iPad Mini vs Nexus 7

Apple has just announced the new iPad Mini, a smaller 7.9-inch iPad priced starting at $329 for the lowest WiFi model. Of course, with a more affordable iPad there is only one question to be answered – will it beat the Android competition?

Like all other Apple products there is no doubt this little guy will sell, and probably sell unlike any other iPad to date. It is Apple, after all, and people will go for the brand, but is it really a better deal? Apple is getting very competitive and has decided to compare the iPad Mini to the Nexus 7 in its own keynote announcement, but let’s jump in and see it from an objective point of view.

After selling 100 million iPads since the line’s debut in 2010, the iPad mini walks in sporting a 7.9 inch IPS display with 1024×768 resolution, Apple’s A5 processor, 16-64GB of internal storage, and more. It may not be as affordable as the almighty Nexus 7, but it has its lures. It is very thin and portable at 7.2 mm thick and 308 grams light, and will offer the speed and smoothness from iOS 6. But let’s take a look at more of the main key differences:

As you can see from the chart above, the iPad Mini is no bad contender, but it is lacking a few things. An obvious one is NFC. Apple’s known to take the wait and see approach so we weren’t necessarily surprised to see it absent as it was in the iPhone 5. It has the same resolution as the iPad 2 (1024×768), but that is not quite Retina Display. Heck, it’s not even quite HD ala the Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7. You’re getting higher pixel density over the iPad 2, of course, but it won’t best the Nexus 7.

It also boasts 10 hours of battery life (the Nexus 7 doesn’t do bad at all in this category) and a 5 megapixel iSight HD camera with a front-facing FaceTime camera opposed to the Nexus 7’s 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera.

Compared to its big brother iPad, which is now in its 4th generation with an HD FaceTime camera and an A6X processor, it doesn’t seem to be much more than a smaller version without as fast of a processor. But Apple’s looking to attack a sector of the market that they feel the Nexus 7 and even Amazon’s Kindle Fire simply won’t be able to match them in.

You see, the Apple brand will always be the Apple brand. People will forever be enthralled by its products no matter what you say, and even at a starting price of $500 the iPad has dominated the market. Imagine those folks who’ve always wanted an iPad but the tablet was just too rich for their blood — suddenly things get a little worrisome for Google and Amazon, don’t they?

Paying $329 instead of $500 to be able to say you have an iPad will be huge for many people, and the can of worms Apple’s opened up might just be the hardest outbreak to contain in the tablet space yet.

We’re not saying the sky is falling below the point of no return, but Apple will no doubt be able to secure a huge chunk of market share with this device, and it’s going to be much harder for the competition to win it back than it was for smartphones.

Did Apple ruin the chances of any OEMs reaching mainstream success in the tablet market or do you think there’s still a chance for the likes of Samsung, Amazon, and Google’s Nexus line to band together and take down the army that has become this coalition of iPads? Be sure to leave a vote in the poll and make your way to the comments section for further healthy discussion!

Edgar Cervantes and Christopher Chavez contributed to this article.

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  • CWeb

    Why don’t you add the Kindle Fire HD to the voting, because that’s what I would pick

    • http://twitter.com/ButcherChop ButcherChop

      Kindle Fire with that abortion of skinned Android is nasty.

      • Joe Frederick

        I would take the Kindle Fire HD over the ipad mini any day! Actually we do have a Kindle fire (Got it free when we purchased some furniture) and to be honest I don’t really mind the interface since it’s primarily used as an ereader. My Nexus 7 however gets more use than any other piece of tech I have. When the ten inch Google tablet comes out it will be in my hands within days!

  • Aztec713

    Nexus 7 for sure. It’s cheaper first of all, and a big fan of 7″ tablets. Even though I don’t need a tablet at all. Just if i had to chose it would be a 7″ form factor. Plus price is the biggest thing for me.

  • Azmon Rougier

    When it comes down to it, it’s a simple question when asking Nexus vs. Mini: Do you want to pay more-for-less, or less-for-more?

    • DroidDoesnt_2

      By less do you mean a lesser build quality, less cameras (no rear camera), less megapixels (5 vs 1.2), less connectivity options (no LTE OR 3G capability) and hundreds of thousands less tablet-specific apps???

      • Dan Doughty

        Oh here is this idiot again. Dude go away… seriously. My ~5″ Android phone has all the features you just listed. The tablet is a companion device that goes with a phone or a laptop. You use it to consume information on a larger screen. Apple had no business entering the smaller tablet market. I guess ill let you spend 500 on an LTE iPad mini to go along with your iPad 4 you are going to buy as well as the iPad 3 you just picked up a couple months ago. Whats that? Oh you say you have an iPhone 5 as well but just cant wait until the iPhone 5s with nfc and .1″ bigger screen. Thats cool

        • DroidDoesnt_2

          We’re not talking about your 5 inch phone…move the goal posts back over. Your fellow fandroid talked about paying more for less; an idiotic comment that was easily refuted. If you fandroids are gonna use the same brain, try and find one that works ;-)

          P.S. No one but you fandroid geektards give a damn about NFC

          • Dan Doughty

            Oh and all of China as they have been using NFC for years. We are talking about 5″ dumbass. We are talking about big screen. You dont understand this because you have 3.5″ in your pocket, oh and your cell phone too. We have larger phones that fill in the area between a phone and a full screen tablet. Trust me, nothing you have said yet has refuted any statement made toward you

          • DroidDoesnt_2


            Like I said, nobody gives a damn about NFC but you geektards

          • Mike

            See dd2 here had nothing to back himself up so he talks shit…..reminds me of many ihate losers, they have no ground to stand on and they know it……shit talker case in point lol

          • Dan Doughty

            Oh noes you google “shitty nfc” and found some links. Here let me google benefits of nfc and post a bunch.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            You miss the point (what else is new?)…list all of the perceived benefits of NFC all you want to; the point is NO ONE CARES. That is why you fandroids were begging Apple to adopt NFC….because it won’t be legitimate until Apple gets on board :-)

          • Dan Doughty

            Nope, no one begged – we laughed. Its hilarious that Apple adopted Thunderbolt which has had no adoption yet NFC is available at millions of locations. Almost any chain gas station or convenience store – you know the places that you are moving quickly and dont want to have to pull their wallet out, pull their card out, swipe, enter pin, accept, ok, accept, ok ok ok, yes, no cashback, ok. So adoption seems just fine there. Its just like LTE right – but I guess just us geektards have been enjoying that for the last 2 years huh.

          • onpoint G

            Question for you….why are you on this site again?

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Answer for you…..First Amendment

          • Edwin M

            Then according to you, no one cares about a faster Quad core processor, no one cares about having more RAM to run programs, no one cares about higher pixel density and a true HD screen. Add the NFC chip and there are your pluses over your mini.

          • IronHorse01

            Hey brah don’t worry in 2 years from now when apple decides to include nfc on the iphone it’ll be revolutionary and the best thing to happen to the iphone since the iphone lmaoo

          • AngelArs

            Apple doesn’t need to use NFC. AirDrop already works better.

          • IronHorse01

            Lmao yeah ok

          • onpoint G

            Did you forget how many Apple heads wanted to have NFC on their new Iphone

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            “iPhone 5’s lack of NFC doesn’t matter, survey shows”

            Like I said, no one but you geektards care about NFC….

          • camelsnot

            what’s a geektard?

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            geek + retard = geektard

          • phinn

            It’s true, I have Android and don’t care about NFC. Why would i touch a phone to share something when I can just click share on the share menu.

          • Dan Doughty

            Unfortunately you are uninformed. You have literally just stated 1% of what NFC can be used for. Have a look at Samsungs TechTiles. ISIS payment, Google wallet. Wireless security systems. The combinations of NFC are endless. What you just did is like saying why do i care about wifi when I can just put my music on my sd card.

          • AngelArs

            Actually I would rather use a SD card because it offers far better security. Convenience features are nice BUT not more important than security.

          • AngelArs

            Good point! NFC is too little too late. People who rave about NFC also rave about adobe Flash. LOL

          • camelsnot

            trolling and name calling doesn’t prove your point. It just gets you banned. Continue.

        • http://profiles.google.com/ski309 Michael Sokalski

          Don’t feed the troll!

          • Dan Doughty

            I cant stop, his stupidity is pulling me in further and further. Help…

      • ProudNexus7Owner

        Hardware wise the nexus 7 is far, far superior to the ipad mini. A front-facing camera does not need to be high-res, and a 3G nexus is probably incoming soon. Tablet apps are certainly better on iOS, but I can sacrifice a better camera, 3G and some apps for android and a device that won’t get out-dated any time soon. This is just like Samsung’s “Galaxy S III Mini”. It’s not just a smaller version, it’s a watered version too.

        • DroidDoesnt_2

          Still waiting for you to demonstrate how the hardware is “far superior”…

          • Dan Doughty

            Still waiting for you to demonstrate how your opinion is fact…

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Superior cameras, build quality, connectivity options and tablet optimized apps are not opinions bro…they’re facts

          • AngelArs

            Actually to be fair the iPad has superior hardware AND software. Bottom line the iPad gives a much better user experience which is why 91% of all tablets used on the net are iPads. The next version of the iPad mini will no doubt have the Retina screen and then it will be game over for andriod tablets. They couldn’t even catch up with the iPad 3, and now already Apple is upgrading to the iPad 4. Android tablets aren’t even in the rear view at this point. I have a android phone, but when it comes to tablets Apple is hands down the clear winner to anyone who has tried both.

