Android Overload: Loads of app updates and releases, HTC Desire blamed for dog’s death, and more

  • How the HTC Desire killed a family’s long-haired chihuahua. (Um, what?). Thanks, Keith! [News]
  • Google Voice updated with Android 4.2 compatibility (didn’t take long, now did it?). [Play Store]
  • FolderSync for Android updated with 4.2 compatibility. [Play Store]
  • Cricket announces new 4G LTE markets and new LG Optimus Regard as first 4G LTE smartphone. [LeapWireless | Cricket]
  • Expedia for Android overhauled in latest update. Gets all new flashy UI. [Play Store]
  • Much hyped Twitter app Echofan is now available for Android. [Play Store]
  • The 1999 Dreamcast cult-hit, Expendable: Rearmed, is now available for Android. [Play Store]
  • Google Drive (web) update brings dropable folders, new search tools, Google Earth map file viewing. [Google]

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  • supremekizzle

    It fascinates me that some of these people won’t say anything or return their faulty phones when they are malfunctioning. They think that if they do nothing their problems will disappear. If she was proactive, or her daughter had common sense, her ankle biter wouldn’t have died…

    • bmg314

      I think the article said that she tried repeatedly with vodaphone to get the issue resolved.

      • Mitchel White

        no it does not

        • bmg314

          “After repeated attempts to contact Vodafone about her phone troubles, the telco eventually said the phone, which they issued to Ms Gatt, “wasn’t compatible with their network”.”

          I took that as her calling them before the dog died. It also said that they issued the phone, which was incompatible.

  • Jamille Browne

    I’m sorry but how does a phone cause a car accident?!?! really? your phone did not kill the dog, your dog got out and ran it the street and got hit… Sorry to be so blunt but come on now your phone did not cause that nor would have a perfectly working phone have saved that accident.

    In my community theres this one little chihuahua that knows how to 1.) keep cool in the heat, hides under a car, 2.) crosses the street, he waits for cars to pass, 3.) just walks and acts like he owns the street he lives on.

  • racki

    The chihuahua story is one of the silliest things I’ve heard and just proves you can get money for any lame story you can come up with.

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      lol people can sue for the most ridiculous things. let’s just see how happy they are when a judge throws the case out and they end up owing tons in legal fees.

    • Manbo

      I felt bad for the dog. Having to live with people like that, no wonder it tried to escape.
      I just love how people just blame everything except themselves.

    • Guest

      Woman puts up with a malfunctioning phone. Blames phone on dog’s death.

  • RavenFox

    You might want to fix that folder sync link. It sends you to the Expedia app.

    • Chris Chavez

      Thanks. Fixed.


    Time for another episode of “WHICH IS THE MOST LAME?”

    1) The dog/phone story (actually,the owners) or

    2) The 1st LTE phone from CRICKET

    As difficult as it may be,you can only choose one.

    • guitarist5122

      Somebody has a stick where it shouldn’t be

      • KOLIO

        What you do on your own time is your business, but, by all means, it’s a free country, whatever floats your boat.

    • johnnycrapple

      Actually the cricket phone is the same as the lg motion for MetroPCS its a great phone with an s4 processor, bad things about it are screen size and resolution. It might not be mind blowing to you but it’s an awesome phone for the price. ^o^

      • johnnycrapple

        It’s $249 at cricket that sucks, it’s $149 at metropcs lol

      • KOLIO

        Screen size is OK, as some may prefer the size of the OG REGARD,but,the rated talk time of 5hrs w/Cricket’s 1st LTE ANDROID phone is another example of why I kicked them to the curb last year. Cheap phones do not necessarily equate to good value. Shoulda followed METRO PCS’ example & offer the SGS III or something similar (EVOLTE) in value.

        • johnnycrapple

          I just read that they are gonna have the s3 for $549

  • Pkmmte

    My Droid X killed my cat.

    • TalkingMoose

      It was probably just curious. That happens with cats.

  • guitarist5122

    Really? Should have gotten rid of that defective phone long ago. Don’t blame the phone, she should blame herself for being or lazy (whatever the case may be)

  • B.K.

    the folder sync link points to a different app

  • Keith

    The dog would still be alive if you didn’t let it dig out of your yard, for at least the second time!
    Don’t blame your faults of not being able to take care of a dog on a phone.

  • Sentinelred

    HTC is bleeding cash, stocks are diving, and one of their phones kills a dog? I doubt it, but this sounds so bad

  • TalkingMoose

    Everyone seems to be missing something about the dog story: why is Vodafone issuing phones that are “incompatible with their network”?

    • bmg314

      Yeah, it didn’t say if she got it through vodaphone our if she bought it independently…if vp issued the phone and then said it was incompatible, yikes.

      • DanWazz

        Ms. Gatt said the phone, issued by her network provider Vodafone, would never last an entire conversation.”


  • ingua2

    HTC Desire.. poisoned by apple.

  • DanWazz

    I think we all learned a lesson: don’t buy a cheap handset, it could cost you or someone you love their life….so come check out the new Droid DNA by Verizon!

  • Bradley Berthold

    The HTC Desire is a very low spec piece of junk anyway, crikey get a decent phone