Nexus 4 now available (again) from the Google Play Store, did you get yours? [Update 2: Ships in 4-5 weeks]

Update 2: Google has placed a banner notice on the Play Store informing customers that the Nexus 4 is in fact not sold out, however high traffic is creating issues with the ordering process. The phone is indeed listed as available for purchase, but it’s definitely worth noting that the shipping time is now listed as 4 to 5 weeks, which isn’t much better than being completely sold out in the first place.

Update: Yes, the Nexus 4 is once again sold out. It took all of about a minute, from the sound of things. Add in an overloaded Play Store that has created headaches for those trying to check out and today’s re-launch of the Nexus 4 has gone off no more smoothly than the first.

Some users are still reporting the ability to add the phone to their shopping cart after spending some time refreshing the page, but there is no guarantee you will make it through the whole process. And at this point any successful purchases could soon be greeted with a backorder notice.

Note to Google: get it together, guys!


After two grueling weeks, the Nexus 4 is once again available from the Google Play Store. The Android 4.2 flagship starts at $299 for the 8GB model. The 16GB version is $349. So why are you still reading this? We’ll wait while you go order yours.

Back? It’s been quite the wait for those folks who missed out on their chance to pick up the phone on its November 13th launch date. As we’re all too well aware, the phone sold out in mere minutes after going on sale at 9AM PST. Google hasn’t made any guarantees about how many devices will be available to ship today, but hopefully they have a bit more stock than the first run. It’s also worth checking to see if the official bumper case is back in stock.

We’re eager to hear about the experience of our readers making a second go at picking up the Nexus 4. The initial launch was plagued with Google Play bugs that resulted in the device being oversold and some buyers being notified later that their handsets were on backorder. So who got one? Was it a painless experience or were there any unexpected complications?

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  • Daniel Rosseau

    Mine is still saying sold out.

  • Guest

    Refreshing like mad here…still ‘Sold Out’

    • Boaz Thomassie

      people like you are the friggin problem

  • Bob G

    F it all!

  • MttFrog13

    I tried to order and got an error that said “due to high demand we are not able to process your order”, or something along those lines. Tried again and now it’s saying sold out.

    • Ryan Hoagland

      Same thing happened to me three times in a row. Now it says sold out again. I’m feeling pretty jaded from it.

  • paco cornholio

    Was there for a minute or two. And sold out again.

  • Zach Prewitt

    Never had a chance. Sold out in less than a minute.

  • Scott Schopman

    annnnnd sold out

    • Scott Schopman


      • Mitchel White

        and sold out again

  • Jbowdacious

    I ordered mine in Nov 13 at 8:56a. Mine still hasn’t shipped despite numerous emails sayig it wil ship SOMETIME. Order with caution, its a pre-order dont expect it to ship anytime soon.

  • Kahale

    lol…1 minute. i had it in my cart and it disappeared when i tried to checkout. pathetic. it even said ships within 4-5 weeks. they don’t even have it in stock.

  • edpahk

    it still says sold out on my comp

  • Brendan Lee

    had 2 in my cart in less than 30s after 3:00pm ET and before 3:01 they were sold out and i got an error saying my cart could not be processed. Bush league.

    • Daniel Rosseau

      It’s there now

    • Bob G

      Oops, we had trouble processing your request. We’re working on fixing the issue. Please try again later.

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      For sum reason if you uncheck the link to my Google account box it worked fine. Happened on the first launch too

  • Jaime J. Denizard

    Keeps saying “Sold Out”. Just a minute ago I got the “Add to Cart” option, clicked it, and it gave the infamous “Oops there was an error adding it to cart” or whatever. Now it’s back to being “Sold Out”. :-

    • TheDrizzle

      Same here

    • AndyH_STi

      Same issue here :-(

    • Waqas Khan

      how terrible right. current mood angry.

  • gnexowner

    i was able to add to cart 3 times and when going to the next page, it said my cart was empty, not its saying sold out.

