Report: LG to debut first CPU at CES 2013, mobile version soon to follow

After licensing ARM Cortex-A9 and ARM Cortex-A15 technology back in 2011, LG’s plans for home-brewed processors are finally coming to fruition. A report from the Korea Times claims that LG will debut their new chips at CES 2013.

The milestone marks LG’s first foray into the fabless chip industry, a sector the company hopes to become a major player in. The Korean firm will not handle the production of the chips, which will first be used to power web-connected televisions. Their H13 processor will be produced in Taiwain using TSMC’s 28-nanometer technology.

A mobile version of the chip is said to be nearing the final stages of development, and will also be manufactured by TSMC. It is unclear if we will see the processor on display at CES alongside the H13 chip.

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  • blest

    …. No thanks on LG..

  • supremekizzle

    Isn’t TSMC the worlds largest chip manufacturer? Does’t TSMC have too many clients? Doesn’t TSMC frequently fall behind the demand with the clients they already have? Isn’t TSMC who Apple chose to manufacture their chips with? See where I’m going with this?

  • Don_SoLow

    LG= PsuedoSamsung