HTC DROID DNA press render surfaces

Just a short time after Verizon and HTC announce a joint event collaboration in New York City a week from today, it seems we are finally getting a look at what should be the final press render for the device. What you’re looking at is said to be a 5 inch 1080p display, and beneath its shell is a 1.5GHz S4 Pro, a possible 13 megapixel camera (it’s supposed to take after the HTC J Butterfly, but it could have been modified by Verizon) and more.

Verizon is said to be launching this either late November or early December, and with that time frame we’d put a two week stamp from Black Friday on our calendars. Nothing’s certain on the pricing and availability front, though, and we’ll have to wait for the November 13th event for more details from Verizon.

The render itself shows more Verizon red accenting, particularly in the area of the earpiece grill you see at the top. You can also vaguely see red on the power button and volume rocker. Speaking of the power button, it looks to be centered on top of the device. That’s a practice not typically seen by HTC — its power buttons tend to be offset to the right.

We imagine none of that is all too important, though, because if the positioning of the power button deters you from buying a phone then you likely weren’t going to buy it in the first place. But there it is in all its glory, and we’ll have an even closer look once we trek out to New York City the morning of November 13th (which also happens to be the same day that the smorgasbord of new Nexus devices will arrive).

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  • Jinwon Sung

    Big enough battery please. This needs 2500mAh at least.

    • Sebastian Pasion

      Yes exactly

    • uscgamecock

      Yes. And removable so we can carry a spare.

  • scoter man1

    Dang, that phone is fixing to be as big as the G Note 2

    • Andrew torres

      Actually this puppy is not even as big as the Gnote…slender and long. I think they have stretched it Diagonally. but not to the size of the Gnote. I saw this thing in the Hands of HTC rep a month ago and he showed me the screen…that thing was beauty.

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        It looks unnaturally long and slender… based on the renders, I’m starting to think Note 2 is the way to go. Looking forward to the release of both phones so I can see which will be my next phone.

        • asianrage

          You want to be able to grip it and potentially use it with one hand. It’s the iPhone5 approach (the only time I’ll ever compare this Apple product).

          • Lactose_the_Intolerant

            For me, it’s not the “one-handedness”… it’s the form factor.
            16″ x 1″ = 16 square inches
            4″ x 4″ = 16 square inches.
            I’m not so keen on something slender — at least, it looks like it in the renders…

            Guess we’ll see once it is released into the wild.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Sorry to say that it looks very boring…come on HTC

  • guitarist5122

    Why do HTC phones pretty much all look the same :/


      I agree, yet we will get down voted for having an opinion.

      • Rich Chinito

        it is how the world works unfortunately

      • toomuchgame441

        I down voted u… At least I had the balls enough behind my tablet screen to type to u out in the open

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          Balls yes. But back to the topic, regarding how all HTC phones look the same, you don’t see that? You can lay 50 HTC phones face-down, and ask people to figure out which is which, and no one will be able to guess, cause they all look the same from the back.

          • toomuchgame441

            I actually agree with u, I will up vote u in a moment. But I agree as far as Android devices go. I think they did a better job with the Windows Phone 8X, those look gorgeous

          • asianrage

            I’m sure I’d know which one is a Rezound/Droid Incredible/4G TLE

            Complaining about the back looking the same is kinda stupid. Since it’s really not the first thing people look at.

          • Cipher Zero

            It’s very easy to tell a number of them apart. I could tell you the difference between a Thunderbolt, Rezound, DInc, DInc2, OneX, Evo, Evo3D, and Evo LTE at a glance.

            Companies (not just handset OEMs), often use the same form-factors across the board as their “signatures.” Look at Motorola and their Droid line – Kevlar, beveled corners, etc. If you look at an Acura, be it a car or SUV you can tell right away that it’s an Acura just by looking at the front of the vehicle, they all have the same chevron-type grille. BMWs follow the same form factors, the 1 and 3 series follows the same form factors/styling as the 5,6 and 7 series. Before Pontiac went out of business, all of their vehicles looked the same.

            I do understand the what you’re saying, and I agree that it would be nice to have more variegated designs, but it’s what companies do.
            I’m not defending them, I’m just saying this certainly isn’t anything new or unique to the smartphone, or other industries.

          • ClayRogers

            they all look the same from the front, the back they look very different. I bet I could name at least half of the 50 without cheating.

          • NightAngel79

            Completely disagree with that. I guarantee I could win that bet myself :)

    • malcmilli

      while i agree somewhat, that can pretty much be said about many manufacturers.

    • asianrage

      So you’re telling me that this phone, Droid DNA, looks the same as the One X and One S?

  • Travis Slate

    you lost me at Sense UI & Verizon. Hoping for a vanilla version on Sprint. (LOL)

    • Chris Chavez

      Like…. stock Jelly Bean? You’re gonna be waiting awhile :p

  • Jonathan DeJesus


    • Chris Chavez

      Ummmm… wut?

      • Jonathan DeJesus

        If they would have put that device on all 4 major carriers then they would have more success in terms of sales. 1080p is great too but the battery life is going to suck. I’m a fan of HTC but this exclusivity stuff with Verizon NEEDS to stop, for their companies(HTC) sake. It’s a beautiful device don’t get me wrong. I’m on T-Mobile so if a version of that device reaches them I will definitely check it out.