  • Thaddeus Omygarsh Lee

    4 times they kicked it out of my cart

  • Greg Gerhardt

    Due to high demand you can’t check out … or some crap. Awesome.

    edit: Wow so I get through and place an order to my APO address and it finalizes the order and then moments later sends an email saying they can’t send to an APO. Would have been nice to know as I would have selected a state-side address. Now I can’t get through.

    • castlefox

      I got the same exact error

    • Matt

      Yeah and this exactly same complaint was made last time it was for sale.. . they obviously didn’t pick up on it and change it.

  • Alek Tritt

    Well it sold out within a minute, and the bumper was never in stock. This is great. I’m still waiting for mine to ship from the initial release.

  • Waqas Khan

    Was logged into the site @ 1159am ready to go. Showed avaialable, added to cart wouldnt let me check out. Went back to retry and said sold out. Fail.

  • Krishna

    It shows out of stock, was it back in stock really?

  • paco cornholio

    8 GB model came back just now….

  • Jordan Roeda

    sold out again…

  • Guojian Miguel Joaquin Wu

    Google is pissing me off!

  • merfsiu

    still showing sold out for me

  • youareme7

    Wow. I’m still on backorder but they seriously didn’t have enough stock to keep it live for more than a minute or two; totally insane. I really want to see the bumper and wireless charger also…

  • phinn

    I ordered mine with LTE/CDMA. I chose this phone while considering fierce competitors like the GS3, RAZR M, and iPhone 5 all which support this functionality.

    It has not arrived yet.

    • georgeofyourmom


    • jbo1018

      Where exactly did you come by this option? O_o

  • mrseanpaul81

    This thing sold out in literally 1 minute (time it took me from the check out screen to sign on to my google account :( )

    • mrseanpaul81

      I am actually stock on the check out screen (due to high volume!)

      • mrseanpaul81


        • Ryan Hoagland

          Lucky bastard! Nicely done

        • Kaushal

          Did you keep on clicking the gray Proceed button?

  • Scott Schopman

    It’s allowing me to put one in a cart… i got one from the initial release, just testing… Keep trying ppl!

  • Malik

    By my scientific estimates Google had 12, 16GB units in stock and 13, 8GB units in stock. lol Holy Smokes that was a fast sell out!! High Demand or Low Supply? Probably Both. At this rate, I honestly don’t know if the N4 will ever just be IN Stock on a regular basis.

    • scoter man1

      Yea… screw this phone, its not worth my time anymore.

      • Tony G

        Razr i anyone??? c’mon, it has a micro sd slot ;)))

      • moises1204

        i am totally happy with my gs3.

  • Cagan Gurer

    same crappy experience, it’s in my shopping cart but I can’t proceed due to high demand

  • Jaime J. Denizard

    Got it in my cart now. But I’m getting the “Due to high demand, your order could not be processed. Please try again later” message. -_-

    • castlefox

      I got the same exact error

  • Ben Baranovsky

    Sold out. Tried for 10 minutes. Google’s system crashed yet again. It’s really uncool.

  • Bhite1

    I never thought I would hit refresh so many times with hopes of snagging a bumper. The Google store looks just as overwhelmed as it did the first time around.

  • NardVa

    Added the phone to my cart but I keep getting a message I can’t proceed due to high demand.

  • paco cornholio

    16 GB came back, too. Then it wouldn’t add to my cart. Then errors. Then 2 phones were in my cart. Then I couldn’t buy either and the cart emptied. Then one was back in and Google recommended I buy a bumper with it (sold out, checking the bumper emptied the cart).

    They’ve had time to fix this. What 13-fingered comedian has been put in charge of the Google Store?!

  • FlamingoAttack

    Refreshed at 2:59, Nexus 4 wasn’t there.
    Refreshed at 3:00, Nexus 4 was there, added to cart.
    Due to high demand my order could not be processed.
    Continued trying until the phone disappeared from my cart.
    Re-added phone to cart, still could not process.
    Repeated over and over for 3 minutes until the Nexus 4 was sold out.

    Kinda mad =P Trying to decide what I’ll do now. I don’t want to pay extra to get one from a T Mobile store and don’t want stay with Sprint anymore.