          • hohopig

            mmm not true. Have you even looked at the latest tablet … such as asus transformer infinity?

          • AngelArs

            Yes I have. The asus transformer has had its share of problems. It’s not even in the same league as the iPad. It’s just a tablet wannabe.

          • storm14k

            Really? Is that how Apple went from 90% of the tablet sales to 50? And there was one study out showing that they’ve lost almost as much of the actual install base. LMAO at game over.

          • AngelArs

            The study you’re referring to was paid by android manufactures. You can’t change the truth, even with paid studies. Try again.

          • storm14k

            You mean the one Tim Cook quoted from at the iPhone 5 event? Even if it wasn’t the same one it matched the same stats. So he was lying too?

            Claiming a study is paid for a fixed every time its not what you want to hear doesn’t make it the truth. Try again.

          • Mike

            Wtf are you taking about for display and versatility it’s the Asus infinity taking a huge dump on the iPad, and the note 10 shits on the iPad as well do you have split screen, video overlay, quad core, s-pen…..no ok goodbye then loser

          • AngelArs

            Wow, what are you like 10 years old?

            NONE of the features you mentioned are used in everyday life. The new iPad DOES have quad core, plus Siri. S-voice is a joke but then that’s the difference between Apple and android. Apple innovates. Android copies. Weird haow that undercuts your whole argument huh? I could do more with a regular tablet stylus and iPhoto than you will ever do with the s pen and any currently available android app. Deal with it.

          • Mike

            Yes they are…..maybe not yours seeing as how you don’t have them dumbass, and the iPad ISN’T quad core processor it only had a quad gpu idiot go home before you get hurt with some actual facts

          • AngelArs

            You just keep digging your hole deeper and deeper. Since you don’t know it’s called a SoC (System-on-a-Chip) design, incorporating a CPU and a GPU on the SAME die, which means that BOTH personas have received an upgrade. Historically Apple’s products have always lined up well with Android counterparts, despite having fewer cores. I had the A5X in my full sized iPad and it worked flawlessly, so I’m sure it will be fine in the mini.

            I agree that the processor in the nexus 7 may have a slight edge over the A5X, but unfortunately for you everything else about the nexus 7 is crap, including 99% of all apps available for the tablet. Most android apps are written for smartphones, and they are clumsy at best on a tablet. The nexus 7 is like having a drag racer engine in a car with no tires – which equals to a BAD user experience.

            Apple has also improved the image signal processing capabilities of the A6X chip, which means that both photos and videos taken using the 5-megapixel iSight camera are better than ever. Guess things like that don’t matter with the nexus tablet since it only has a ancient 1.2 MP camera. OH, what great “technology” your nexus 7 has. LOL. Guess we won’t even bring up the fact that the nexus 7 doesn’t even have 4G LTE either. LOL.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Thank you….couldn’t have said it better myself

          • Michael Lee

            “Bottom line the iPad gives a much better user experience which is why 91% of all tablets used on the net are iPads.”

            Forgive me if I’m wrong, but is that the “Appeal to the people” fallacy? I may be wrong. I’m not very logical sometimes.

          • AngelArs

            Nope, Anyone who is unbiased and has actually used android and Apple tablets knows That the Apple product gives a MUCH better user experience. The build quality is better. The fit and finish is better. The materials used are better. The software runs smoother, and let us not forget that while google play offers a lot of apps, most of them are not very well written or useful. The opposite is true with iOS apps, some are not well written but most are. Some companies won’t even make a android app version. I have personally owned the iPad 2 and iPad 3. I have ALSO owned a android tablet. There is no comparison and without doubt my next tablet WILL be the iPad mini. Oh and while we’re talking about real world tablet experience let’s not forget about resale value. I had a hard time selling my android tablet and didn’t get very much for it. On the other hand BOTH of my iPads sold within a few weeks, and I got almost FULL retail for them. Think that pretty much sums it up.

          • Dan Doughty

            Nexus has better screen, better graphics cpu and much better connectivity options. Sooo as far as facts go Nexus 7 wins

          • New_Guy777

            I’m rocking the original Transformer Prime. I have over 200 installed, fantastic apps, so app compatibility isn’t even in the picture. I’m running the latest OS, both on my phone and tablet. One data plan for both, as I use my phone as the hotspot, so no loss there. The cams on both my phone and my tab kill all iPads, so again, I win. Throw in the dock for extended battery life, Full USB port that runs thumb drives, mice, keyboards, and external hard drives, HDMI out, Full Keyboard with Touchpad, Flash, FUNCTIONAL MAPS, Video conferencing that is OS agnostic and available even over a mobile network, Quad core processor, better viewing angles, better sound, true multi-tasking (read-ability to watch videos or run calculators etc. on top of ANY open app), multiple SD card slots…I just can’t see owning an iPad. It tries to do more than a phone, but is a ghost compared to a freaking netbook! I’d say I’m at 90% of what a laptop is capable of (just can’t do DVD’s or physically connect to printers), but I can do everything else. Full Office, cloud printing, stellar gaming, 32 onboard+32 MicroSD+64 Full SD storage, Video conversion and Editing, Full unfiltered web browsing…this is what separates the men from the boys. And the iOS is pretty much only good for playing Angry Birds and listening to iTunes.

          • AngelArs

            That won’t last long. You just know that the next iPad mini months down the road will contain the Retina screen.

          • Dan Doughty

            Hence why Samsungs bust on Apple was oh so sweet in their commercials for the S3 – “When are we gonna get that” “We’ll get that in the next one right”

          • AngelArs

            That seems to happen MORE with android features than with iOS features. NFC is a joke. Even if the iPad had it I wouldn’t use it because there are better ways to share these days.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victois-Segunchoux/1799125824 Victois Segunchoux

            I’m probably gonna buy the ipad mini but I don’t plan on taking pictures with it lol. that would be just silly

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            No sillier than people holding a 5.5 in phone to their ear and talking on it…

          • ahomad hosin

            I will tell you how. the feature you mentioned where the ipad mini is better than the nexus is probably right. but keep in mind that the feature depends on what are you using the tab for.

            to clarify, the feature you mentioned are useless for me, I have xperia s which is excellent camera phone so I won’t be holding my tab to take picture with. the 3g or 4g, again I won’t need them as I use my xperia s as hotspot for my nexus 7. and believe me, nexus7 build quality is as or even better than the ipad (look for comparision between the two in youtube and you will see the nexus7 survived dropping and sinking in water while the ipad just died). last but not least the apps, you probably right with this, but I haven’t had major issue with this while using nexus7 (I found all the apps I want and they worked without issues) because the nexus7 sells well, most developers made their apps compatible with it.
            now where is the nexus 7 better than the ipad. dual-core vs quad-core in the nexus, HD screen, NFC, open OS, real GPS, has proximity sensor and cheaper. for me the nexus is far better, these feature are more important than the ones you mentioned. (this could be my personal opinion, but apart from the brand, I think most people if not all agree with me)

          • camelsnot

            derps can even read specs.

          • phinn

            “derps” don’t care about specs, they just want something that works.

          • Dan Doughty

            Haha oh man – what else has Apple told you not to care about? Those maps, how about those phone calls. Seriously get an opinion of your own.

      • http://www.facebook.com/archercc Ryan Stewart

        Nodbody uses the rear camera on a tablet, its unweildy and stupid. As for the front its “HD” vs 1.2 megapixel. As for build that is probably a preference because the things that can impact both do, like light leaking. As for mobile connectivity the VAST majority will not sell with mobile, just like the bigger brother.

        • Carl Rood

          Clearly you’ve never been to a children’s dance recital or school function. People all over are using the rear camera on their tablets, both iPad and Android.

          • http://www.facebook.com/archercc Ryan Stewart

            Guess not. I dont really see the point when there are cameras in your phone if you want a crappy, dark photo. Ive been to non-school events and I have my D300s for that, it does a little better job.

      • Scott Schopman

        the LTE ipad mini is a more expensive variant than the basic 16gb model which is $329… so have fun paying another 100+ bucks on an already overpriced 7″ tablet so you can say it beats the nexus 7 with lte capability. The ipad mini is a confused little thing…

        • Scott Schopman

          aka my 16gb nexus 7 cost $250 + a $12 smart case while your 16gb ipad mini will you atleast $329, tack on your beloved cellular connectivity and that is an additional $130 and then add your fancy smart case which will be another $30+ and you’re looking at a $489 supposed cheap alternative… have fun with that. Thank you google

      • lawnsprinkler
        • DroidDoesnt_2

          And that oversized 5.5 inch piece of plastic allows idiots to look like this:

          • http://www.facebook.com/whartleyjackson William Hartley

            looks normal to me o.O

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            I rest my case…

          • Crapple

            Not nearly as bad as this.

      • ari_free

        By less we mean vastly lower screen resolution than a cheaper tablet. And it’s all because ios wasn’t designed properly.

      • droid_doesnt_4_u

        keep your consistency you idiot.. if you’re going to make a point to show the nexus7 has no rear camera, then dont compare the rear megapixels of one with the front of another… you dumba$$

        • camelsnot

          trolling and name calling gets you banned… continue.

