Report: Google Play revenues closing in on Apple’s App Store, up 311 percent

A sticking point for developers has long been the perceived notion that the Android Market/Google Play Store has never been all that profitable. Even with an install base that outnumbers that of Apple, the iOS App Store has always been the bigger revenue generator. According to a report from App Annie, the tides are starting to turn.

There is still quite the divide between the two platforms, with Apple’s marketplace generating four times the revenue of Google’s, but the Play Store has seen tremendous growth over the past year. Since January, revenues are up 311 percent. Overall downloads are up 48 percent.

In the past month Google saw a positive gain in revenue while Apple’s dipped slightly. It would appear Google’s time to overtake Apple is approaching, though a closer look at the data suggests another outcome. While the gap is narrowing, both companies have seen a drop off in growth. App downloads and revenues could be peaking. We could be watching the mobile apps and games bubble as it nears its bursting point.

Interesting to note is the fact that Japan, where Amazon recently launched their own Appstore, has overtaken the United States in terms of Google Play revenue. The US, however, remains a dominant force in the global apps market and still accounts for the majority of mobile downloads.

[via TechCrunch]

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  • warcaster

    In a year or two, Android will unquestionably be the #1 platform to develop for. By then it will be a bigger platform with a bigger installed based than even Windows. There should be about 2 billion Android devices in the market in 2 years.

    • James Jun

      By then, hopefully, anything under 2.3 will become completely obselete with people upgrading to newer devices. That way, developers don’t have to worry too much about backwards compatibility, as its pretty much smooth sailing for developers starting from 4.0+.

      • Ryan Stewart

        Im crossing my fingers that the Nexus program really takes off, putting greater pressure on OEMs to be more current with their software (hopefully at the expense of complicated skins, since 4.0 made most of their features redundant)

      • Pkmmte

        I sure hope so.
        I’ve seen many apps that add 3MB just to have backwards compatibility for many things. It’s not much but still something considering I’m a developer that does that too.

      • No_Nickname90

        If a developer can put Jellybean on the G1, then ANY phone can have Jellybean.

        P.S. Yes I know it’s horribly unstable on the G1.


        Correction, from 4.2

    • renGek

      I’m hoping in 2 years google fiber will be my internet, tv and cellular provider and we don’t need to deal with all the b.s. of dinosaur companies who doesn’t get it.

      That and apple shares dropped to the price of a pair of panty hose.

  • maximillion82

    Google Play does have many more users worldwide than the app store though. Per user apple is still ahead. As an android user its nice to have more free options due to open source. And now as a developer it makes sense developing paid apps for Google Play, because of the large amount of users. Apple’s app store is made for making money of app buyers. The fact that Apple transactions don’t show on your credit card for every single app makes users buy more. But when I buy an app on Google play I instantly see this app on my credit card bill. So if I see many Google play charges I’m more deterred buying more even if the amount is the same at the end of the month.

    • No_Nickname90

      This is why I have paypal. My transactions go through paypal, then to my bank. I want to see every app I downloaded. Such a sneaky way to do that. Nothing morally wrong Apple’s method, but it’s still pretty sneaky.

      I’m assuming it’s all one giant sum? That would confuse me. That’s like buying food from a restaurant then getting the tab. I want to know how much was spent at one day. Oh well, can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  • a)

    Apple will know what RIMs point of view looks like in a couple if years

  • No_Nickname90

    Once the Ouya launches, Android market place will flourish. I for one can see myself getting one. My goodness!! I cannot wait. If it fails I am going to cry.

  • kev2684

    311%? that means nexus really helped them a lot. subsidizing nexus devices really helped Google launch gplay.

  • Butters619

    I own a One X and an iPad. I have spent nearly $100 on Android apps in the past year and about $12 on iOS ads. I guess I’m helping the cause

  • Chisanga Ng’oma

    Apple’s greatest concern is what happens when Google and it’s Android partners finally monetize the ecosystem at an optimal rate of return. So far adoption hasn’t translated to money equally and in a way that makes the peripheral OEM’s and app developers give the platform priority, it’s inevitable this will change in time and the fruit well and truly dethroned.

    Android was the future, now it’s blazing a trail into the unknown.

  • pocketwhale

    the only graph in this article is about iOS, why is that?

  • Jake L

    Shouldn’t ” has overtaken the United States in terms of Google Play revenue.” be United Kingdom?