Angry Birds Star Wars is now officially available in the Google Play Store

In a sequel that’s sure to breathe new life into the franchise, Angry Birds Star Wars is now officially available in the Google Play Store. Developer Rovio held a Google Hangout earlier this evening and announced the good news and quite honestly, I couldn’t be more hyped. A wonderful mixture of Lucasfilm’s Star Wars universe, melded with Angry Birds, somehow it just all works.

I’m actually going to put down Halo 4 for a minute to give it a spin and will report back in the morning with a hands-on video. You guys can give it a spin by downloading it in the Play Store in either the free, or the $3 for the HD version. May the fowl be with you.

[Play Store Link: Free | HD]

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  • angrybirds365

    just tweeted about it. i’m reviewing it right now

  • blest

    Oddly.. It is more fun that I expected!

  • Robabobbob

    Meh. The first one was great but none of the “sequels” have added much. I just don’t understand the hype now.

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      I see a lot of people saying this. I feel like Rovio does just enough with each release to keep it fresh.

    • Ahhk

      Are you suggesting that there’s not really much difference between the original and Space/StarWars?

  • Ahhk

    It is a good day.

    • Ahhk

      The golden eggs (C3POs) are unusually hard to get to…..

  • Wetworx

    I gather that there isn’t an ad-free (non-HD) version for my SGS3?

    • Ahhk

      Why not just use the HD version on the GS3? It’s the best $3 I’ve spent all month!

      • Wetworx

        Can you do that? I thought HD versions were strictly for tablets?

        • Chris Chavez

          Nope. They work fine on your phone too (which is also HD). :p

          • Wetworx

            Thanks all for the info! I learned something new today! I’ll go buy the HD version then :)

        • Ahhk

          Well, when you consider the GS3’s resolution is technically “HD”, then yes. But, GP will always show device compatibility for an app. Installed and plays fine on my GS3.

    • Steve Green

      Amazon has it.

      • Wetworx

        I don’t buy anything from Amazon. I hate that apps get fragmented with versions from the Google Play store. I only use it for FAOTD stuff and even then, it pisses me off to have some of the Premium apps that I got for free that are several revisions behind the Play Store version. Nonetheless, thanks for the info!

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    downloaded and updated ad-free! Yay

    • Steven Skwarkowski

      Big problem, everytime an ad comes up, it has to reload/reboot the game. Lame…

  • RavenFox

    bought in hd

  • Guest

    yay more angry birds