      • Siddharth Motwani

        Don’t mean to sound rude. But only dicks take use their tablet as a camera. If you can purchase a $500+ iPad, I’m sure you have a camera lying around somewhere. Don’t be that person who brings it to a sporting event like the US Open and blocks some one else’s view. If I sound like I’m talking from personal experience, I am.

        Tablet Cameras should be used for video chatting.

        I can also guarantee that your iPad mini will break before my Nexus 7 does, it’s a much sturdier device.

        • AngelArs

          Spoken like a true fanboy. The iPad mini is not even in stores yet and somehow you magically know that your android tablet just “has to” be built better. LOL

          • Siddharth Motwani

            Spoke like a true iHole.

            DroidDoesnt_2 said that the iPad mini has superior build quality. How the hell does he know that. It’s probably built the same way the iPad is built. If that’s true, it’s fragile.

          • AngelArs

            When you’re able to take you rose colored android glasses off read it again. He said, and I quote “I can also guarantee that your iPad mini will break before my Nexus 7 does”. Not sure what world you live in but plastic android toys are always MORE fragile than metal unibody iPads. Not only is the nexus 7 outside made from dimpled plastic, but the CHASSIS is made out of flimsy cheap plastic also. Deal with the facts fanboy.

          • Siddharth Motwani

            On paper, you are correct. However, my Nexus 7 doesn’t have a scratch on it. My friend just purchased an iPad three weeks ago, there are scratches all over the screen and the back, and he’s one of those people that is very delicate when handling their device.

            Also, why are you here? You clearly hate Android, is your existence so petty that you need to constantly troll android fan/news sites?

          • AngelArs

            I know people that are handicapped who have used their iPad for years, and they don’t have one scratch on their iPad, so what does that say about how your friend uses theirs? It’s a metal back and if your friend found a way to put scratches on it then I’d hate to see how bad a plastic nexus 7 would look under the same conditions. As for why I’m here, it’s because I like both android and iPad. I am unbiased and not afraid of the truth about either product, but if you fanboys aren’t able to acknowledge androids weaknesses, then you will never be able to improve android. Being an ostrich, sticking your head in the sand and not admitting to the facts about androids weaknesses only makes android weaker. I say address androids weaknesses because only then will it improve and be able to compete head on with the iPad.

          • Siddharth Motwani


            I’m done with this. I have more important things to do than argue with some small person behind a computer.

          • AngelArs

            Really? Is that the best you can do is to post some staged internet video sponsored by nexus 7 and square trade? Gee, you don’t think square trade posted this video to trump up sales of their warranties do you? I mean, they know there is a LOT more iPads out there than nexus 7’s, and if they could scare people into buying an extended warranty from them – well gee wiz – that would be great for them right? Too bad for both of you that most intelligent people don’t abuse their tablets like that huh? Most real people just go out and buy a good screen protector like a Zagg and then they don’t have to worry about such staged attempts as your posted video.

            FACT – plastic scratches much easier than metal.
            FACT – the nexus 7 is made INSIDE AND OUT from PLASTIC.
            The iPad however is made out of one SOLID piece of METAL. You can buy your plastic device and try to justify in your own mind that it’s better than real metal, but everyone who graduated from high school knows it never will be. LOL.

            You did bring up one good point though. The nexus 7 was introduced to the market (and should be compared) to the FULL sized iPad, and NOT the mini. Therefore this entire thread is slanted for the nexus 7, but only because you fanboys know it couldn’t possibly be compared to the full sized iPad 4. Want to see a comparison between those two tablets? Have a nice day. LOL.

          • http://www.facebook.com/whartleyjackson William Hartley

            People like you dont understand “plastic”.. All of you isheep (first time ever using that word) keep saying the metal is much more better for you than the “plastics” that come with android. Seems funny how those same plastics are alot more shock resistant the that metal. Drop an iPhone/ipad and BOOM, glass is most likely shattered.. Drop a plastic android phone, and… well look at that, phone and screen unharmed.. who would have thunk it.

          • AngelArs

            Congratulations on your first time use of the word “isheep”. Now you can be just like all the other android fanboy lemmings by acting just like isheep – only with android products instead of Apple products.

            Thank you for informing the world that only android fanboys have the gift of “understanding” plastic. I’m glad that you are in love with your plastic phone and/or tablet. Please don’t leave it in the sun and keep it away from heat. If you don’t mind I prefer a more environmentally friendly material, and prefer seeing plastic on toys and disposable forks and spoons. Have a nice day.

          • http://www.facebook.com/whartleyjackson William Hartley

            lol you feel like a big boy now don’t ya. You can justify it all you want. Sure the iphone does look like a premium device, but inevitably, it will one day be dropped. And if you don’t have one of those fancy ipod protectors, than you are S.O.L

          • AngelArs

            Maybe you android lemmings suffering from Tourette syndrome constantly drop things, but I have yet to drop ANY cellphone, laptop or tablet. I treat my devices with respect knowing that one day I will have to sell it, and the better condition it’s in the more cash in my wallet. Who knows, maybe when you grow up you’ll develop better motor skills, and won’t have to worry about such things. LOL

          • http://www.facebook.com/whartleyjackson William Hartley

            You’re to smart to drop a cell phone? Lucky you, I concede defeat. I’m going to go enjoy my unscuffed plastic android phone now.

          • Siddharth Motwani

            You win. Can we stop now? I have stuff to do.


          • AngelArs

            How many Android users does it take to change a light bulb?

            One. He sticks the bulb in and then expects the world revolve around him.

            Have a nice day :)

    • Go Hawkeyes

      Actually I think the real deciding question is: What do you want to do more? Show off your tablet. Or actually use your tablet.

      • Dan Doughty

        Well in this day and age I think unfortunately it is the first answer.

      • abc

        You can probably still do more on the iPad Mini than any Android tablet due to the unrivaled APP support for iPADs. Sad but true.

        • DroidDoesnt_2


          • onpoint G

            DroidDoesn’t lol nice name

        • http://twitter.com/ANGREEPANDA Destroyer of Dreams

          yeah fragmentation is what is killing android right now. I mean google is fixing it with ICS and Jellybean but how many phones still have Gingerbread?

          • storm14k

            Phones still having Gingerbread has nothing to do with any sort of difficulty for developers. And I say this as some one who has done the work and may be doing it for a very major app pretty soon.

          • camelsnot

            explain to the class what YOU believe fragmentation really means? NO, really. Tell us how fragmentation works in this case.

          • vx117

            It’s the carriers that is stifling progress. They let Apple does whatever they want, but controls OEMs that use android.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victois-Segunchoux/1799125824 Victois Segunchoux

            that is fully true. but they are guaranteed to make a profit carrying an apple device. so they have to kiss apples ass. but I read just recently that samsung is now the first company apple to do the same themselves. they say galaxy note 2 is identical for every carrier in the us. and is almost the exact same as the one being sold in europe. so I guess it just comes down to how good your device is. if everyone wants it. then get leverage. and if they don’t then you wont, have any leverage I mean

          • Ryan Zentz

            That’s funny because I upgraded my 2nd gen iPod for my son and now apps like Hulu and Netflix don’t work……eff apple!

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victois-Segunchoux/1799125824 Victois Segunchoux

            second gen ipod?! lol really? yeah I believe you that does apps no longer work after updating your os. but geez… that’s a very old device. they already have an ipod touch 5! I don’t really think you can blame that one on fragmentation problems. I don’t think apple intended certain products to be compatible for all eternity lol

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victois-Segunchoux/1799125824 Victois Segunchoux

            it does suck. I recently found out for myself that a few expensive games I purchased before are not even showing up in my playstore because they are not compatible with jellybean! grrr…..

        • hohopig

          Which is utter nonsense :P Have you even tried android apps on an android device before?

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victois-Segunchoux/1799125824 Victois Segunchoux

            abc was right. I’ve used android apps from the very beginning. and only recently switched to ios platform on the iphone 4s I had before trading my phone after a year to someone else for their galaxy nexus. so I’ve used both. and ios apps are better. the guy from the apple announcement was right. most android apps for tablets are stretched out phone apps. software developers for apple run a tight ship. and have more to gain form making their software run smoothly. why would any buy an iphone or an ipad if the software was crap is probably in their mind state. where as google doesn’t profit directly from android operating system. there goal is to have you use their search engine so they can make money on ads. a strong argument could be made that they either don’t care as much as apple developers. or they don’t work as hard to make sure ecosystem on android runs as smoothly. keep in mind I am not a fanboy of either apple or android

        • joefresco

          Actually, the “do more” on an iPad would come from a third party gadget support that blows Android’s away.

        • tBs_Battousai

          Can you name something you can do on an iPad that you can’t do on Android?