    • cyanogenuser84

      Dude, how is 1080p on a phone fail? Even if you hate everything else, that alone is worth taking note of.

  • PhineasJW

    Hardware buttons? Still???

    • xmichaelx

      Nothing I miss more about my Droid than the hardware camera button.

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      I like them. I mean, the flexibility and customization of the on-screen buttons are great, but so is getting that screen real estate back.

      • New_Guy777

        Agreed, and custom ROM’s really make good use of them. I’ve got an OG SGS, and all of the buttons double for something else. So, just four buttons at the bottom let me see menu options, take screenshots, go home, launch recent apps, go back, search, and launch Google Now, and launch Voice Search (or about 10 others I might choose).

    • Rich Chinito

      it is all a matter of opinion…some like hardware buttons and some dont…The beauty of choice.

      • DPhill

        The beauty of android, really.

    • ClayRogers

      Thank the lord

  • jay flores

    Thats why HTC is having trouble with sales…design is getting boring, and they need to improve in their marketing department.

    • Chris Chavez

      The reason all HTC devices “look alike” is because that’s their style. Sexy and minimal. I love it. Nexus One, HTC One X, One S — all some of the sexiest phones on the market and something lacking from my GS3 :(

      • oneloveonehate

        Then why not get a one x they’re like $40 Because no body seems to want an HTC phone as much anymore

        • BigCiX

          It’s not that nobody seems to want one…… It’s because the Galaxy S3 is on all 4 major carriers with Samsung advertising the hell out of it which causes other phone makers to drop the price or release with a $99 price. I’d stick with my one X over the S3 any day.

          • OMFCody

            The only problem htc is facing is their stubborn decision to not release their phones on all carriers in a single variant.

          • malcmilli

            not to mention bad reputation from certain devices from last year

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      I would posit that HTC’s problem lies in their being tied to one carrier. To date, all my phones have been HTC (DInc, TBolt, Rezound) — I like the form factor and wish to see them succeed as a manufacturer. They really need to take a page out of Samsung’s playbook and service other carriers while they have the resources to do so — which, based on their last earning report, will not be long.

  • jack kramer


  • Spritemast

    I would pick an HTC over a Samsung …a lot of people on these posts are bashing HTC because they are S3 brainwashed…personally I would never let a commercial influence my thoughts of a product …commercials are meant to push product not to state reality….but I digress …HTC makes good phones and have screens that at least match and are better than Samsung …they do need to spread the love with other carriers though….

    • fredacampos

      Just like you’re brainwashed with HTC junk? The S3 is pretty much better than HTC products, except maybe for display. No removable battery or microSD card…um no thanks, that’s why I didn’t buy the Apple products. HTC trying to woo the Apple crowd? Their designs all look alike. I’ve owned every Android phone up to the Evo 3D, Samsung, LG, HTC. The Evo 3D proved how crappy Sense really was. Several black screens of death on a brand new HTC phone, unacceptable. Screw HTC. They need to raise their game to compete or just die off if they don’t want to try.

    • ClayRogers

      What do commercials have to do with it? I buy just about every phone released these days as I own a case manufacturing business. The GS3 is still the top dog on the market, remains to be seen if the Optimus G can beat it.

  • jfelts

    Not a fan of the physical keys on the bottom but at least it probably has LTE, removable battery and a SD Card.

  • Patrick

    This phone, will be in my pocket, on December 29th

    • Rich Chinito

      why? just curious

  • toomuchgame441

    This has nothing to do with the election…

  • Jason Farrell

    I don’t mind the hardware buttons, but, I’ve never had a phone like this one where the menu button was gone in place of the task switcher button. I understand that Google wants to kill off the menu button, but I still love it on my SGS3, and mildly annoyed by absence on my nexus 7. Having to search out the MOVING on-screen triple-dot button gets tiring vs menu button muscle memory

  • a)

    The Droid DNA needs some gene therapy… IT’S LOOKING LIKE IT’S RETA┬«ED!

  • Robert Manser

    Why are people slamming this phone?? Oh I know because the screen is great and specs are awesome, so it jealously and nothing else. People who don’t have contracts ending or can’t lose unlimited are usually the one doing the dissing.

    • asianrage

      Big screen and small battery doesn’t bode well. The Thunderbolt had a similar problem where you have 1st Gen LTE radio with an inadequately sized battery.

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    “Dec 7″ on the weather widget… let the speculation begin!

  • Skrappy

    @Rich Chinito you must have really gotten your ass whipped by a guy or girl that was of another ethnic background other than white. You sound like Romney at that dinner party. You probably couldn’t get in billionaires boys club so you took the alternative a racist! The funny thing about it is that you are probably don’t a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of, keep your ignorance to yourself or find a site that accepts you. There are kids that read these comments and I wouldn’t want them to be influenced by your ignorance.

  • ColeHarris

    Dat Verizon logo… ewww…. Whats with that? Does Verizon seriously think you’re going to forget what carrier you’re on?

  • hemipw54

    It has rounded corners, is Apple going to go after it for patent infringement?