Acer Iconia Tab A110 now available online for $230 with Tegra 3 processor, micro SD slot, and HDMI out

Good news for those who were enticed by the rock-bottom price of the Nexus 7 but didn’t want to have to go through life without an expandable memory slot. The Acer Iconia Tab A110 is now officially available online, and it gives you all the specs you crave — including an SD card slot — while keeping a wallet-friendly $229 price tag.

Similar to the Nexus 7, the Iconia A110 features a more than capable Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 7-inch display, 1GB of RAM, and all running on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The real difference comes at a loss in display resolution — of which the A110 features a 1024×600 display vs. the Nexus 7’s 1280×800 — and lack of NFC. The A110 also features micro HDMI out, another feature absent from the Nexus 7. Everything in life is a trade off, I suppose.

Still, with Acer’s solid build quality, just the right specs, and reasonable pricing, there’s no denying the Acer Iconia Tab A110 is a great tablet for just about anyone on a budget. Anyone thinking about picking one up in time for the holidays? Be sure to hop onto our Iconia Tab A110 forums where you can chat with other prospective buyers, ask questions, or simply chat it up with fellow Android enthusiasts.


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  • domatau

    “acer” and “solid build quality” do not belong in the same sentence. they keep claiming that they hate being regarded as the cheap/budgeted minded brand and yet they haven’t done anything about it. every part of their notebook/tablet line-up is below the quality of the competition, including their ultrabooks.

    • John Toxworthy

      I had an ACER WinXP laptop that I was happy with. Maybe I was a lucky one.

      • domatau

        i’m also currently using a acer 11.6″ timeline notebook that’s held up well so far BUT just about everything else they make is a hit/miss. for about the same price for entry level notebook, i’d go with asus/lenovo any day.

    • Chris Brown-Demoreno

      I had an Acer laptop that worked flawlessly for a good two years and then one day it just turned off; fully charged, it wasn’t hot to the touch, and I wasn’t doing anything unusual on it. I could never get it to turn back on. Bought my GF an Acer and the HDD died within the first few weeks. I replaced it myself and no problems since. Acer has given me a bad taste.

      • Robert Causey

        Not sure you can blame a HD failure on Acer… Since they just assemble the computer, not the HD. lol
        The random laptop death though is puzzling…

    • abc

      I think they make excellent products.

      At the end of the day, most of these brands are all the same… probably made in the exact same factory somewhere in Taiwan or China by Pegatron, Foxconn, or a similar factory.

  • TechGuy22

    and their software sucks.
    they dont even support their crap. oh locked bootloader. i had the a100 sold it after 2 days lol

    oh i have a acer laptop aspire 50G which is awesome. though

  • godrilla

    Asus FTW!

  • Larkhillv

    Still rather get the Nexus 7.

  • guitarist5122

    Woot! Christmas gift for myself

  • shonangreg

    Two basic questions:
    1) Can this be charged with the micro-USB connector? Or do you have to carry around acer’s wall wart with acer’s connector? Having a 2 amp charging capability built in to the USB port with the ability to “trickle charge” at regular 500 milliamp is the way to go.
    2) Is the bootloader easily unlockable and the rest of the system open enough for alternate ROMs? If so, I won’t have to worry about acer ceasing support as they have now done with the A100.

    If the answer to both of the above questions is “no”, then I’ll wait for Samsung or ASUS or someone else to make the next “Nexus alternative” 7-inch tablet (one with enough storage to not rely on constant connections to google).

    With WiFi tethering, tablets are free from the control of the cell carriers and we consumers can have the features I listed above — and video out and micro-USB.

    • Michael Thompson

      What? You don’t have the mythical perpetual wifi?
      All the protractors seem to!

  • Michael Thompson

    I’ll trade my nexus 7 for one of these babies. Yeah!
    My A500 was pretty darn good. I passed it on to my bro in law!

  • DavidVarghese

    I would pay $30 extra for a micro-sd card slot… but I am worried about future OS updates since it’s not a Nexus..
    Btw, how much storage does it have?


    Paying attention Duarte? after your comment about SD cards being confusing, you have lost all respect in my book.

    • HalfwayCrook

      lol, what a baby

  • master94

    Big Asus tablet fan, but this is interesting for the price tag.

  • hkklife

    Now, Acer, drop the price of this version down to $199 and release an A120 version for $250 with 1280×800 screen and 16 or 32Gb of internal storage and of course keep the microSD slot and the microHDMI port AND put plain vanilla Jelly Bean on it. I can live without NFC. You just might make Mr. Duarte sweat a bit after his condescening atittude towards “dumb” Android users.

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    Connectivity options make it tempting but I don’t want anything to do with custom UIs after seeing how smooth Jelly Bean can be on the Nexus 7

  • RavenFox

    If that screen had HD this would have been ideal.