          • AngelArs
          • tBs_Battousai

            Forbes reason 2 is number of apps, not something that can be done on iOS that can’t be done on Android…
            I ask again, name something you can DO on iOS that can’t be done on Android…

          • AngelArs

            Your so-called “reasoning” doesn’t make sense as a consumer. It’s about limitations. As I said before, they both use the same resistors and capacitors, BUT if the software doesn’t function as I need it to then it’s a mute point. As a consumer I ONLY care about what I can actually do with my tablet and what I can’t. Android tablet apps are a JOKE. At some point you have to ask yourself why I did I buy this tablet. I sold my android tablet and bought an iPad. I no longer have any limitations (functionality wise) but it was too big for my use so I also sold it. The iPad mini will be perfect! And this is what you android fanboys don’t get. Google isn’t making any money on the nexus 7 just so that they can compete with the full sized iPad, but there are no good tablet apps for it so it’s still useless, Now with the iPad mini it will be game over for android tablets if they don’t focus on finding better android developers within the next year to write better tablet apps. Oh and by the way, the company that didn’t make that last app I pointed you to told me the reason was lack of android OS functionality in design. There are plenty of good android phone apps. There are very few good android tablet apps. When I pick up a tablet and want to actually use it in some function, if it can’t do that function then that tablet is useless. And that’s why buying ANY android tablet is a waste of money for me.

          • tBs_Battousai

            And what can you do on your iPad that you can’t do on an Android device? I’m not talking about quality of the app, just its function, writing an email is something you can do…what can you do on iOS that can’t be done on Android…

          • AngelArs

            Wow, again everything went right over your head. Amazing!

          • tBs_Battousai

            Nothing you’ve said has gone over my head, I’m not saying that iOS apps don’t look better than Android apps, what I’m asking is what can you do on an iPad that cannot be done on an Android based device..

          • AngelArs

            If I can’t actually USE IT as I need to then it is useless. I guess I could just shut you up by saying that the nexus 7 has a crap camera, so I can’t actually take any good pictures with it (and yes, I know several people who use their iPads for picture collecting) but I won’t go there. The type of “functionality” that you’re talking about is up to the courts to decide. The kind of functionality that I’m talking about is going to the store, buying a tablet, and actually using it in a practical way. I can’t use my Innovate Motorsports OT-2 with any android tablet because android limits its functionality. I can go to the Apple App store though and download the full app for it and use ALL of it’s incredible functionality straight from a iPhone, iPod Touch and yes, even a iPad. That’s an example of a real everyday use. DirecTV, Pocket Informant, Skype, Flipboard, Facebook and Zite are other examples of how the iPad experience blows android tablets out of the water. Many people have complained that Pandora music playback stops and stutters horribly on the Nexus 7. Plays flawlessly on the iPad. Same developers, but usability in the iPad is so much better. This is just a few of many examples. It’s not rocket science to figure out why most people prefer iPads to android tablets, nooks or kindles.

            Buying an android tablet limits my options for how I can use it with my Mac too (as I found out the hard way). Lots of features aren’t even available via android (like AirDrop, AirPrint and AirPlay) that ARE available via iOS, but this is to be expected. Still, the iPad gives a better experience. You want to know why I wouldn’t spend my money on a android tablet (or a kindle). I just gave you 3 many real world examples. Bottom line – the iPad gives a better tablet experience! You won’t find a android tablet app that compares with iOS Garageband. You won’t find a android tablet app that compares with iPhoto. Point blank – android tablet apps just aren’t ready for primetime like Apples iOS apps are. Sure, they both have “a screen” – but reading a book with the Retina screen is SOOOOO much better (and we won’t even bring up how the Retina screen gives a much better movie experience too)!

            You should just start praying that microsofts tablet doesn’t do well, or android tablets will go the way of Blackberrys. And both HTC and Nokia are expected to have tablets running Windows 8. iPad is just one tablet against a mountain of other tablets, and yet not only did Apple retain its sizable market lead, it also managed to GROW! Why? Because it gives you the BEST tablet experience, bar none. By the way, most schools agree for all the same reasons as listed above. It’s like comparing a Chevy to a Rolls Royce. Sure they both technically have 4 tires, an engine and a steering wheel, but which one would you actually prefer to own? I’ll take the Rolls Royce thank you very much. And when it comes to tablets I’ll take the iPad.

            You might want to read this article:


            Like the author, I too have owned both iPads and android tablets. The iPad tablet experience is simply the best tablet experience there is, bar none. That’s why like many people, I’ll gladly buy a iPad mini over ANY android tablet.

          • tBs_Battousai

            Thank you for taking the time to reply, now I understand why an Android device is of little use to you, so often people claim that one OS is better than another but can rarely backup their argument.
            I’ve never heard of the OT-2, I’ll have to look it up, as for your comment regarding windows tablets I think they are going to be very successful, it might take a year but once windows 8 is in everyone’s homes they will start looking at the surface as a proper tablet choice, and once that train starts to roll it’s going to be impossible to stop…

          • AngelArs

            You should hope that the windows tablet doesn’t catch on, because it will hurt android, nook and kindle much more than the iPad. MS always tries to out do Apple and never does. Not many people bragging about their zune these days. I don’t think windows 8 will catch on either. OS X 10.8 reached over 3 million downloads in less than one week. Windows 8 will be doing good if they get half that many sales, especially since many reviews say it works cumbersome with a mouse and keyboard, is confusing, and it gets annoying to use after a while. Most people still can’t forget (or forgive) the vista nightmare. Many still can’t forget about the windows ME fiasco.




        • AngelArs
      • Top Gear

        Exactly. I need to use my tablet, which means I need tablet apps. The N7 doesn’t have them. The iPad Mini does. Plus it has much better camera(s) (seriously, no back camera?), is lighter while somehow being made of aluminum and not plastic, is near the N7’s size while having a noticeable bigger screen, works well from a visual perspective in both portrait AND landscape mode (the N7 was recently updated to work in landscape mode, but obviously it was never really meant to because hey, it was just updated to do so!), 10 hour battery life (which will probably be as good or better than the iPad 2, so realistically 11 or 12 hours compared the the N7’s realistic 7 hour or so, lol), a screen that’s better than the iPad 2, which is a better tablet than any non-iPad, accessories everywhere you can buy accessories, Airplay and $100 Apple TV, and all for $329. It’s easily worth the $129 because it is a premium device.

        Oh and 250,000 iPad apps. Which means that if you only need 10 apps, you will find the 10 apps you need, and they will be better than the alternatives on other, lesser platforms.

        Apple doesn’t compete by lowering their standards. :)

        And yes, I know most of you are truly jealous. It’s OK. I’m sure some Android OEM will match it next year when it comes to the cameras at least. So don’t let it eat you up on the inside. :)

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=703661265 Ivano Vingiani

          Once I forgot my N7 for 4 days on in the bag. I was able to use it for two more days before charging the batteries.
          10 hours? hahahahahaah

          And honestly, to see people taking picture with tablets (not only Apple), it’s one of the most funny things of our age.

          There is plenty of apps for Android.

          And finally, the N7 specs are wrong. The 8 GB has been dismissed and there is a new 32GB version with 3G.

    • Darktanone

      275,000 apps means you can actually use the iPad mini and it has the best front-facing camera of the lot. Specs mean little if the device is hampered with too few apps. So in this case, you pay more and get more.

      • Mike

        They scale when it’s a 7 inch screen dumbass

        • Darktanone

          And they fit the screen and look so very beautiful when scaled. Chances are the devs won’t have to change their apps unless they choose to. When I throw the grenade, you go fetch it, okay! DUNCE!

          • Mike

            With ics and jelly bean take care of that, you should really know what you’re taking about before you open your mouth

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            So if ICS and Jelly bean has taken care of that, then explain why Google is pressuring developers to write tablet optimized apps: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2012/10/google-tablet-optimized-android-apps/
            You should really know what you’re talking about before you open your mouth :-)

          • ReverseRoxas

            Alright, enough is enough. Quit trolling on an Android fan site. What are you proving? That you’re bored enough to go rant on and on about a fight that you won’t win? And stir up trouble? If you want to go buy your overpriced, and underpowered tablet, have fun. Go pay for your Apple logo. I don’t care if you waste your cash if you’re going to waste everyone’s time on here with your petty arguments. Face the facts. Google and Amazon got first to the party, and Apple is playing catch up in the 7 inch market. The sales that Google and Amazon have made just show how saturated the market is. Apple gets the scraps and the sales from their loyal fruit lovers. Google is rectifying the tablet app problem, so what’s the problem? Bottom line, shut your mouth and quit commenting. We’re all sick of you.

          • AngelArs

            Wow, you’re really delusional. While it’s true that the mini is new to the small tablet market you seem to forget that Apple came out with the iPad LONG before any android tablet hit the marketplace. And regarding playing catchup, first of all everyone knows that the first gen Apple products are always vanilla. That’s just good business sense on their part. When it comes to tablets, no android tablet could match the full sized iPad 3, and now that there is a iPad 4 – android tablets aren’t even in the rearview. I have owned BOTH android and iPad tablets, and the iPad blows the android out of the water in actual usability. There are some things that there isn’t even a android app for yet, but there is a iOS app.

            So really you’re not fooling anyone who has actually used both devices. We both know that android is the one playing catchup in the tablet world. Yeah the first version of the mini is boring, but we also both know that will change soon enough. Go ahead, try to sell your android tablet and see how few people think about buying it. It took me a LONG time to sell mine, and even then I had to almost give it away. Not so with either of my iPads. They sold within a week or so, and they sold for almost what I originally paid for them. I think that about sums it up.

          • No_Nickname90

            A tablet optimized app is an app that realizes it’s a tablet. For example, look at Gmail. Phones show your inbox, and when you click on an email it opens the email.

