Android 4.2.1 makes its way to AOSP

It started making its way to the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 earlier today, and now it’s available as part of the Android Open Source Project. The code for the latest version of Jelly Bean, Android 4.2.1 (JOP40D) is now available for download.

As we typically point out, the source will be of little use for the average Android user, but it provides the ROM makers that many of us depend on with all the meat they need to craft custom Android builds based around the latest release. And, yes, the month of December is included.

The factory images of Android 4.2.1, which should be of a bit more use to most, will be available in the coming days, according to Android codemaster Jean-Baptiste Queru. Head on over to the Android Building group to snag the source code today.


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  • dreadnatty08

    Still waiting for a really stable 4.2 based ROM for my Gnex (PA is not bad). Hoping this helps fix the bugs that are plagueing those on 4.2.

    • No_Nickname90

      Oh PA has a 4.2 ROM for the Gnex!? I wonder if they have one for the Nexus 7. I have this on my phone and I love the ability to change different apps. That’s like friggin godsend to me. LoL!!

  • aeok18109

    tried to update from my nexus 7. it clashed with clockwork mod tho so gonna have to wait for a fix :). or i can just uninstall clockwork recovery LOL.

    • Albert Naranjo

      Uh… if you have CWM, you should never be trying to install OTA ROMs. Hit XDA for a pre-rooted update.

      • aeok18109

        correct. just a derp moment of mine. its my day off and im 3 beers in and enjoying my new seidio active case and cover. damn this thing is a tank.

        • Alek Tritt

          Never drink and flash!

      • shonangreg

        Why? I’ve updated and then just used OTA Rootkeeper to get root again.

        What am I missing?

        • Albert Naranjo

          But the official updates are signed and won’t install with a custom recovery.

          • shonangreg

            So what did I miss or am I missing? I was prompted and did the OTA update, I now have JOP40D (on a Nexus 7), and I have root again.

            Did my recovery image or whatever just not validate the security key? Did I become vulnerable to a trojan upgrade or somesuch? Everything seems fine to me.

  • wic

    Put on my N10, all works as expected. Now I got December:)

  • matthewcruce

    wish I had a PC or someone that would root my galaxy nexus for me and I would be a happy camper

    • Butters619

      Go over to XDA forums and read up. Do yourself a favor and don’t have somebody root/rom your Nexus or you will be lost when it comes time to upgrade your ROM. And a G-Nex is super easy to unlock and rom.

  • Robabobbob

    So what’s in 4.2.1?

    • Butters619


      • Robabobbob


  • Micha Ols

    “Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 – Now with December!” ;)

    • Brian S.

      Like a calendar?

  • Brian S.

    This makes me feel all tingly inside.