    *edit* Sometimes it’s still showing in stock, so still a tiny bit of hope!

    • FlamingoAttack

      Mine just went through! I had it in my cart and kept clicking Proceed until it worked. Don’t refresh your cart, if it shows the Nexus in there just keep clicking Proceed!

      Also, even if you still have the yellow error message about your order not going through, it still submits a request so keep clicking.

      • Pavlos Karnezis

        ^^^ bump this, its actually helpful information

      • oldsk00lz

        Nice! I did this, and kept pressing Proceed quickly, and it went through within 45 minutes. Woot!

      • Keith

        Yeah, just keep hitting the proceed button even when it’s grey, or some people hold down the enter key?

        I was hitting the refresh button after the message, after a few times of that my cart would be empty. I just hit the proceed button over and over, within ten seconds the order went through.

        • Thaddeus Omygarsh Lee

          wish i had paid attention to this 3 hours ago lol it really works

          • John Wentworth

            Yeah that’s what worked for me, just holding down the enter key.
            Strange the only way to order this phone was basically to DOS attack them with requests lol, Very bad ecommerce design, and unfortunately the fact that this was the only thing that seemed to work probably contributed to their problems.

    • ratnok

      I just got my order for the 16GB. Keep trying!

  • Jaime J. Denizard

    Now I’m having an issue where it keeps disappearing from my cart and I have to keep adding it. God!!!!

  • JoJo

    I’m pissed its saying sold out and i just had the thing in my cart at 3:01pm WTF

  • NardVa

    Google fails again. I bet you Apple wouldn’t fail to launch a phone twice.

    • paco cornholio

      Palm and Toys R Us wouldn’t have failed like this either.

      • Chris Chavez

        I think everyone is severely underestimating the demand for this phone.

        • Kevin Krause

          We may just never know, considering how secretive Google likes to be about this stuff.

        • DonMcCall

          I agree. This is the first Nexus phone that I have had some of my non-techie friends ask about. I think the Nexus 7 has gotten some regular people knowledgeable about Nexus devices, and they surely can see the obvious cost advantages.

        • renGek

          The nexus branding is reaching past the more demanding geeky user base for the first time because google is actually doing large amount of TV air time. Compare the amount of nexus commercials for 3 devices now vs 12 months ago for GN only. Still think google was being conservative with production of these devices.

    • Thaddeus Omygarsh Lee

      they didnt fail the site is just freaking out b/c all of the other devs are sold out too

    • Pavlos Karnezis

      Would you rather wait in a line for 6 hours or just sit at your computer?

  • Scott Tompkins

    I would honestly like to know what percentage of their inventory they’re giving to carriers who are turning around and trying to parlay a contract out of it, or selling it for $500… a tad ironic considering I thought Google was originally trying to break the carrier death grip with the release of the original N1.

  • ML626

    I was able to finally add the 16 GB to cart and order it after 7 or 8 minutes of refreshing. Got the confirmation email and everything. It says it’ll be shipping in 1-2 weeks. I certainly don’t believe that, but I have a Lumia 920 in the meantime so no biggie, haha.

    • ratnok


  • Alu Zeros

    Had one in the cart within one minute, and then error. lol.

  • Sonelone

    Did anybody actually get it?

    • christina sosa

      I got mine. But I have google wallet. So I didn’t have to enter any billing information. One click and it was purchased.

      • H@P

        Exactly. I set up Google Wallet back on the 13th so I could get through the process with as few clicks as possible. Didn’t get one the 13th, but got one today. Once it hit my cart, just jammed on PROCEED until it actually proceeded, errors and gray box be damned.

    • Pavlos Karnezis

      I know it’s a lot of comments to read through, but I think I only saw 2 or 3 that claimed to have actually completed the purchase

  • Jaime J. Denizard

    And now…it once again disappeared from my cart and it’s back to being “Sold Out”. Thank God I took multiple screenshots of it when it was in my cart. Time to call Google Play and scream at them.

