Nov, 30 2012

  • Kik updated in the Play Store to version 6.0. Adds new “cards” for sharing YouTube videos, pictures, and sketches. [Google Play]
  • Clay Jam new for Android. Brings unique, handmade “claymation” visuals to the Play Store. [Google Play]
  • Microsoft warns users about Google “Scroogling” them. [Scroogled]
  • Toshiba announces CMOS-based TK437 13MP image sensor for mobile devices. [Toshiba]
  • Huawei Honor 2 passes through the FCC with US 3G HSPA bands. [FCC]
  • Study shows Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) could slash battery life in half. We’re gonna need bigger guns. [FierceWireless]
  • Google Maps Navigation comes to Mexico. [Twitter]
  • DeNA and Square Enix pair up to bring Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade to the US Google Play Store. [PressRelease]
  • Who needs Google when you have the Calvin and Hobbes search engine powered by… Bing (blech!). [C&H]
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer… sucks less. [YouTube]
  • AT&T comes in dead last for Consumer Reports’ US carrier ratings. [BriefMobile]
  • HTC DROID DNA kernel source now available on HTCDev.
  • Samsung spent $4 billion in 2012 on marketing. Cuts in on Galaxy profits. [Asymco]
  • App Annie report shows Google Play Store profits rising 17%, while iOS remains stagnant at .7%. [AppAnnie]

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