to our poll saying they like the concept, but feel improvements are needed. Perhaps one of those improvements is ubiquity. Having access to Google Now in more places via more Google services would not only improve its usefulness but also increase the service’s data set, allowing for cards with more accurate and relevant information.

Google Now as part of the Chrome browser seems like the perfect replacement to the soon-to-be defunct iGoogle homepage. That service, which already uses a card-like system to provide info on weather, sports scores, email and appointments, and more, will cease to exist on November 1st, 2013. ¬†Bringing Google Now to the forefront of the Chrome experience could go a long way. As things stand, the service is tucked away in Android devices. If you weren’t looking you might not be able to find it.

Having said all this, there is no guarantee we will see Google Now as part of Chrome. If we do, it could be months or more down the road. But the idea has us intrigued. Let’s just hope Google Now is a bit more useful by then.

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  • Matt Falber

    Thank you. I enjoyed this post.

    • Sentinelred

      Uh, your welcome?

  • Bjarne Gr√∂nnevik

    Well I HAVE been wondering what to replace iGoogle with when it falls over. This could be nice.

  • Tapan Desai

    now if we could only get Google Now on ICS devices

    • No_Nickname90

      Google Now on ICS isn’t all that great. I’ve been running it and it stays open. It never sleeps and it keeps waking my maps constantly. I leave it off when I’m running an ICS ROM with Google Now.

      IDK if I even want them to try and bring it to ICS. And isn’t Google Now a Jelly bean feature? I mean each flavor of Android has it’s own unique thing. Like FroYo getting Live Wallpapers. Or I think that was FroYo. You don’t complain that an earlier version doesn’t have it.

      Well I’m starting to rant, so I’m going to stop talking now. LoL!!

      • warcaster

        Could it be because you’re using a *hack* and it’s not properly optimized for it? Yes? Maybe?

        • No_Nickname90

          This has been the case on ICS stock ROMs. On Jelly Bean it works fine. I don’t have continuous wake locks from maps. But side loading it on ICS gives me some issues. It could also be the fact that its a way older version. I think its that because that is the version that 1st came out or a few updates later. I don’t have the shipping features so I know its way out dated on ICS at least.

          But the hacking reason is also a very good point to bring up. That’s probably exactly the reason. LoL!!

  • Hrethgir

    Good, need something to replace iGoogle when it dies, would prefer something more than just the Google search page.

  • Robert Manlapaz

    hopefully they keep the rss feed functionality. I use mine for feed updates

  • Greg Huddleston

    I like iGoogle model and use it all the time. I hope the Google Inc. folks replace it with some s/w with similar behaviors (perhaps Chrome only, which is fine by me), else they are opening the door to their competitors in this space..

  • Jonathan DeJesus

    Google Now sucks! Never bothered to even use it on my GS3, Note 2, or Nexus 7. For me its completely useless just like iGoogle.

  • paco cornholio

    Totally different products and use cases. Love them both, but they don’t substitute.

  • stndspec

    iGoogle has been huge for me for years now and I do not want to give it up. I am actually apprehensive about what the hub / homepage / etc of my online experience will be once it’s gone. I like Google Now alot, and I like it’s potential even more. Not seeing how it could replace iGoogle exactly as news feeds and such don’t seem to play to Google Now’s strengths, but if it could be a contender I’m interested.

  • No_Nickname90

    LoL!! I forgot iGoogle existed. That would be a great replacement.

  • Frogskins

    For those looking now for a replacement for iGoogle, check out ighome. Decent functionality although not quite as pretty as the current iGoogle interface. Reminds me of iGoogle circa 2009-2010.

  • xmichaelx

    “would be perfect iGoogle replacement”

    Clearly we use iGoogle for very different things. For me it’s the RSS reader, bookmarks, and Docs sharing. The only part of iGoogle that Google Now would replace is the weather widget, which I can get from a billion other services.