MegaRamp skateboarding and BMX game sneaks into Play Store for Xperia devices

Sony Mobile hasn’t made a ton of noise regarding its arrival, but the company — in conjunction with developer has released MegaRamp for Android. The game leverages the MegaRamp license for the use of real ramps, locations, and pros to bring you an authentic boarding and BNX experience. Those who enjoy this sort of stuff might be interested, especially for just $2.89.

The problem is that the game is exclusive to Sony Xperia owners. It’s a shame considering it looks pretty decent, but many of you will have to hope that this period of exclusivity is only temporary.

That might not be a dream I’d hold on to, though, as the official trailer shows Sony’s influence throughout various areas of the game. Perhaps it can be reskinned later on, but for now there’s no sign that those of us without Xperia devices will have the chance to enjoy it.

But if you’ve got an Xperia device and you want to get in on some MegaRamp fun then there’s nothing stopping you. The game includes achievements and trophies, nearly 100 tricks between BMX and skateboarding, locations like Zurich, the USA, Mexico City, and tricksters like Danny Way, Kevin Robinson and Adam Taylor.

This likely won’t hold a candle to EA’s Skate or even older versions of Activision’s Tony Hawk Pro Skater, but for $3 we’re sure some of you will find something to like in this mobile package. If you have the hardware to match be sure to find it available for download in the Google Play Store. Oh, and be sure to watch the trailer above, horrible dubstep music and all.

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  • Mw

    Ya cause so many ppl have xperia

  • Shawn_Locke

    Grrr, stop with the exclusives already!

  • Go Hawkeyes

    No game, no matter how good, is going to influence what device I purchase. Making games exclusive to certain devices only causes them a lost game sale.

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      Sadly, you’re right.

    • Ahhk

      Actually, I don’t think it’s as much about selling new devices to non-Sony customers as it is about sustaining loyalty. I could be wrong, though.

  • Ahhk

    First paragraph. BNX should be BMX.