  • He’s Alright

    Yup. Sold out. I guess the phone gods just don’t want me to have this phone.

  • NardVa

    Sold out again. Google is a joke.

  • Tahir

    I am keeping a eye and getting ready to battle it out in Canada

  • timmyjoe42

    This second attempt at a sale is just as much a disaster as the first…

    • timmyjoe42

      In my cart, can’t process request, the item has been removed from your cart because it is unavailable, sold out, add to cart, oops can’t process request…and repeat…

  • youareme7

    well, now it says “ships soon” with shipping in 1-2 weeks. lol, now sold out again. what a rollercoaster.

  • Jaime J. Denizard

    Ok now it once again says “Add to Cart”, I add it to my cart but it takes me to “” and tells me ”
    Items in Your Cart
    Oops, we had a problem with your request. Please try again.
    Your cart is currently empty.”

    • Michael Lee

      Yeah, it takes a bit to get it to work. I got it to work after 3 tries.

  • zifnab

    Crashed again. Go f’n figure

  • Guojian Miguel Joaquin Wu

    Major Google Fail!

  • Thaddeus Omygarsh Lee

    every single device says sold out so i think its errors

  • zifnab

    How can the biggest data company in the world be so bad at selling 1 item on ecommerce?!?!? WHY!!!!

  • Kahale

    lol i got through order placed for 8gb version.

  • castlefox

    Did anyone actually order their phone today ?

    • gallyjh

      I got through for 2. Got a receipt and everything. Something tells me I’ll be getting a cancellation notice though.

  • toomuchgame441

    Huge fail GOOGLE.. its pretty embarrassing at this point.

  • Warren Castro

    same here, they took it out of my shopping cart like 5 times

  • ratnok

    Bull$#!+ I got the buy page SIX times and I got and error that it was never put into my cart. The TWO times it did, I got this error: Cart Updated: The following items have been removed from your cart because they are currently unavailable.
    Nexus 4 (16GB)

  • Matthew Covington

    Two weeks, zero lessons learned. Terrible. How is it even possible for them to screw up the same thing again.

  • Michael Lee

    It’s still available; just refresh the page. Same glitch as before…

  • Brock

    25 minutes of refreshing and I finally got one to stick in my cart long enough for the “Proceed” button to work. Order placed!! And Google, you suck at selling popular stuff.

  • scoter man1

    I dont think I’ll ever buy another nexus device now. I had it like 3 times, hit proceed, kicked me out. F you Google. You wasted 2 weeks of my life now.

    Edit: I had it in my cart like 20 times, every SINGLE time I hit proceed – error.

  • MttFrog13

    Was anyone able to actually get an order in? Please let us know.

    • Kahale

      i got thru. order 8gb.

    • Greg Gerhardt

      I had a 16gb in but it failed to mention before checkout that i couldn’t use a PO box. Awesome. I would have just changed the address, oh well. It confirmed then immediately cancelled.

    • Pavlos Karnezis

      THIS GUY

      Alvin Nguyen • 11 minutes ago

      I gave up after 12:01 BUT If you keep refreshing until you see add in cart. Keep clicking proceed until it goes through. Mine went through and I purchased the 16GB at 12:20. WOOT! :]

  • CoreWest

    Did anyone get through? IT sounds like we all had the same error, and I see no success.

  • Michael Nichols

    Got thru..HALLELUJAH

  • zifnab

    Just be honest google. “Due to our inability to run an ecommerce solution, your device could not be processed. We can’t fix it because we have only 1 guy working on it… thats all the resources we want to allocate to this situation. Go F yourself”

  • Cagan Gurer

    funny thing is that it still says available when you go to the N4 site but it won’t let you check out :/

  • Alvin Nguyen

    I gave up after 12:01 BUT If you keep refreshing until you see add in cart. Keep clicking proceed until it goes through. Mine went through and I purchased the 16GB at 12:20. WOOT! :]

    • Albert Naranjo

      At about 12:20 tomorrow you will get an email telling you that you’ll get the phone in 3 weeks. Congratulations!

  • Michael Nichols

    Dear Google,

    You are 0-2 in phone launches!!!

