Samsung unveils dual-screen flip phone with amazing specs, uses Jackie Chan to draw attention

As much as Samsung is focused on big slates like its Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy S lines, the company still has no qualms with introducing quirky and niche offerings for those crazy enough to buy them. Their latest is another dual-screen flip phone that has you asking if 2004 is trying to make a comeback — the Samsung W2013.

That wise crack might be a bit unfair, though, as this thing is every bit as good as any other phone on the inside. For starters, the dual-screens are 3.7 inches large and have WVGA resolutions.

That’s pretty good for this form factor so they’re gaudy in this context. Inside is a 1.4GHz quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, the ability to expand that by 64GB using a microSD card slot, an 8 megapixel HD camera to go along with a 2 megapixel shooter on the front and more. It’ll also sport Android 4.0 with TouchWiz.

That tale of the tape just read out like something from this year’s best phones, but we imagine many people will have a hard time getting jiggy with that form factor. Throw in the fact that this device will probably cost about $3,000 and we’d say this thing won’t last on most people’s radar long.

On the upside, Jackie Chan is the face that Samsung is using to sell you this thing and who wouldn’t want to buy something — ANYTHING — endorsed by Jackie Chan? Take a quick look above, and then proceed to ponder whether or not you’d buy this if you were rich before returning to the real world of reasonably priced hardware.

[via Samsung, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  • DonMcCall

    Folks can say what they want, but many people still prefer some of the older form factors. If this was sold at a similar price to say a Galaxy S3 this would actually sell plenty of units.

  • kev2684

    flip phones are back bitches! and jackie got their back

    • DavidVarghese

      Nothing like the satisfaction of slamming your phone shut when ending a call…

      • RavenFox

        Damn right

  • phoenix_fire

    flip phones are actually quite popular in asia, particularly in japan and korea. it’s much easier to type out those languages on a flip phone than on a smart phone.

    • rsanchez1

      Well, it’s not just a flip phone, it’s a dual-screen flip phone. LG tried to launch a dual-screen Android flip phone a while ago, but it didn’t exactly take off. Ditto with the 3D phones from HTC and LG (name another 3D phone besides the HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D).

      Maybe, it will take Samsung’s brand name to make dual-screen flip phones popular.

      • BLADESMAN1889

        What about a triangular phone – 3 screens :–)

  • Thomas

    I thought Jackie Chan was dead ?

    • Rich Chinito

      he is, they just photoshopped the phone into his hand. The scene the still was taken from is in the movie “rumble in the bronx”

      • BigCiX

        What the…….when did he die?

        • Aslan Bollin

          Hes not.
          He walks out on stage and is presented the phone when they announced it.

        • RavenFox



    I don’t understand – why is it $3000 ? Did I miss the diamond encrusted bezel or what ?

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      I was looking for the exact same thing.

    • Daniel

      The US is the only country where the telecoms subsidize the cost of our phones.

      • master94

        Canada and Europe too now.

        • mgs2804

          Europe has never been a country. In fact, subsidizing phones is ILLEGAL in some European countries.

      • BLADESMAN1889

        Here in England [I’m sick of saying UK – I’m English and damn proud of it] we don’t pay ANYTHING for a phone on 2 yr contact. The whole thing is subsidized – cool eh ? :–)

      • Chris Landry

        even unsubsidized high end phones here are in the 600-800 range

      • shonangreg

        Apparently not, Daniel. Add Japan to the list.

    • Matt Holbrook

      It isn’t. Look the exchange rate up on Google. Its not even $300 let alone $3000


      You think having Jackie Chan in the ad is cheap? they had to offset the ad cost :P

    • Sean Kendrick

      Its gotta be 3000 yin, not dollars

  • BigCiX

    The Chinese version of Double O Seven right there!

  • Scott

    Google first, before saying someone is dead… That is a serious mistake..


    So, when’s is PHANDROID gonna give away one of these bad-boys?

  • ntegrit

    A portrait version of the EnV Touch? Very 2008-2009…

  • Chris Landry

    nobodys ever really tried the smartphone in flip phone form….i bet if they were competitive in price and specs to candybar form android phone, the flip phone would be pretty popular. i’d get one

    • JulianZHuang

      flip phone are pretty popular in japan, even now.

  • Indy_Medic

    RIM did a smart flip phone with their blackberry (obviously) line. Wasn’t much bigger than a standard flip phone of the time with reception of the startac.

    • Indy_Medic

      ** exception, not reception

    • BLADESMAN1889

      aahh – the Startac – i loved my startac and in the design it still looks good today !

  • Jeff

    You’re thinking of Charlie Chan. He died recently. Not Jackie.

  • Matt Holbrook

    I’m sorry but that is just plain wrong. According to Google 20000 yen is about $242.72 USD

  • BillIdol

    I’d get one, especially with those specs. Glad to know that it’s not $3000 bucks. Lol

  • hemipw54

    If it was Chuck Norris I would, but JC, he is like soft porn of Martial Arts. Circus Freak.


    No QUERTY?


    when the price drops…………………..

  • chuckles87

    Maybee next years model will be a flexible screen

  • lordofthereef

    Maybe the Chinese market is into this sort of thing. Doubt we will see this in the US…