            The tablet optimized app would show the inbox, and alongside that it would show all the mail in the inbox. It has side panels. The app knows it’s a tablet so it give it more viewing potential. It has nothing to do with what firmware it’s on.

            ICS and Jellybean fixes the framework. So if you make an app for one ICS phone, you won’t have to do much changing to have it work on another ICS phone. At 1st you had to go and change the display and all that craziness.

            Oh, and Droid Does.

          • Mike

            They help then scale got a10 in device better, but there is obviously, still a difference between a app developed for a phone and a tablet……

          • Andy_in_Indy

            You need to remember that a Tablet optimized app doesn’t usually get a separate listing from the originally app. Tablet Optimization in Android simply means it knows to display things differently on a tablet or PC vs a phone.

          • Darktanone

            Not sure the reason for your comment, but just to be clear, I’m talking about the iPad Mini and iOS of which I know a lot.

      • camelsnot

        275K apps and how many are legitimate? How many do people actually use? How many have favorable reviews? Exactly. Considering anyone and their mother can code an “app” for approval in $app store$ doesn’t mean it’s worth it. Hell, I know people making “movies”. it doesn’t mean anyone wants to see them. Try using a different argument that matters.

        • storm14k

          They are stuck on this app argument. But slowly yet surely we’re starting to see that that the average joe really doesn’t give a crap about “apps”. They want to use tablets to consume media and all those apps are the on just about every platform. Had some Apple users buy Nexus 7’s and say they were impressed at how the Google ecosystem ties their computers, phones and tablets all together way better than what they had with Apple.

        • Top Gear

          How many do people actually use?

          They use the ones they want, whether it’s just 10 or 200. And those apps probably don’t exist as a tablet app for Android.

          • AngelArs

            I had both iPad AND android tablets and there are MANY times where there was NO good android app for something, but there WAS a good iOS app. What android fanboys forget is that the tablet is just the hardware BUT that hardware is worthless without good apps. I finally sold my android tablet. It was a joke in usability compared to my iPad.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victois-Segunchoux/1799125824 Victois Segunchoux

          the same can be said about android. how many do people actually use. but the thing that sucks is. someone makes a great app for android. but it might only work on gingerbread and froyo devices. but wont appear in your app store if your on ice creamsandwich or jellybean. its sucks! I went from playing street fighter x tekken on the iphone 4s. to having no street fighter game at all on my galaxy nexus. what the hell?

  • Montisaquadeis

    I have said for quite a while that they would use the older 1024×768 resolution for the ipad mini since its an already established res for an ipad. So I am not surprised that they are using it for this I am sure the second gen will sport a higher res screen tho.

    • ari_free

      ios limits them. They are certainly capable of the hardware but ios doesn’t handle variable screen sizes at all.

  • moises1204

    should have put windows 8 tablet there, i for once going to get the windows 8 tablet as soon as Friday hits.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/107214144202094295079/posts James

    Here come the downvotes. God forbid I say anything positive about Apple on this site.

    • http://twitter.com/Bear217 Bear

      @AllRadioisDead:disqus You haven’t seen anything yet. Wait till you try to call a carrier on the carpet for something. You get all sorts of lurkers that come out the woodwork and complain how it’s Google that is screwing with phones. You never see that on an apple site!

    • Manbo

      Same diff if you say anything positive about Android on an Apple fan site. What do you expect?
      One thing you don’t really see on the Apple fan sites however are people bashing the products. I find a larger percentage of Android fans at least will voice his/her opinion about the new handsets and question why certain items were included/excluded.

      Either way, if you are looking for Apple praise, you’re in the wrong place, friend.

  • ahomad hosin

    I laughed when I read this from tim cook

    “We told you earlier this year that you would see some incredible innovation across the year, innovation that only Apple can deliver.”
    can anyone tell me where is the innovation in the stolen mini ipad idea???

    • Andy_in_Indy

      “It’s last years ipad, only smaller!” (and it costs about as much as the full size one.)

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victois-Segunchoux/1799125824 Victois Segunchoux

        I’m not trying to talk smack but have you ever actually owned anything from apple in the last 4 years?

        • Andy_in_Indy

          (Obvious troll trolls too obviously, I think)
          Yes, I do. Have you ever actually owned anything from Hasbro in the last 4 years? (The relevance seems equal to me) It is still “last year’s iPad, only smaller” no matter what else I do or do not own.
          (Bad Andy – don’t feed the trolls!)

          • AngelArs

            “last year’s iPad, only smaller” is EXACTLY what I am looking for. As long as I can use my apps in a smaller form factor it is a winner. In 6 months I’ll sell it and get the iPad mini 2 with Retina screen, etc.

      • HotInEER

        And they put the headphone jack on the top. Head explodes.

      • AngelArs

        Actually being smaller is one of its nicest features. I loved my iPad 3 but sold it because it was (for my use) too big. The iPad mini is perfect and I can’t wait to pick one up.

    • Go Hawkeyes

      They innovated the use of the word mini when used in conjunction with outdated technology.

      • Matthew Merrick

        nope, the Gs3 mini beat them to it :P

        • No_Nickname90

          More proof of Samsung having prior art. LoL!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victois-Segunchoux/1799125824 Victois Segunchoux

        the ipad mini could have hardware that is 5 years behind android. and would still probably run smoother then a current android tablet. again I’m talking smack I swear. but ios just works. its because of their closed ecosystem they are able to control many of the variables that cause poor user experience. case in point, my galaxy nexus battery drains 3 percent just looking at the screen for a minute and a half without doing anything. no games no browsing or email. just the screen being on. ok fine it has a powerful processor and all. but then! I connect my phone to charge so that I can browse the web or play games and not waste my battery. and my battery still drains! like its not connected at all. you can read about this on xda developers of which I am a member of. there are just too many damned variables with android. before I traded my 4s for the nexus the battery was bad too. although not as bad. but a few weeks after I bought it they updated the software to 5.1.1 I think it was. and bam! better battery life. you never know what your gonna get with android unless you do lots of research. and even then you might find something out you missed. being an android fanboy is fine and all. but you can’t really say one device is better then another unless you use both for a good while then compare

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=691120977 Bob Cole

          I ‘m with you. I ‘ve never been a fan of linux. freeware. shareware. it’s more like a free for all and a hackers dream. I ‘ll stick with solaris hpux aix osx and iosx. stuff I can trust. call me old.

          • tBs_Battousai

            You sir, are old.. :-)
            To obvious? Sorry couldn’t resist.. ;-)

    • http://www.facebook.com/AGx07 Chris Brown-Demoreno

      By the time Apple is done, Webster’s is going to have to redefine the word “Innovation” so it officially means “bullshit we’re going to force down your throat because if you’re stupid enough to be at an Apple event, you’re stupid enough to buy our crap”.

      • AngelArs

        Really? Last time I looked there weren’t ANY android tablets UNTIL Apple first came out with one. Same with smartphones. In fact I can’t think of ANY android firsts EVER!

        I have android products and I have Apple products. I am not pro or con with any company. When you grow up you’ll learn that only the facts matter. History has recorded that Apple has always been a company of innovation. Not to acknowledge that fact only makes you look foolish. Oh and let’s not forget that iOS came out on March 6, 2008. Google then COPIED the idea and came out with android later on September 23, 2008. And that’s been the whole history between Apple and Android. Apple innovates and comes out with something, and THEN it’s copied by some android company. You can change your opinion but you can’t change the facts. Same thing happens with product features. For example Apple comes out with Siri, and then some Android company COPIES it (S voice). Weird.

        • Diviance

          You don’t even know how wrong you are on almost everything you said here, so you?

          • AngelArs

            “DO” is spelled D O not S O. LOL. You’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. Deal with it.

          • Diviance

            I am well aware of how it is spelt. I saw the error but decided it did not retract from the overall message so I didn’t bother to change it. Regardless, aside from the release dates you posted everything else you said is, in fact, wrong. Not by opinion but by facts.

          • AngelArs

            Too bad for you it is just your opinion and not a real fact.

          • http://www.facebook.com/justin.kennison Justin Kennison

            you are one sad individual..

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victois-Segunchoux/1799125824 Victois Segunchoux

            can you state in a factual way that is wrong. point by point like he did. I’d genuinely like to know what I might have missed that you know. and I don’t ask sarcastically

          • Diviance

            I certainly can and will, though you will have to wait until I’m home and not repairing the camera nvr for unt. Give me a few hours.

          • Andy_in_Indy

            I’ll save you some trouble, Diviance.
            *Smartphones like Palm’s Treo line and Windows Phone (all the way up to Windows Phone 6) existed before the iPhone. The Treo was marketed as a “smartphone”, while phones running Windows were “Pocket PC’s”.*The SmartQ V7 MID (a 7 inch wi-fi tablet) was released in 2009
            http://googlesandroids.com/smartq-v7-review-2/ I bought a used one of these before the original iPad was released in April 2010. Compared to one of these running Android 1.5, the iPad was an improvement, but Android tablets were there before the iPad. And don’t get people started about all those Windows tablets. Or that the iPod Touch is just a small tablet (MID).
            *The first iPhone was release June 29, 2007, although the operating system was renamed later to iOS.
            *Android’s first code release was November 5, 2007 (you asked which facts were in error).
            *Omitted was that iPhone development started in 2004, but Andy Rubin (already a well known phone developer for creating the Sidekick line for Danger, Inc.) founded Android, Inc. in 2003
            *Another factual error is that Vlingo (for iPhone and Android) preceded Siri, and Apple were in talks to purchase them when they got embroiled in a patent fight with Nuance. While they were later cleared of any patent violations, they lost the commitment from Apple and had to sell out to none other than Nuance.