    • Sonelone

      The Nexus One launch was pretty bad too.

      • Matt

        Worked perfectly for me.

  • dlovely

    got the 16 again but no bumper case? wtf

  • Keoki Ah Lo

    Major fail.

  • Greg Gerhardt

    I got one in my cart but it says sold out on the product page. Not sure if I should let go or let it keep giving me the yellow banner up top telling me it is having issues processing the order.

  • dlovely

    16 was just available, keep refreshing those who didn’t get it yet! was able to add it to cart as well. YMMV!

  • johnnycrapple

    Just looked, it said ships in 1-2 weeks

  • GarnetRuggedVanterpool

    I’m still in limbo.. phone currently in cart but cannot proceed.

  • ratnok


    • ratnok

      Now it’s back up.

  • Jnewell05

    sold out

  • Waqas Khan

    Has anyone actually been able to order one today???

  • Pavlos Karnezis


    • ratnok

      You daaaaamn right.

  • Warren Castro

    complete scam

  • MikeSick

    I am thinking of getting a windows phone now…very disappointed at Google’s fail. I have had all previous nexus phones as well, this is sad. Having it twice in the cart and unable to check out. :(

    I’m done with Google, Bye Android community.

    • Albert Naranjo

      Wow… you are willing to abandon a whole ecosystem because the website that sells heavily subsidized flagship smartphones with NO CONTRACTS is getting hammered and you can’t make your purchase. WOW. If that is what you base your smartphone choices on… then you are right. You probably SHOULD go with Windows phone… as it’s popularity will never reach levels high enough to crash a website.

      • J Jones

        grow up.
        people are pissed because google should’ve figured this out after the site crapped out on the 13th.

  • Jonathan Jorge

    Such a shame. Such a damn shame smh

  • DAspire

    We all know 3rd time is the charm. so to expect!

  • disqus_cxkIiSx8j1

    I got it! so happy señor

  • Dan

    I finally got my order through at 12:47 for the 16 GB version. It was without a doubt the most miserable online purchase I’ve ever gone through. I went through the same hell as everyone else but after 47 minutes of refreshing/re-adding it to my cart/etc… it finally worked. I wouldn’t have gone through it if my wife wasn’t pushing for an iPhone. Don’t screw this up Google, you’re making bush league mistakes and driving away your most loyal users.

  • Romeo Smith

    google is fucking up man. they shouldve known the amount of traffic the nexus 4 would bring after the first launch. Complete fail.

  • Kaushal

    The “sold out” sign should have a time stamp.

  • Michael Lemoi

    does anyone have a confirmed order going through?

  • Guojian Miguel Wu

    I think google outsourced the play store to north korea


    3:00pm on the dot and I was was told the site had an error and to try back later. Kept trying and gave up at 3:40pm — has anyone ever seen this phone or this just a big joke – bunch of B.S. I will go the s3 route.

  • disqus_ZEyaEZdgqR

    did anyone get it continually hitting the grey proceed button??

    • J Jones

      All I been doing for an hour and a half…

  • David Pat

    Google has never been good with people who are willing to pay them. Engineers are terrible at commerce.

  • peronif5

    it didn’t work for me either

  • Kalaster

    how did google expect to ship out all the hundreds of backorders and try to meet the demand at the same time?

  • J Jones

    In my best Simpsons “Comic Book Guy” voice:
    Worst…Product Launch…Ever…
    Never made it passed the shopping cart stage. At the VERY least they could let you place a back order but this f-ing “oops” sh!t is 1998 Micro$oft style. Just have you clicking & hoping you’ll win the lottery to get one.

  • juaninamillion

    I’m still waiting on my backorder! bullshit!!!

  • angelo

    my brother was able to get 4 8gb the day they were released then sold them on craigslist (hes and iphone user). He told me he wasnt able to handle the freedom.

    • Daniel Tiberius

      I hope he wasn’t selling for profit. There are people out there who actually want this device but are having trouble getting one.

