Android Overload: ZTE Apache launching with 8-core processor, Paranoid Android comes to Nexus 10, and more

  • Amazon, once again, accounts for most of its own top-sellers list with Kindle products. [Amazon]
  • Yelp conducting “sting operations” to catch businesses who unfairly solicit positive reviews. [BusinessInsider]
  • Outlook now available in the Play Store. It’s essentially Hotmail with a new icon. [Google Play]
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini launches on US Cellular as the LTE-equipped Samsung Galaxy Axiom. [USCellular]
  • The Core Wars continue. ZTE Apache to launch with 8-core MediaTek CPU. [UnwiredView]
  • Sharp Aquos Phone Zeta SH-02E is the 2nd phone to launch with IGZO IPS display. [NTTDocomo]
  • Ericsson sues Samsung over wireless FRAND patent dispute. [Reuters]
  • Oppo Find 5 confirmed with 1080p 5-inch display. [GizChina]
  • New Samsung Galaxy Note 2 commercial shows off creative “Liquid Pixel” short film. [YouTube]
  • You can now insert Google Drive files directly into Gmail (web). [GmailBlog]
  • Google News business model under siege in Germany, France, and Brazil. [RWW]
  • Google Play Store now allowing for Play Books pre-orders in “New and Coming Soon” section. [Google Play]
  • Google settles Immersion patent lawsuit over haptic tech used in Motorola devices. [TNW]
  • Square Enix’s Demon Score released for Android in Japan. Coming soon to English Play Store? [DroidGamers]
  • N2Acards are micro SD cards that transform the Nook Color and Nook Tablet into Jelly Bean tabs. [N2Acards]
  • Paranoid Android 4.2 now available for the Nexus 10. [XDA]
  • Ceton Echo set-top box update adds Android, and other new goodies. [Amazon]

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  • erni74

    I don’t need a 8-Core-Processor in a Smartphone!!!

    • Montisaquadeis

      On top of that the amount of cores doesnt mean much anyways.

    • Micha Ols

      Why so enraged about it? Without knowing the architecture of the chip, the number of cores says nothing.
      My Smartphone GPU already has 8 cores. There are others that have more or less cores and are better or worse but the number of cores alone is completely irrelevant to the user.

      If you compare the same architecture lets say ARM Cortex A9 and say “I dont need more than 4 cores of this right now” then this is a statement. But without the knowledge of the architecture there is no substance in the statement.

    • warcaster

      It’s most likely similar to Samsung’s upcoming 8 core chip, which uses 4 quad core A15 for high performance tasks, and 4 quad core A7 for low-performance tasks.

      So it effectively works as a quad core, but it depends on the situation when and which cluster of 4 cores to use. This has the advantage of making available to you the performance of 4 Cortex A15’s, while cutting the overall power consumption in half thanks to the other 4 cores, compared to if there were just those 4 Cortex A15’s and no A7’s. This chart explains it:

      Also the Cortex A7’s are so small, that they cost virtually nothing to add them to the SoC. All four of them will only occupy like 2% of the entire chip.

      • malcmilli

        How is this set up much different from the Tegra 3’s “shadow core” theory, that proved to not have very good battery life? not being a troll, this is an honest question.

        • warcaster

          Tegra 3 was a quad core and made at 40nm compared to Qualcomm’s dual core S4 made at 28nm. All that pretty much guarantees higher consumption and less efficiency at maximum load. Samsung’s 32nm Exynos 4 Quad is about or almost as efficient as the S4.

          Tegra 3 also uses a Cortex A9 for its “shadow core”. Cortex A7 is a bit weaker than Cortex A9, but around 3x more efficient.

        • Rich Chinito

          i didnt mean anything personal by calling u a troll, i just honestly thought u were.
          on another note, with all this talk about trolls, theyre pretty scary creatures :D

  • Unorthodox

    — N2Acards are micro SD cards that transform the Nook Color and Nook Tablet into Jelly Bean tabs.–

    Wow, that’s a brilliant business idea. Same model as RedHat in the desktop Linux world – either f..k around on your own, but for free, or pay and get the same product, but officially supported and for money.
    I wonder what CM team think of this.

    • Montisaquadeis

      I know that the devs whose work is being used dont like it all that much. I should know as I have been around in the Nook Tablets IRC channel since I have a Nook Tablet running CM.

  • Richard Gilboy

    That 8-core MediaTek will be in so many cheap phones next year lol

    • Richard Gilboy

      Wait, 8core ARM15…. I want that in a Chromebook.

      • warcaster

        It’s not 8 core A15. It will have 4 A15 at most.

  • Nigel Harrison

    Who will be first to code name their 8 core the “suleman” chip?

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      LOL +1

  • Michael Landauer

    Why would you need to pre-order ebooks? It’s not like they will run out.

  • Darrien Glasser

    What the f***? I thought I was going to click on the ZTE link and get rickrolled again like with the Samsung nickels payment page. All I can say is, RIDICULOUS!