            Some notable facts that differentiated Android from iOS (that means, “This why Android is not a copy of anybody else”):
            *All Apps are created Equal – non-oem apps can replace the one’s installed on the phone, giving the OS flexibility and rapid development that has not yet been matched.
            *Processor agnostic – Since Windows RT is not officially released, this is the first and currently only production OS that has apps able to run on multiple microprocessor architectures. Android can run the same app on x86, ARM v6, ARM v7, and MIPS. Even the “native code” can be packaged in the same app. Apps can be written to work differently on different form factors, so same Netflix app that runs on my phone runs on a tablet, even if they use different interface styles for the tablet and the phone. That is why there are fewer listings for tablet versions of apps on Android – they don’t have to rewrite the whole thing to go from phone to tablet (and they are asked not to do that by Google)

            (More educated opinion than fact follows)
            iOS is at its core a messaging phone system that was opened up to outside developers. It cannot safely run without the “walled garden” because the systems was not originally designed to let “just anyone” develop an app for it. Android was designed from the ground up to provide an internal “sandbox” for each app to let them communicate and work together in any way the developer could imagine while also limiting as much of the malicious acts as could be foreseen In other words, the Android developers had the humility to know that people who are smarter, more creative and less honest than they would be writing apps for their OS, and they tried to make it as broad and as free a canvas as they could. iOS was created with the idea that the application developers were less competent, informed or honest than the iOS developers were, so limits and watch points were imposed from the outside to cover their inefficiencies.

            (Bad Andy – still feeding the Trolls!)

          • AngelArs

            Too bad for you phones like the Palm’s Treo are NOT considered as TRUE smartphones. They are just considered fancy “feature” cell phones. They lack all of the functionality of a true smartphone. Try again troll.

          • Andy_in_Indy

            Too bad for you that you are not as cute as Victois, or I might consider playing along. Run along home little one.

          • AngelArs

            Thank God you’re leaving. No one wants to waste their time reading your half truths anyway.

        • http://profiles.google.com/ski309 Michael Sokalski

          Ehhhhhh…. iOS could be said to be ‘copied’ from earlier touchscreen phones like Windows CE and Palm. There was a lot of hub-bub a while back about iOS’s updated notification bar ‘copying’ Android. Siri was pretty nice, but stock Android did have voice actions before Siri was ever announced, which is similar though not nearly as polished. To say that Android copies everything from iOS is to say that one product’s features are never allowed to improve upon the features of a competitor.

          • AngelArs

            Too bad for you iOS is just a diluted form of OS X first used on the iPhone…. which is another Apple product. And I’m not just talking about features, I’m talking about whole categories; like the smartphone category, tablet category, etc. Apple has always been about new technology. That is what attracts most people to them. Android is all about cloning. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they do clone, but facts are facts and android isn’t known for innovating. Apple is. Just saying…

          • http://profiles.google.com/ski309 Michael Sokalski

            Smartphones and tablets existed before the iPhone and iPad, they just never gained traction with the general public until Apple came along. Apple has never been about new technology, they’ve been about polish, and as far as polish goes they are (or were, in some people’s opinions, not necessarily mine) second to none.

          • AngelArs

            You’re either very ignorant about smartphones, or being disingenuous with your answer. Although fancy ‘feature’ phones were “conceptualized” as early as 1973 and some phones were advertised as “smart” phones, they were really nothing more that feature phones with the functionality of things like media players, low-end cameras, a calendar, and PDA features. None of these phones however allowed the user to download their own apps to their phone – like you can with a true smartphone. They simply came “preloaded” with extra features than a regular phone did. The iPhone was the first phone with a a multi-touch interface that allow people to customize their phones with whatever API app they wanted. It also allowed people to use direct finger input as its main means of interaction, instead of a stylus. Before Apple no one else had anything else like the App Store where people could literally shop for whatever functionality they wanted to add to their phone. Smartphones (as we know them today) are not even in the same category as the old ‘feature’ phones. The definition of what a smartphone is can get blurry, but true smartphones, as we know them today, started with Apples iPhone, and was then copied by other companies.

          • http://profiles.google.com/ski309 Michael Sokalski

            Examples of early smartphones and tablets:

            I really hope you’re not trying to say that a multi-touch interface, an app store, and a screen that is capacitive rather than resistive is what makes a smartphone a smartphone.

          • AngelArs

            For your “theory” to be true you should be able to remove the multi-touch interface, google play, and a screen that is capacitive rather than resistive away from all android phones and we’ll see if they sell. Didn’t think so.

          • http://profiles.google.com/ski309 Michael Sokalski

            So now for a smartphone to be considered a smartphone it has to sell well? Don’t tell that to someone who bought a Windows Phone! :)

            You keep saying one thing and then something else. Either you’re trolling me relatively politely or you need to figure out exactly what your argument is and stick to it.

          • AngelArs

            Windows Phones use a multi-touch color screen, including a virtual keyboard rather than a physical one. Feature phones do not.

            Fact is, Apple was awarded the patent of multi-touch on mobile devices. Deal with it.

            Smartphones are fully customizable. Feature phones are not.

            Smartphones use API apps. Feature phones do not.

            I could go on and on but it’s obvious by now that you’re just another android fanboy afraid to admit that Apple does intact do some things right. Typical.

          • http://profiles.google.com/ski309 Michael Sokalski

            hahaha! Apple does plenty right. They make high quality products, and I’ve never said otherwise. Funny thing is, if smartphones are fully customizable and feature phones are not, and smartphones use API apps and feature phones do not, then Android phones fit your definition of a smartphone better than the iPhone! Android phones have always been more customizable than iPhones, and the original iPhone didn’t have apps or an app store until around the time the iPhone 3G came out.

            “I could go on and on but it’s obvious by now that you’re just another
            [Apple] fanboy afraid to admit that [Android] does intact[sic] do some things
            right. Typical.”

          • AngelArs

            You’re wrong again Einstein as I DO own a android phone. Not for any of the reasons that you listed though. I don’t think phone contracts make any sense, and it’s much cheaper to buy a unlocked android phone than a unlocked iPhone. Rooting is also easier with android. I haven’t even seen a unlocked iPhone 5 yet but I’ll bet they will be pricey, considering that a unlocked iPhone 4S costs 620.00 it just makes more sense to buy something like a GSIII. But make no mistake, if all things were equal and I could buy a unlocked iPhone 5 for same price as a unlocked GSIII – I would buy the iPhone 5 – as it is designed and built so much better in my opinion.

            Everything is relative and in this comparison I chose android, but I would NEVER buy another android tablet as the apps for them really suck. LOL. The hardware only takes you so far. Both android and iOS hardware use the same resistors, capacitors and transistors. It’s the apps that make all the difference, and android tablet apps are a joke when compared to iOS apps. So for that reason I prefer iPads. Wish my phone and tablet could be on the same platform, but that’s not how it worked out.

          • tBs_Battousai

            I don’t think anyone can say Apple doesn’t do anything right, I think we can all agree that Apple don’t do anything first…

        • tBs_Battousai

          Can you name anything that Apple did first?

          • AngelArs

            Their latest one is the Fusion Drive found in the new iMac, patented just last year. I’m not about to list all of Apples patents here, you’ll need to do that yourself. Steve jobs himself had over 338 patents.

          • tBs_Battousai

            So all patents are a first and they never got overturned… just like Apple’s rubber banding patent…

    • matoz

      innovation my a**, no offense to ipad fans…

    • DrCarpy

      It’s only innovation when Apple does this, to everyone/anyone else it’s a lawsuit. Ridiculous.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victois-Segunchoux/1799125824 Victois Segunchoux

        agree with your that apples lawsuits against android are stupid. but only because I don’t think apple has anything to fear from android in the first place. if you want smart phone or a tablet but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the privilege. then go with android. but if money is not a problem and you prefer quality. then you should go with apple. for any one who owns a decent desktop pc and only needs a tablet for light use and entertainment. then an ipad would not be a good choice. it doesn’t make sense to pay so much for something you”ll only use half the time. get a kindle fire hd or nexus seven tablet. but if all you ever used your desktop pc for was to browse the web or look at netflix or stuff like that. and want to make the permanent leap away from a desktop or a laptop. then I would suggest getting the regular ipad. yes its kinda of pricey. but you would have spent the same amount on your desktop. do yall get it now?

    • http://www.phandroid.com Quentyn Kennemer

      Ah yes, Apple marketing at its finest.

    • John Tamplin

      They innovated with “fusion” drives. Those silly Seagate Hybrid drives launched over 2 years ago were just stolen Apple designs, and Cook did well to ignore them when proclaiming Apple’s revolutionary products. They also made a smaller MBP — don’t discount that massive level of innovation, nobody ever thought of doing that before.

  • GutterIsATool

    For me, I’ll stick with Android, but I’ll most likely get my wife the iPad Mini for Christmas.