  • rxr

    Can ppl stop clicking Proceed…so MY clicking goes through :-p

  • Crimsonshadow774

    This has to be a strategy of Google’s. Lol. Its good publicity having news stories weekly saying the phone has sold out.

  • Keith

    Okay everyone…lets take turns buying the phone! I’ll go first?!!! lol

  • TheDrizzle

    Mine still says 1-2 weeks in my cart. I’ve been clicking proceed for aboout 2 hours now…

  • Kelly Daniel Wolfinger

    It’s not sold out. Check again. The servers are having a sh!t fit with the high volume. I got mine in the cart trying to refresh over and over again to get to check out.

  • Pavlos Karnezis

    Still in stock… “Google Play is currently experiencing very high traffic. Nexus 4 is not sold out and will still be available for purchase. Please try again shortly. Thank you for your patience.”

    • Pavlos Karnezis

      oops I shouldn’t have told you that… so much for letting the traffic slow down, lol

  • Joel Vasallo

    GOT ONE! WOOT! Keep trying all!

  • TheDrizzle

    Mine just went through. Got two of the 16gb. Still haven’t gotten the confirmation email and my order status is pending. I’m still skeptical until I have the device in my hands…

    • TheDrizzle

      Just got the confirm email., status is still pending though.

  • PissOffGoogle

    My God I been at this for 2 hrs. What up with a company with multi billions dollar and CAN’T even handle online order, even at this magnitude.

  • Chris Stephens

    I got mine through after an hour and forty nine minutes of trying! I thought about giving up earlier, but felt like a poker hand where I was “pot committed” to see it until the end.

    I was watching the debug in the developer console, the gray proceed button will keep making simultaneous requests. You are actually best off just clicking it as fast as you can, forget the message at the top or the button being grayed out.

    • Keith

      wow!!! I did that! before I was hitting refresh! I just hit the button when it was still grey! order went through just now! 2:07 PST

      • Mark Mckenney

        thanks…..worked in 2 tries

  • radley

    Got an order through ~1:50pm PST. Once it was in the cart, I kept hitting Proceed (don’t refresh!). Could simply be a timestamp-based queue. My order was in there for 20+ min. I took a break for lunch in the middle, so that’s safe.

  • Cagan Gurer

    By the time this phone becomes available in mass quantities, no one will care about it anymore.

  • longshot1056

    I just opened it and is said I could buy them. The bumper is still sold out though which is what I actually wanted to get since I already have a Nexus 4, was one of the lucky few to get one on time.

  • Keith

    I ordered mine just after 2pm, it said estimated shipping 1-2 weeks for the 16GB phone. It says 4-5 for the 8GB.

  • scoter man1

    Took 2 hours of spamming, finally got one through. I really hope its not 4-5 weeks though. C’mon google, really?

  • Eric

    I was finally able to checkout at 5:21pm EST, for a 16GB model.

  • subyz

    To buy it for sure, simply add it to cart and then press tab on your keyboard until you end up at “Proceed”. Hold down “enter” and you will be able to buy in no time. Hope it helps.

    • itmustbejj

      Honestly this is the whole cause of the server overloads. Google put 0 client side validation on their submit buttons. That is like first week intern rookie level mistake. That being said I think everyone should do this and Google can burn for their ineptitude.

    • Jaime J. Denizard

      OMG I actually just did this and it worked. Thank you!

    • Ryan Hoagland

      I’m not sure why, but it works! Thanks!

    • subyz

      I think that people should up vote this so that others can benefit. Delay is still only 4-5 weeks. Better than forking over money on eBay or Tmobile.

  • J Jones

    Way to go Google. I was ready to ditch my iP4 when this phone was announced because I did miss the freedom of Android. Two failed attempts later and the only people who have them are the review sites and Ebay… guess I’ll be sticking with Apple after all since they’ve essentially become the same company. By the time everyone who wants this gets one, they’ll be branding “Nexus 4g LTE 32GB”.

  • Bob G

    Got 2 just now.

    WOW I now see the damage on my bill HAHAHAHAHA excuse me while I go throw up and cry while praying to the porcelain god.

