Google Magazines on the Nexus 10 side-by-side with the real life counterparts [Images]

Like a proud dad showing off his baby pics, Googler took to his Google+ page today to show the world a few self-shot portraits of the Nexus 10 and its beautiful 2560×1600 display. It’s being said the higher-than-Retina display is comparable to real life print, and to better demonstrate this, Romain Guy snapped a few pics of a few print magazines side-by-side with their virtual counterparts running on the upcoming Nexus 10. I guess the only question remaining is can you tell the difference?


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  • leenephi

    ‘Tis beautiful.

  • supremekizzle

    If it had a Wacom digitizer I would have came…

    • JJ VanKomen


    • Quentyn Kennemer

      TMI, man…

  • Kam Siu

    great job google/samsumg. cant wait to own you :)

    • Covert_Death

      see i just see the Microsoft tablet being much more successful. i LOVE android don’t get me wrong but i think microsoft is actually making a tablet what they should be. the magnet keyboard and kickstand would just be perfect for a tablet, and being able to have the full office sweet is just even better. i think as far as tablets go im going to switch to M$ for my next one ( i have a 10.1 right now). but for phones, ANDROID ANDROID ANDROID

      • Chris Brown-Demoreno

        Being an avid Android fan myself I cant help but agree. Windows 8 tablets (not necessarily RT) are what laptop replacements, what people keep referring to tablets as, should be. I can only hope Google makes some of its most popular services available on Windows 8.

        • Covert_Death

          I love all the flack we are getting with negative votes because we are open minded lmao

          here i am a hardcore phandroid member with thousands of posts and getting flagged down because i’m admitting M$ is winning in the tablet design and use right now hahahaahahaha

          oh well. i couldn’t agree more with what you said though

      • Unorthodox

        I saw an ASUS’ RT tablet yesterday, and it’s awesome! If you trace my Disqus, you’ll see I’m a hardcore Android fan, but now I’m at the ultimate decision point.

        For Christmas, either get a N10 and eventually trade it with my wife’s N7 (I personally don’t give a R.A. about super-HD as I have vision problems that prevent me from enjoying this kind of stuff), or buy a Windows RT tablet and do the trade right away. Because Win8 tablets are what the tablets should have been from the get-go – not super-sized phones, not enlarged media players, but the ultimate replacement of laptops.

      • didibus

        Well, I admit the magnetic cover is cool, but that was not a Surface innovation. Surface’s only innovation is to put a keyboard inside of it, which I admit, is an absolutely smart idea. On the other hand, I don’t know if it’s really what people have been wanted. People like tablets because of their ability to be used while held in your hands. If you are going to have to lay it down on a flat surface anyway, I’d say an ultra book, a hybrid, or a convertible is way better. What’s cool about the surface, is that in a way, it’s managed to fit a keyboard in as little space as possible, keeping the tablet as close to all what’s good about a tablet, and allowing you to use it more like a laptop on the rare occasions. My question is more… How soon till covers with keyboards inside come out for ipads and android tablets?

      • kevin

        Android fan myself, and I have to agree. Android phones are unbeatable, tablets are emerging now too but I think office suit is crucial to the whole concept of a tablet!
        However, I feel that windows 8 RT tablets wont succeed as much as windows 8 Pro tablets

      • Travis D Jackson

        microsoft office coming to android and IOS….i do like the idea of the touch cover and the built in kick stand is cool. its one of the features i loved about my original Evo 4G

  • guitarist5122

    i think we were all hoping for it to have a lower price tag being a nexus and all.

    • Chris Chavez

      Was really hoping for $300 16GB and $400 32GB pricing to kill the iPad in sales.

      Still, $400/$500 isn’t bad.

      • guitarist5122

        ditto. I feel like it’s price tag is too close to the ipad’s. I don’t see it selling nearly as well as the Nexus 7 :-

        • Kevin Krause

          I agree it won’t be as successful as the Nexus 7 in terms of units sold, but I think the $399 price tag will win some over. The real question is whether the Nexus brand gained enough ground on the iPad with the release of the N7, the popularity of that device could at least get a few more people thinking about picking up a Nexus 10.

      • tsunami1609

        Double the price for double the screen real estate and double the resolution (although I guess that’s really quadruple the pixels).

      • simpleas

        300 dollars for a tablet with that caliber of a screen? either way, im selling my ipad 3 asap for this baby.

        • Chris Chavez

          We’ve seen plenty of well-spec’d Android tablets fail in the past (or at least not make much of a dent in iPad’s marketshare).

          • meliorist

            Our best guide is the Nexus 7. It’s sold and promoted through the same channels, and enjoys the same brand name. It’s quite successful – nearly a million sold last month, apparently. If the Nexus 7 can do it, then I expect there’s a good chance the Nexus 10 can do it, too.

          • Thomas Edwards

            Doubtful, what makes the Nexus 7 a successful device from a sales perspective is that it’s in a form factor that differentiates itself from the iPad and at a price point where you wont just find your self asking, “why shouldn’t I just buy X Phone or Y Computer for 400$ instead.” Until Android merges with Chrome OS and/or a touch enabled Linux OS, it has to forget about making profit on hardware sales, undercut the competition on hardware prices and flood the market with “Android powered Ereaders” in order to make its money from add revenue and Android Market sales. My Nexus 7 is fine for media consumption, because it’s really an Ereader I can pocket and not a tablet I have to carry, but my next tablet/computer is going to be a Windows 8 device unless Google pulls out all of the stops next year to give me a productivity alternative. Anything 7 inches and below I’ll take Android for, but at 10 inches Android is hard pressed to compete with iOS let alone Windows 8.

      • Scotsman of Loch Ness

        if Google had allowed Samsung’s S-Pen to included with it, I might have opted for it instead of a Note 2.

    • Guest

      You’re crazy.

      • guitarist5122

        We’re all a little crazy ;-)

    • C-Law

      $100 cheaper than a lower spec ipad4 and you’re complaining? You should be rejoicing for a pretty awesome deal

      • guitarist5122

        Pretty much, because a tablet just isn’t worth that much. I’d go with a netbook at that price.

        • Brandon Sutherland

          A netbook has a fraction of the power of this tablet

          • guitarist5122

            in terms of graphic capabilities, i’d agree. however, most netbooks will have same or more RAM, same clock speed, far more storage, and more capabilities as its a desktop operating system. the point is, there is a line people need to draw between what is a toy and what is more practical when spending a lot of money. but hey, if you can drop $500 on a toy and not worry, then good for you ;)

          • Aaron Peromsik

            Agreed. The price is not bad for a tablet, but do I really need a tablet? And it’s way too expensive for a magazine… so that is not going to be what sells me, even if it does look sweet.

  • ant-roid

    I want

  • seth

    Even with the lowet resoloution I still want my wikipad :)

    • Chris Chavez

      Comes out tomorrow :)

  • TechGuy22

    me want me want. black friday for me :D

  • Zenstrive

    Can’t see the pictures, why?

  • Unorthodox

    That rounded bezel reminds me of an ancient tube TV. Meh.

  • Iliyan Georgiev

    Why, why, why this damn widescreen aspect ratio?? It’s ***only*** good for movies! Why isn’t there a single, not one (!?), Android tablet with 4:3 aspect (excluding Lenovo’s attempts)? Widescreen is so awkward for vertical use :( Why only the iPad has to have a good aspect?