Give your phone a distinguished look with the Gentlemen’s theme

It’s been awhile since I’ve installed MiHome Launcher onto one of my Android devices. The homescreen replacement app has been out for some time in the Google Play Store and gives your favorite Android device the MIUI look without root.

The reason I haven’t been using the launcher is because 99% of the themes in MiHome Launcher (the single biggest selling point of the launcher) were tailored to the Mi-One (Xiaomi’s official MIUI phone). That phone featured a lower res 854×480 display, not 1280×720 found on higher-end devices these days. Thankfully, when the Mi-Two was announced, I knew that meant higher-def native 720p themes would follow suit — and boy, was I right.

Now, if you would allow me to introduce to you one of the most brilliant and creative themes I’ve come across in quite sometime. Normally, I like to keep my phone looking minimal in design, with flat icons and an almost futuristic “Tron” look to it. All that went out the window with this very dapper Gentlemen’s theme. The theme, found in MiHome Launcher’s “theme” section of the app, gives your desktop a classic, 1920’s look. That is, if phones weren’t all tethered to walls and booths back then (how did they live?!). With a muted taupe background, the theme is, in many ways, minimal. At the same time, your screen will be filled with big, extremely detailed, handmade icons. You have to really take a good look at ’em to fully appreciate the amount of painstaking detail put into these. I was flabbergasted.


The MiLocker lockscreen can be disabled in MiHome Launcher’s settings and if you put all your apps into a folder labeled “Apps,” MiHome will alphabetize them for you. Also, to get the clock to change according to the theme, long press the homescreen, then select the picture clock widget. Once placed on your homescreen (and you’re still in edit mode), click on it and select the Gentleman clock theme.

If this seems like a good look for your device, and you want something to show off to the chaps at your local speakeasy, head on over the Play Store and give MiHome Launcher a download where you’ll find even more free themes to better suit your style. Best of all, the app and all of themes are free to download. Cheers.

[Google Play]

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  • MangoFace

    Anyone know if they can find an icon extension for Nova?
    Too lazy to always put my apps in the app folder =|

    • Chris Chavez

      That’s pretty lazy.. O_o

      And while it’d be cool to have these icons ported to Nova, it doesn’t allow for the resizing of icons so they’d come out a lot smaller than on MiHome. =/

      • MangoFace

        As the winter draws near, my laziness increases.
        Might give it a try in the summer *favourites post*

        • Chris Chavez


    • David Counts
    • Saif

      I can port it to Nova

      • David Counts

        Yes Please!!

        • Saif

          I need the apk file of that theme. It’s not compatible with Nexus 7.

          • David Counts

            Not sure how to do that…

          • Saif

            Download SAVE APK from Play Store

  • Brian Menius

    What? No monocle over the camera eye?

    Son, I am disappoint.

    • lordmerovingian

      You’re welcome.

  • Ben Baranovsky

    @Gamercore:disqus This is great! Any more classy themes, apps, or wallpapers that you know about? Fancy is always better. :p

    • Chris Chavez

      Well, for my phone (pictured above). I downloaded some wallpapers of Paris and used AfterFocus to blur it out (it wasn’t high res enough anyway). Gave it a nice bokeh effect. :)

  • Kylecore

    Sooo.. no theme chooser apk?

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    Quite riveting I must say. My fellow chaps and I were discussing this quandary last night over some Brandy. We have concluded this is a desirable addition. Make with the updates post-haste!

    • Chris Chavez
    • lordmerovingian

      Just brilliant, i dare say. Was pondering whether to engage what little past time i have either in pursuit of this technological marvel, some Sherry, a serving wench or two or some buggery? What say you?

  • CryptoNoel

    Much gratitude. Good day sir.

  • kev2684

    like a sir

  • Michael Thompson


  • The Mute

    restarting phone… won’t download error 502 dafuq?

  • rudyydx

    Those icons are ugly.

  • ouch1976

    This gets 5 stars for looks, but 1 star for implementation…very laggy on my S3 and a little glitchy.