    • AngelArs

      Don’t do it! After you use the iPad you won’t want to use your android tablet anymore. That’s what happened to my friend.

  • http://www.colossaldamage.com/ SuperMarino

    Can’t argue that, I only hope this makes Google want to raise the bar for a Nexus 7-2!

  • Marsg

    I hate apple with a passion but when it comes to looks the IPad mini wins but nexus 7 has better hardware, the nexus 7 would have been so much better looking and more compact if it had a smaller bezel.

    • Analoguy

      I disagree, tablets are hard to hold. The bezel make them somewhat easier without finger prints messing up the display area. The rest of your post is right on.

    • phinn

      Agreed… The bezel should be a little smaller, it should be thinner, lighter, (especially when you can see what Apple did with the Mini). I’d still choose the N7, but the form factor is underwhelming for the tiny screen.

  • Crimsonshadow774

    I want an iPad 3 to be honest. However given the choice between these two I would DEFINITELY choose the Nexus.

    • phinn

      Hopefully the Nexus 10 gets announced next week then.

      • Crimsonshadow774

        That’s what I’m saying. I’m an Android fan to the core so the rumors have me excited.

        I just wish we could get the apps iPad has.

  • Joey

    Hello, the site is called phandroid! Obviously it’s going to be like that, go to the Apple website Mister isheep.

    • https://plus.google.com/u/0/107214144202094295079/posts James

      I prefer sites like The Verge, where people are actually excited about technology, instead of circlejerking over Google or Apple.

      • kev2684
      • http://twitter.com/mjwhirly Matthew Woehrle

        This site is viewed by people who are excited for new technology, thus the reason we like android. Yes I won’t argue that the Apple was the first to the smartphone/tablet race, but since then there has been nothing in great leaps of innovation on their part, mostly a lot of catching up to the competitors and using their name as a bolstering for their products. Let’s look at the ipad mini, no retina screen, old outdated A5 processor(dual core which is so last year lol), a .9 inch bigger screen (than nexus7) with less pixels and resolution, no nfc and you get all that for an extra $130 more than the Nexus 7. And let’s not even get started with the iOS6 upgrade, which has probably their worst upgrade yet, just a bunch of slight improvements to “try” and keep up with competitors software, and the biggest stink bomb of all, their new Maps. So tell me how we here aren’t excited about technology.

        • scoter man1

          Microsoft was first to the tablet, but it never caught on…

        • Bandage

          If you’re going to compare price-points, you need to compare comparable models. The $130 you mentioned is the difference between the N7 8GB and the iPad mini 16GB. N7 16GB and the mini have an $80 difference. Just sayin.

  • Guilherme Mourão


  • http://twitter.com/MrYuzhai *Certified_geek™

    So specs wise the Nexus 7 is better than the iPad Mini. Price wise.. Nexus 7 gives you more bang for your buck too.. Awesome!

    • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.caviness.7 Jordan Caviness

      yeah but you know the iPad mini is gonna sell like hotcakes still

  • Ivan Gretic

    Wait…WHAT?!? Apple used Nexus 7 for comparison, in it’s own presentation! o.O please tell me you’re kidding …
    Apple, are you that miserable?
    Guess who now plays catch game … ;)

    • phinn

      Look at sales and app suport, when it comes to the tablet market, Android is playing catch up. Hopefully Google does more to address that on Oct 29.

      • scoter man1

        Are you still using an htc dream? That’s probably your problem.

        • Max

          Wait and see what Google comes with on monday.

        • phinn

          Why is this voted down, I stated two facts, sales and app support are stronger on the iPad right now.

          • AngelArs

            Because this is a pro android forum and not a facts forum.

      • Guest

        Why is this voted down, I stated two facts, sales and app support are stronger on the iPad right now.

    • spicymeatball

      Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave!

    • Max

      Thats was what I was thinking too. They really need to do this comparison now to let people know they ain’t fucking around. Your won’t see anyone else doing this. Not on monday, not never. A dumb fucking move.

  • Ryan Herriman

    At the announced starting price I don’t foresee this actually “competing” in the same space as the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire, despite Apple’s obvious intention at doing so. I think it’s more likely that what will end up happening is the iPad mini will cannibalize iPad sales.

    • renGek

      This is what I’m hoping as well. Hoping that those looking to not spend a lot will be turned off by mini and go with N7 or kindle fire including would be ipad 3 buyers. That would make for an interesting end of the next quarter.

    • spicymeatball

      That was my first thought too. Steve Jobs would have never approved this move. The first incredibly obvious move at following what other’s are doing in the market instead of blazing the path. They should have sold it for at least $500 then they wouldn’t get hurt as much by the cannibalization. If people want a cheap ipad they can buy a ipad1 or 2. The form factor of 7″ is an advantage and not a reason for a deep discount. They must be feeling the pinch from the nexus and amazon offerings.

      • http://www.facebook.com/archercc Ryan Stewart

        The most recent comscore put android based tablets closer to 50% of the market when they were a blip a year ago. Amazon and ICS have really moved it along, they had to react somehow. I think the cannibal approach is true, its people who would have bought an ipad but will opt for the smaller one instead.

        Its the ipad for “poor people,” which is funny since most iUsers like to say that Android was for poor people. But then they had to shut up about that when Apple started selling the old models for cheap.

        • AngelArs

          This brings up a good point that people would rather buy a (new) iPad 2 than any android tablet. LOL.

    • AngelArs

      Won’t happen because size aside, the iPad has better technology. That’s precisely why they didn’t use the A6X chip in the mini.

      • Ryan Herriman

        I think you’re overestimating the degree to which customers will care about that, but let’s consider the possibility that people will actually value specs over price: the Nexus 7 still bests the iPad mini in many ways.

        No matter what angle I view it at, this appears to be really, really bad positioning on Apple’s part.

  • jim

    I’m excited for the iPad mini , its not going to replace my nexus as my daily tablet but I run a very large restaurant and my pos system can run on iPad but I never thought a server carrying a 10inch $500+ tablet would be a good idea I’ve ways wanted to have a more nexus 7 type device now with the mini I can buy half a dozen of these throw them in a case and cut my table time down at least 2-3 minutes which will save me thousands a year

  • Dutchvon

    You mean the old new ipad.

  • DenR

    i don’t understand why N7 cpu frequency always changing some put 1.2Ghz some 1.3Ghz wiki listed it as 1.4Ghz… ? some sites advertize it as high as 1.7Ghz

    • Manbo

      It’s so advanced, it changes frequency based on who uses it. lulz

    • http://twitter.com/mjwhirly Matthew Woehrle

      It’s a 1.3ghz tegra 3 processor, the cpu speed drops to 1.2 when all the cores are in use. It can be a 1.7ghz processor if your willing to flash a new kernel and overclock

  • rsanchez1

    I still like the Kindle Fire HD with the better screen more than either the Nexus 7 or the iPad mini.

  • DavidVarghese

    $329? Not even close to what the Nexus 7 does with only $200.. No thanks.
    Also, the rumored Nexus 10 might even be cheaper than this!

  • phinn

    While I definitely like the iPad Mini’s build quality, it’s thinner, lighter, and bigger screen… The Nexus 7 is the one I’d buy if I was going to waste money on a tablet. $199, higher rez, Android, etc.

    I still wouldn’t get a Nexus 7 until there was a way for it to do video out (MHL support), even the iPad Mini can do that.

    • spicymeatball

      Wait no MHL support on Nexus 7. Another example when Google gets right to the finish line and forgets to cross it. They have got to step up the end to end experience. Come on already. All the parts are in place and they’re so close. I can’t watch Google Play TV shows on my GTV and I can’t stream from Nexus 7. Why would I buy TV through Google Play. Yes you can’t watch TV shows purchased in Play store on YouTube on Logitech Revue, only movies.

  • ari_free

    Wow so much lower resolution (especially since the screen is bigger) for a higher price.

  • RichardReich

    Apple seems to have decided on another “aspirational” product to cash in on their cachet. It doesn’t compete effectively with either the N7 or the Kindle on any rational standard. But it’ll sell like crazy. It’s an Apple!

  • http://www.facebook.com/greg.huddleston Greg Huddleston

    Google on Monday should offer the lowest memory Nexus 7 at $99 bucks. Would kill the iPad mini, the Kindle HD and others in one swift stroke.

    • http://www.phandroid.com Quentyn Kennemer

      That would get more than a few heads turning for sure.

    • camelsnot

      You need more than just lowering the price. You need a marketing campaign. Google barely markets G+

  • Jeremy Morales

    So let me get this straight….
    Nexus 7 = more powerful processor
    Nexus 7 = better screen resolution
    Nexus 7 = more RAM
    Nexus 7 = same (for the most part) about of storage
    Nexus 7 = better price
    ……and Apple wants to say it wants to compete?
    What does Apple have going besides yesterday technology and a better camera? Oh yea, overpriced.

    • ari_free

      So much for Apple innovation. It’s now all about milking the brand and Steve’s legacy.

    • scoter man1

      It’ll still sell shitloads though. Thanks to iSheep.

      • ari_free

        Yeah but we have a long term view. Palm also got away with selling black and white Pilots when everyone else had color because every PDA was called a ‘Palm Pilot’ but eventually reality caught up to them and nobody cares about Palm today.