    • Pavlos Karnezis

      yea I just got 2 as well… just kept hitting the “Proceed” button nonstop [nothing else] until it popped up with google wallet checkout

  • subyz

    Everyone who keeps saying its 4-5 weeks for shipping, its only for 8gb n4. 16gb is 1-2 weeks.

    • Thaddeus Omygarsh Lee

      2-3 weeks here

      • subyz

        It was 1-2 weeks when I placed the order and then it gradually got bumped up due to stock limitations i suppose. Google at least figured out the number of batches they would get every week and then the times for delivery started showing accordingly and hence, delayed.

  • itmustbejj

    My gf just got our order for 2 16gb’s through with the “tab to submit and hold enter” aka “Die in a waterfall of submits you Google bastards” method.

    • Bob G

      Hope she doesn’t have to pay $7666666666666666 from all those “enters” :p

      And now we all wait for BUMPERS!

      • itmustbejj

        I will just sell all the extras for a $1 markup and retire like a fatcat with my conscience intact.

        • Bob G

          Touché, mon ami

  • Keith

    16GB says 2-3 weeks for shipping now and 8GB says 6-7 weeks.

    • Bob G

      Glad I got mine when it was still 1-2 weeks.

      • Keith

        Yeah, same here! From the way the last orders went I’m not too sure though.

  • Devin

    I just wish they would open up Canadian orders. WTF Google, really???

  • ineversl33p

    back up now ships in 2-3 weeks

  • saif khan

    I just went to the play store and my order went through. If anyone wants to try they better hurry up

  • marco

    I just got mine and it says it will be shipped in 2 to 3 weeks!

  • Mitchell Taylor

    I can ad both the 8gb and 16gb model to my my cart now. Ship time is 6-7 weeks

  • Artur Kulczynski

    Wow. Another cluster ****. Will Google ever get their act together on this? I got my 16GB in the first round and now I feel like I won some sort of lottery even though I paid for this thing. Bizarre that demand outstrips availability by so much. I should get a tee shirt that says: I’m a luckily devil. I was able to buy a Nexus from Google. Sadly Google, really sad….

  • loonz123

    Just bought the phone 7:37 EST. I kept clicking on proceed and it finally when through.

  • Doug Steffy

    If you have Chrome, type this line of code into the Javascript console and it’ll go through. Worked for me in less than a minute:

  • Mark Mckenney

    t able to order…really

  • james ortiz

    I’d rather pay more on eBay than wait.

  • Lance Pearce

    Just now working

  • Bob Allen

    My order finally got through at 4:30 PM CST. If I can believe the e-mail I got, I should see it in about 3 weeks.

  • rob bennett

    the tab tab tab return trick worked in under 10 seconds for me. Thats after mashing the f5 button for an hour. Got mine at 5:00 pm today

  • Steve

    Finally it went thru. Got 2 16G after 5pm PST.

  • mred612

    I just ordered mine at about 515pm Pacific time!! it says ships in 2-3 weeks!

  • Jason Vasquez

    I was able to place my order 5 mins ago without any problems

  • mhmmd123

    Is this phone works on AT&T network? And it support LTE too?

    • Keith

      AT&T yes, LTE no. This phone will work with HSPA+ 41 on T-Mobile, not sure how fast HSPA+ is on AT&T.

      • ratnok

        When T-Mobile gets LTE, it will work there. Not on ATT.

        • Bob G

          No. It will not work with any LTE in the USA. T-Mobile does not have Band 4.
          AT&T has it but never activated/use it so it will not work there either.

          The phone will work on AT&T HSPA+21 and T-Mobile HSPA+42 only.

          • John Doe

            T-mobile will roll out LTE on band 4! They have made a press release about that. They will start the roll out in 2013, At&t also is rolling out LTE on band 4 and 17 but mostly 17. Since the NEXUS 4 only supports Band 4 unofficially it willl run on T-mobile’s network in 2013 on LTE but currently on HSPA+ 42

      • mhmmd123

        Thank you for your reply.

