Shadowgun: DeadZone drops beta, now available for all in the Play Store

Right on schedule, Madfinger Games has just announced that Shadowgun: DeadZone has finally dropped it’s beta tag, and is currently available in the Play Store. The mulitplayer followup to Shadowgun, this version is for Android gamers who don’t give a rat’s @ss about storylines or computer controlled opponents — instead preferring to gun it out with other Android users from around the world.

For those that haven’t dived into the multiplayer world of Shadowgun yet, DeadZone features 12 player, head-to-head matches in 2 game modes: Deathmatch or Zone Control. Both modes are pretty self explanatory and take place on a variety of maps where players can communicate with each other using voice chat. Yes, you heard right: mutha effin’ voice chat. Pretty epic.

Looks like you’ll have something to keep you occupied when visiting grandma this Thanksgiving. Oh, and for my Phandroid peeps, you guys can add me as a friend at: Pedocore (you know, because I like to do some hardcore walking in my spare time). If you notice me shooting everything around you, that’s just me toying with you, like a cat with its prey. Release trailer below.

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  • Pkmmte

    Chris, let’s play together. You know you want to. ;3

    • Chris Chavez

      Why are you so beastly?!?! :O

      • Pkmmte

        I’m not. That was from when it was in beta. xD

        This is the score I just got on my first game:

        • Chris Chavez

          GET. OUT. O_O

          • Pkmmte

            No, you. >.>

  • johnnycrapple

    I thought that meant you’re a hard core pedophile lmao

    • Chris Chavez

      What are you, some kinda sicko?!?! :O

      • johnnycrapple

        Yep lol, you still slacking on naming your hair? ^o^

        • Chris Chavez

          It needs an epic name. Like Zeus or Conan. O_o

          • james ortiz

            name it flash….because it reminds me of his lightning strike

          • bmg314


          • Michael Zedicher

            i wish i could do mine like that

  • DavidVarghese

    You really need that Bluetooth controller for games like this.. I find this game too hard to control for my big thumbs… I know what I’m getting for Christmas!

    • Chris Chavez

      Yeah, I just shoot around like an idiot on my Note. Not even going to bother until I get a real controller. =/

      • DavidVarghese

        Yeah, it’s hard to aim and move at the same time… However in Dead Trigger, the controls were much better and I can actually move around and shoot at the same time… They gotta port those control systems into this game, and then it’ll be playable

    • Michael Thompson

      I picked up the BT controller Gamestop sells.
      It’s inexpensive and effective.

      • DavidVarghese

        What’s it called and how much?

  • Tropical Flowers

    I’ve noticed that the Kindle Fire HD doesnt have access to any Shadowguns thru the Amazojn app store.. wut is up wif dat

    • Pkmmte

      Try putting Android (if available) into it. That fixes all of your problems.

  • lav0c

    I ordered the Drone, but what is another good controller? I can’t get my xbox, wii classic, or PS3 controllers to work with the game properly.

  • pouxonu

    love this game ,and been playing since beta started, just wish I could’ve kept my old stats and such, but understand level playing field for a full release. Great game none the less

  • shadowslash

    The Moga with the Moga Universal Driver works great with this.

  • gabriel

    I play this on my ipad and i like it but it is difficult.