Android fans turn #droidrage into #windowsrage

Ah, social media. When handled correctly, it can be a powerful and cheap marketing tool. When it goes wrong, it more often than not leads to the person or company responsible looking like a marketing tool. Such is the case with Microsoft and their who-thought-this-was-a-good-idea #droidrage Twitter campaign. As could be expected, things quickly went south when loyal Android fans flipped the script and created their own #windowsrage hashtag.

This is not the first time Microsoft has pushed the #droidrage tag, but we don’t remember it backfiring so hilariously. But is it really all that surprising? A quick search for either hashtag reveals gems like this:

Normally we’d feel sorry for Microsoft, but they set themselves up for this one. #fail

[via Winsource]


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  • wrceuro

    I really believe that Windows are done for good on the phone and tablet front. Now if only Apple would just die it would be a much better place.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Yeah, WP is actually nice, and less limited than iOS (BT transfers, file access, etc). It’s a nice OS and a great alternative to iOS if the app store gets going, but MS should stop with all this bashing of Android.

      EDIT: previous reply removed, thought you were saying if only “Android would die” :P

    • DavidVarghese

      Not sure about the phone front, but tablet wise, they’ve done a good job

    • PhoenixPath


      Much as I like Android, I cannot imagine how much it would stagnate without any competition…no matter what we might think of the competition.

      The more options the better. Android isn’t for everyone, and if it keeps Google pushing new features and improving performance, it’s all for the better.

      • fahim5130

        yes competition is good. but bribing users to say something bad about android with a competition is bad, that is what microsoft does.

        • Sean Daniel

          True, but it just makes Microsoft look like an ass. Which is funny.

    • Sean Daniel

      Unfortunately competition is a necessary beast.

  • Havoc70

    I read through some of the postings yesterday friggin hilarious, thats what you get Microslop

  • Chris Brown-Demoreno

    I wont bash Microsoft because I like Windows Phone, just not enough to switch, as well as Windows 8. I will say that whoever is in charge of Marketing over there is a complete moron or a friggin assassin.

    • NexusKoolaid

      I’ll go with the former.

  • Carmen S.

    I love Windows Phone 8(Nokia Lumia 920) and the surface tablets as well as I do like Android even if the experience is not uniform/the same across all devices but i wish Microsoft wowuld stop these silly marketing efforts as it doesn’t do much at all to help.

    • Daniel Collins

      Nice try Microsoft intern! Just kidding, i really like Windows 8 and almost got the Lumia, except I didn’t like how bing and IE were hardwired into everything, so I got the Droid DNA instead. I agree if Microsoft spends less time with these lame attempts to be the cool new kid on the block, and more on building out their Win8 platform, they’ll do just fine. Anyone saying that the windows phone is going to be a one-and-done is deluding themselves.

      • Carmen S.

        lol well of course bing/IE are hardwired into everything :P it’s just like google/chrome is on android haha.

        Droid DNA is a lovely device so you definitely made a good choice as far as android is concerned :)

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          Are you interning at MS hardware or software

          • Carmen S.

            Software :) Windows Phone to be exact!

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            So Seattle then?

        • Daniel Collins

          Yeah understandable. On android I can download firefox and change my default search provider if I so choose. The Verizon rep told me that bing is hardwired and IE is the only allowed browser, but he also could have been wrong.

          • Cory Stone

            He’s wrong. You can definitely use google search. In fact, there’s an app for it.

          • Carmen S.

            Oh yeah. IE is naturally the only browser for WP7 and WP8 :)
            But i’ve used browsers like dolphin, Maxthon, Chrome, Firefox, Opera on android and in all honesty all the browsers perform generally the same as IE.

            There is a google search app for Windows phone but the only thing that bugs me about the browser on Windows phone is not that it is bad…there is no abilit to open tabs in a background. When i open the new tab, it will switch to that tab which annoys me but it is not too major for me.

      • Kaostheory

        On an unrelated note, is the DNA waterproof like the J? Not one site has commented on this.

        • Daniel Collins

          The USB port has a cap on it, because you can use wireless charging. I wouldn’t try submerging it or anything, but the holes for the speaker and mic look too small for water not under pressure to permeate, so outside the headphone jack I would imagine it is pretty water resistant. I actually spilled on it once already and it took it like a champ.

          • Kaostheory

            The HTC Butterfly J is the same phone, and is rated ip57, yet no one knows if the DNA has the same rating. You’d think that you would want to know.

  • Carl Rood

    You’d think MS would have remembered the benefit they got from those Mac/PC adds. I swear if that MAC douche hadn’t been in Galaxy Quest, he’d be in for a serious beating.

    • dreadnatty08

      He was far better in Waiting. :)

  • Go Hawkeyes

    Microsoft should just embrace the fact that Android is far superior on phones and tablets than Windows will ever be. Microsoft would be up to their ears in orders for the Surface Pro if it would dual boot Jelly Bean. It would be the true all in one device to replace the desktop or laptop. Android for my normal tablet stuff like gaming and watching Netflix, etc. Full windows for when I need to do real stuff like balance my check book, do my taxes, do stuff in Excel or Access, etc.

    • Cory Stone

      They said the same thing about Android at one time. Microsoft will throw enough money at it for it to work. This isn’t some half baked Zune idea.

      • Raveesh Bhalla

        They threw quite a bit of money behind the Kin too, and that didn’t work. They’ve thrown a lot of money behind Bing ads, or Internet Explorer, but they haven’t been able to get rid of the negativity that exists towards them. The issue is that while other platforms have managed to create a significant amount of excitement, Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 haven’t for the genuine reason that lots of people don’t genuinely understand what Metro/Modern UI does for them, what Live Tiles are, etc.

        Windows definitely is going to struggle. Not like WebOS or Symbian or MeeGo, but definitely not be where MS would historically have assumed they would be.

    • asianrage

      I would get the Surface if it could be hacked to run JB 4.1.2 . Mmmm…..Dat Hardware!

  • keving lat

    I’ve owned iphones, galaxy s3, galaxy nexus, nexus 4.
    I have never experience malware on an android phone. You have to be incredibly stupid to somehow end up with malware on your phone.

    • Kevin Krause

      This. But remember, there are plenty of users out there that don’t do simple things like check permissions or the source of an app…

    • smithj33

      You could say the same about windows computers. I have never used anti virus and I am not a safe surfer. I could call everyone stupid who has been infected but how fair would that be since there are different levels of users. Your posts is very elitist.

  • falkenink

    windows phones just can’t compete any more. they lost all following with there windows 7 phone.

    • Carmen S.

      that’s a bit of an exaggeration there.

  • rsanchez1

    Really, it’s just a phone…

  • Layman76

    4.0.4 Error: Rage Not Found

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