  • John Robertson

    i’ll just wait for the GS4. thanks anyway google, let me know when you have SD slots again.

    • steveb944

      Don’t expect that to change anytime soon. At this point expect no SD as Google wants you using the cloud instead

      • John Robertson

        I know they do, but i want specifically not to. as far as I’m concerned the no SD card experiment has failed. I still “run out of storage space” CONSTANTLY on my Nexus S, even though there are GIGS and GIGS left because it is, apparently, still partitioned as 3 kilobits of “internal storage” and the rest as an SD card or as it calls it “USB storage” (and yes i know there are more than 3 kilobits, it’s hyperbole.) so long as i’m still limited like that you may as well let me remove the external storage.

        • steveb944

          I agree on the partition. It’s the stupidest thing in the world. Also with these new devices the whole moving apps to SD feature is null and void. For now I’m sticking my extra memory into my tablet instead of the phone. I do hope I don’t run out of space as I’ve never had to think about it before getting this Nexus

        • whydidnt

          Probably won’t change your mind, but with the latest devices, including the Galaxy Nexus and 7 “USB storage” is a thing of the past. Now all memory is just one big chunk so you don’t have to worry about internal storage, USB, etc. If all your stuff fits into the 16 GB (actually less because of OS etc) you should be fine. 16 still really isn’t enough for me, when you consider the size of some games these days. At least don’t have to worry about the partition any more.

          • John Robertson

            that’s interesting and good to hear, but you’re right.. doesn’t change my mind. the SD is just one factor, though a large one, in my choice for my next phone. I use Sprint and unlike some people i absolutely love them. i have no trouble with the service and the price is fairly decent. I am assuming that the GS4 when it comes out will have LTE for Sprint and it should be coming up just in time for my upgrade.

            I really wish Google would get it together with the Nexus devices and instead of pushing their ideal on customers they would innovate, which they are good at, put the thing out there and let each new thing sink or swim on it’s own merits.

            personally, i would like to see a “rugged”/waterproof phone with everything current phones have (including SD slot), up to date specs and an FM radio. yeah, that last bit may not make much sense these days with all the music apps out there, but i’m thinking more of the TVs at the Gym that transmit their audio over FM. but.. that’s just me, i realize most people don’t care about FM radio’s in their phones and that it’s not going to happen.. I just wish that Google would allow that with “cloud storage”.

  • Alu Zeros

    ending up getting one, but i wonder how long delivery is going to take

  • steveb944

    Took 4.5 hrs but I got my order in. I think at that time it was 2-3 weeks for the 16gb

  • supremekizzle

    It’s getting sickening how blatantly unhelpful they are with this launch…

  • Suresh

    I wanted to buy one 16gb model.. Its $349. Does anybody know how much tax and shipping charges add upto?

    • Albert Naranjo

      Taxes depend on your state. I am in AZ and mine went to $386.02 with tax and shipping. I think the tax is BS. Google doesn’t have any physical stores in AZ.

      • Suresh

        Thanks Albert

  • John Mozelewski

    wow i dont think ive ever been more ashamed to be an android phanboy. o well my note 2 will be on my doorstep thursday:)

  • castlefox

    I just ordered my Nexus4 16GB 10min ago. Too bad I gotta wait like 4-5 weeks but I am happy I finally got it ordered.

    • Keith

      Yeah, At least you were able to order though! I wonder how many people bought multiple devices trying to make a profit on ebay or something? Maybe they can still cancel their orders, or there will be some phones for a discount sooner or later!

  • John Wentworth

    Well I got one on backorder but not the crazy 4-5 or 8-9 weeks, only 1-2 weeks for the 16GB model after almost 2 hours of clicking purchase. I was extremely dissatisfied with google’s store but at least I have one on order. As much as I hate google play’s store and their horrible ordering problems, I’ll never go back to a manufacturer skinned phone, I’m the type that needs updates and it’s much cheaper to buy a nexus than have to buy new phones just to get the latest Android. Plus I’m a prepaid GSM user for nexus fits nicely for someone who doesn’t get or need subsidized phones.