20 new levels added to Angry Birds Star Wars in icy “Hoth” upgrade; Princess Leia makes her debut

Well that was fast, wasn’t it? Rovio has already issued the first Angry Birds Star Wars update since the game arrived for Android about a month ago, and it comes with some great new content for the low, low price of free. This update takes you to the planet “Hoth,” an icy block of intergalactic importance for Jedi birds and Imperial pigs to fight on.

This update adds 20 new levels to sink your teeth into, but that’s not all. The rebel birds, running away from Darth Vader’s wrath, have a trump card up their sleeves (erm… feathers?) that might be too much for the evil lord’s AT-ATs and Pigtroopers — Princess Leia.

Leia (whose hair buns remind me of delicious cinnamon buns) will bring a force of power so devastating that will have even Darth Vader returning to the drawing board to plan his next move. Her eyes emit lasers so powerful that it makes AT-ATs crumble at the knees and renders them useless.

She’ll be an exciting new bird to take control of as the rebels defend their icy hideaway on planet Hoth. Rovio always seems to find a way to do just enough to make sure Angry Birds doesn’t get stale, and this update is no exception. If you haven’t already downloaded Angry Birds Star Wars then stop reading now and get over to the Google Play Store! Watch the trailer above.

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  • http://twitter.com/inguatu ingua2

    And so the saga of boring birds continues…. a shame. Next they’ll run through the rest of the popular movies in an effort to continue to stay relevant.

    • OptimusL

      If you don’t like it why bother to comment? Why does it bother you so much, child? Tell us, who rustled your jimmies?

  • Chris H

    I don’t care what anyone says, I really like this version of Angry Birds! I didn’t play any of the Space version though… Guess I didn’t get burned out on it.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      In the same boat — haven’t played Space yet, digging Star Wars!

      New levels? MY BODY IS READY !

  • mirage03

    I have all the angry birds games except for angry birds season, but I don’t play the game anymore, i don’t even play games on my phone anymore and I have a lot games, paid ones and installed.. Whenever I feel like playing though, i play solitaire or amtalee, mostly solitaire and that’srrarely..

    • Theniz

      Good story, bro..

  • Steve Green

    Again amazon is late to update their version.
    Why in the hell does the Play store not have the normal 99 cent version for sale?

  • McT

    I wonder if there’s a level where the Boss is in a form of a mouse with big ears…

  • http://twitter.com/Gigaloth the Crizz

    If you like Angry Birds, check out the trailer to this new fruit shooter game called Produce Wars: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QncZBMsuzu0 – It’s like Angry Birds meets Donkey Kong Country