New images of the HTC Deluxe (DLX) leak

With the HTC DROID DNA now available from Verizon, all eyes are turned to the 5-inch 1080p display of its international counterpart, the upcoming HTC Deluxe. Actually, according to the most recent report the phone could be called the HTC Deluxe DLX, an odd naming choice that seems almost too redundant to be true. But the news also comes with a set of newly leaked images giving us yet another look at the handset.

The overall appearance of the device doesn’t look to stray much from the Droid DNA. The metal grills along the left and right sides are still present, the USB port is covered by a plastic flap, and hardware navigation keys find a home below the Super LCD 3 display. Specs are rumored to remain the same as Verizon’s version and Japan’s J Butteryfly: 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2GB RAM, 2,020mAh battery.

The Deluxe will likely find its way to Europe and other regions before the end of the year, but we haven’t heard any specific plans from HTC just yet. Those without access to the two versions of the device already available in certain markets will want to keep an eye on this one. It might just be the best Android phone HTC has ever released.

[via GSMArena]

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  • Abefrooman

    I’m usually not a huge a fan

  • Abefrooman

    But I must say this phone is BA

  • toomuchgame441

    So Verizon exclusive still in the States… great job HTC. I’ll be sure to buy ur model next year smh

    • corona10

      The DNA is GSM capable. You can use this on AT&T’s network and probably Tmobiles as well.

      • Socalnathan

        Is this true? Can anyone confirm the dna will work with t-Mobile?

        • corona10
          • Guest

            HSpa or lower, no lte.

        • corona10

          DNA supports 850/900/1900/2100 MHz. Tmobile uses 1700/2100. The 1700MHz will be Tmobiles LTE. You can connect to Tmobile using edge or wifi (unless you just happen to be in one of the few
          cities that offers 3G in the 1900MHz

  • bmg314

    HTC Deluxe DLX…this name brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department. O.o

    • Cenarl

      Im waiting for the HTC Deluxe DLX Plus+

  • maximillion82

    The best android device HTC ever released was the Nexus One, when time is considered.
    No doubt that this phone is very good definitely one of the best phones out today.
    Is it just me or does the Verizon version look slightly better?

    • BigCiX

      One X is the best looking phone on the market right now

      • Alexander Drizzy Rojas

        The DNA is spec wise at least. I also read online that battery is pretty good and everything else is outstanding. Still getting a nexus 4 :) when available

        • treypoundz


      • treypoundz

        Bs the HTC DNA is the best looking. Hands down

  • amehaye

    Is it true that it has support for external SD cards?

  • lynyrd65

    They should capitalize one their one series and either release new phones annually and/or provide truely unlocked bootloaders and the latest AOSP kernel sources for keeping their flagship devices running a respectable version of Android without these ludicrous delays.