Google Play Store getting deeper Google+ integration

As Google looks to integrate Google+ with pretty much all of its services we expect to see new features added almost every week. We’re still waiting on the bombshell that should be the death of Google Talk and the subsequent birth of Google+ Messenger integrated in Gmail, but for the time being another Google site has gotten the Plus-heavy treatment.

The Google Play Store is the site I’m talking about, and while there’s been minor cross-functionality before Google has added another level of integration that has us pretty excited. There isn’t much to do right now, but if you notice the reviews section in the screenshot above you can see that the names of each reviewer are replaced by “A Google User.”

It looks like Google will eventually allow users to link the Play Store to their Google+ accounts and have their profile, name and icons available for those looking through reviews. For now it just displays “A Google User,” and we imagine the names were tossed out so Google could restore some control of privacy to users while they fully implement the rest of this.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see Play Store prompts asking whether or not you’d like to link your Google+ account to your reviews in the future, but for now there doesn’t appear to be anything more to it than making the reviews anonymous.

Most users should be noticing the changes by now as there’s no Play Store APK update for this particular change. It looks like the changes are more on the level of account information so be sure to check it out on the web Play Store or in the Google Play Store on your Android device.

There’s nothing useful to be done with any of it yet, but it’s nice to fantasize about what’s to come. And if you just want to see how your own review would display for the time being why not see how a review of your own would look by downloading the Phandroid News app and submitting a review? You’ll be feeding your curiosity and getting a great tool to help you read Phandroid on the go at the same time — win win, from where I’m standing.

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  • bos

    Google must be getting desperate trying to convince advertisers that anyone uses Google +. Time to artificially inflate those user statistics!

    I expect this will be some user backlash against this heavy handed tactic, not that Google cares what users want. G+ has always been about what Google wants, otherwise it would grow organically without being forced on us.

    • ScottColbert

      I think your tin foil hat is a bit too tight.


    the more they integrate the better i like it. google is starting to feel like wiley coyote’s ACME but all their stuff is good or gone.

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      Lol nice analogy.

  • castlefox

    Crap. I guess I need to find that erotica app that I reviewed and edit it before it gets associated with my Google plus name.

    • Chris Chavez

      Same with the Japanese Squid Girls app I downloaded.. O_o

  • Mix

    Why does this have you excited? I’m just asking. Can you explain to us what’s exciting about the announcement of this new feature. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • castlefox

      I would like to think that people will think twice before writing really racist/sexist/hateful reviews. And yes I have seen many of them.

      • UniBroW

        That aspect is good but to me this just further undermines the review process. Not everyone wants all their information out there. I know for one, I won’t be reviewing any apps from now on and I usually give positive reviews. It’s not that I have a tinfoil hat, It’s just that I don’t like being forced into doing something such as this especially when it’s made public.

        I think you’re going to see a lot less reviews and I think there are other better ways to deal with the troll comments/reviews than this one and I’d go so far as to say that if that’s their reasoning for this change it’s a scapegoat.

      • android underground

        If you have a job in the US Army you’ll think twice before voicing your honest opinion about a Wikileaks app in the Play Store.

        A few more reasons why linking your Play Store ratings to a Google+ account should be optional, not forced:

  • Wesley

    This sux…

    • Jason Farrell


  • Jason Farrell

    This is a good thing, as it’ll reduce the amount anonymous troll comments when your actual account is linked to it.

  • ilh

    Just had a notice popup when I went in to the market in my phone. It said that your previous reviews will be referred to as a Google user and future 1s as the correct name and picture.

  • Justin Worthing

    anyone realize they added the 3 bars to chrome for options? just noticed that today

    • Chris Chavez

      Been there for at least a few weeks now :)