      • No_Nickname90

        My friend has an iPhone. His meaning was because “its popular”. Apparently he doesn’t know that the GS3 out sells the iPhone 2:1

        • Lady756

          So does that mean the people who buy the GS3 are Androidsheep since the GS3 outsells the iphone? Trying to understand the logic.

          • No_Nickname90

            The iPhone isn’t as popular as he thinks it is. I’d understand buying it because most of your apps and data is there. But for the simple reason of popularity is flawed. LoL!!

            That’s the best way I can say that without sounding lyk an Android-Sheep. LoL!!

        • phinn

          No it doesn’t. I love Android but would rather have an iPhone 5 if I had to chose between those two because I can’t stand how giant the GS3 is, not to mention it’s not a Nexus so will never get updates unless you run CM.

          • http://www.facebook.com/whartleyjackson William Hartley

            and yet the S3 is/has been receiving JB updates.. what’s your definition of never again?

    • phinn

      Yea the specs and price of the N7 are great, but this silly argument goes both ways:

      Mini = bigger screen
      Mini = rear camera
      Mini = video out
      Mini = thinner
      Mini = lighter
      Mini = less bezel
      Mini = better support for tablet apps
      Mini = better build quality

    • AngelArs

      Too bad most android apps are written for smartphones and look like crap on android tablets. LOL.

  • Mike Reid

    I’m a big Android fan, and develop exclusively for Android, but I tend to agree.

    It would be nice to see more balanced debate here, as you see on sites such as slashdot.

    IMO, Apple products do have some positive qualities, and for some people it may be the best choice.

    And IOS and Android “need” each other, to compete, for the betterment of the mobile OS market.

    • https://plus.google.com/u/0/107214144202094295079/posts James

      Hi Mike, I appreciate your comment. It was refreshing to read something with actual thought put into it instead of mindless down-voting.

    • https://plus.google.com/u/0/107214144202094295079/posts James

      I don’t believe it. The editor deleted my comment, this is the last time I waste my time on this site. I love Android. and Google, but I mostly love technology. That’s what I used to enjoy about this site but the community is actually pathetic now. Goodbye.

  • Duncan Booth

    As someone with an original 7 inch Galaxy Tab, I think the choice comes down to whether you want the advantages of a 10 inch screen, or to trade that off against something small enough to fit in a large pocket. The 7.9 inch screen doesn’t meet either of these. If I were to buy one tomorrow it would be the Nexus 7.

  • Guest

    This is an obvious poll! Your on phandroid what do you think people are going to answer?

  • Henry

    nexus 7 is actually priced @ $199.00 and $249.00 (instead of $200 & 250)

  • Andy_in_Indy

    “Paying $329 instead of $500 to be able to say you have an iPad will be huge for many people, and the can of worms Apple’s opened up might just be the hardest outbreak to contain in the tablet space yet.”
    There is a simple solution to that: Look at them blandly and say with disappointment, “But it’s an iPad mini.” (emphasize the mini – if they don’t pay for the newest one, it’s just seconds)

  • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.caviness.7 Jordan Caviness

    im happy with my 8GB nexus 7. i knew a 10 inch nexus tablet was around the corner, so i opted for the cheaper Nexus 7 tablet and it still is better than that iPad mini IMO.

  • renGek

    It won’t matter. The majority of buyers of mini doesn’t even know Nexus 7 exists. The deciding factor for them when they are at best buy is
    1. Nexus 7 is not at best buy
    2. Its thinner than N7
    Doesn’t matter except to those who truly care about specs that N7 can probably run circles around the mini because people will just buy a brand so that they don’t have to think about which product to buy. In case you haven’t notice but most people don’t want to compare specs or have to consider arguments about which is better. To them its like a presidential debate. They just don’t care. So until android devices can out PR apple, this is what we have to contend with. Just be prepare for the onslaught of Sheeps looking at an N7 and saying “android copied apple again, mini is the first 7″ tablet”

    • Simpleton

      They’ll know after that comparison….apple breaking all their own marketing rules!

    • ari_free

      Best Buy is where everyone goes to check out the device up close before they buy it online from somewhere else.

  • Ohiwastedmylife


    LOL look at those beast hands! They must have resurrected Andre the Giant to hold the iPad mini for them.

  • Dcolmusic

    I’m not going to pay that much Sorry apple

  • Robert Jakiel

    Is there really a comparison at all? The Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD, Nook Tablet HD and Acer A110 all outclass the iPad mini in price, performance and specs. There really is nothing to compare especially when the iPad mini is going for the price of some full featured dual core and quad core Android 10″ tablets.


    $349 for a 16 Gig Asus TF300 from Best Buy. Need I say more?

  • Matreyu Hermano

    That picture above clearly shows how little the iDevice UI has evolved. The N7 has a gorgeous simple look to it, with grouped icons and dedicated Google search bar. Whereas the iPad Jr. shows the same blocky format.

    I’m sure Apple intentionally left the Nexus 7 screen lacking apps to give the illusion that Google tablets don’t offer much.

    • AngelArs

      “The N7 has a gorgeous simple look to it”

      Who knew the nexus 7 was being marketed toward cavemen?

  • No_Nickname90

    My Nexus 7 can fit in my pocket and it fits just right in my car radio slot. So I can wedge it in between and have a tablet as a radio. Also its going to have multiple user ability. Apple devices will never see that since the OS won’t allow it. LoL!!

    • AngelArs

      Looks like another android fanboy with their uninformed so-called fact bites the dust. While iOS doesn’t encourage sharing, it does NOT prevent it either. There are plenty of sharing apps like Print n Share Pro which allow sharing. Try again.

      • No_Nickname90

        How can you be so dense as to talk about sharing? Please tell me, where in my little comment, did I talk about sharing? Please, take your time when answering.

        Never mind, I don’t want to wait 2 centuries and half a decade. I’ll tell you. I’m talking about multiple users. You know, the same thing you see when logging into a computer. How each person has their own account.

        I’ve never seen someone actually fail at trying troll. Leave my sight.

        • AngelArs

          So in your world letting someone use your computer under another profile is not sharing? Wow, talk about justifying. You can cherry pick all you want, doesn’t matter if you call it multiple user or sharing, the end result is basically the same thing. Through Print n Share you can create multiple user profiles, and each one is protected by its own password. Each person also has their own private web history and bookmarks. You said this could “never’ happen with iOS. Guess what Einstein it already has! You would have known that if you were unbiased and not such a fanboy. LOL.

          • No_Nickname90

            Did you seriously just say that? If I let someone use my computer, I’m sharing my computer. The ACTUAL device itself. This has nothing to do with the hardware. We are talking about software. So you can just drop that horrible example

            Next, multiple users. Different logins can have different applications installed. It is possible for one user to have a program installed in their user account and not have it installed in the other account.

            Print n Share is an application that has nothing to do with multiple users logging into your actual device.You may have multiple users within the application, but all the data is still tied to one app. So you erase the data to that app and ALL users go.

            Android will have multiple users be able to use the same tablet. So one person will have their own Print n Share app. No need to use the same one as someone elses.

            You can enjoy your psuedo-sharing and your psuedo-multitasking. I’ll go use a device that’s actually lyk a real computer and not a giant app drawer.

  • Joshhud

    “but let’s jump in and see it from an objective point of view.” ha not that i mind, but i doubt that.

  • JulianZHuang

    Posting this on an one sided fan base website…. Sigh.

  • c4v3man

    It’s probably going to be harder to hold since it’s thin and has a slick back. Oh well, Apple can sell them a case to make it easy to hold (and thicker than the Nexus7) for $50…

  • http://www.newportessentials.com/ paco cornholio

    Lighter and thinner than Nexus 7, but with a larger screen – nice.

    Lower resolution than Nexus 7 – not good for Apple.

    More apps – advantage Apple.

    Price…. Sorry, Cupertino.

    In 2 years Apple’s mobile device leadership will be a quaint memory.

  • http://twitter.com/BSherratt Brenden

    Here is an infpgraphic that compares the Nexus 7 vs the iPad mini: http://sortable.com/tablets/Google-Nexus-7-32-GB-vs-Apple-iPad-mini-32-GB

  • scoter man1

    I feel like I won so hard with my N7. I’m sorry, but buying the iPad mini is just ignorant.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AGx07 Chris Brown-Demoreno

    I love how their Nexus 7 image makes the device look boring by only showing the dock and no icons or widgets on the home screen while they show their typical (and very boring) icon iOS layout. Talk about BS.

    The article is very true. People will buy it because people buy into the whole “Apple” thing. Not because its better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ajac09 Anthony Evans Jr

    32gb rumored but confirmed by so many websites

  • onpoint G

    Can someone explain to me how Apple’s new/old mini has a HD display

  • mikexilva

    I’d love to see a Nexus version of the Galaxy Tab 7.7… in fact I would have bought one if it had latest Android when it came out… the 7.7’s AMOLED screen thrumps iPad mini screen in every way.

    • JR69

      I would love to see that!

  • Guest

    So at first when I saw the specs and the price I thought you have to be kidding, but as I thought about it, it dose make some sense (at least to me).

    They saw a niche that was created by, well really the Nook, and this is an attempt to fill it. They are taking the chance that they will be cannibalizing their own sales, but if the are really selling to their own masses (really 100 million?) then that isn’t a bad thing. It does keep the existing customers that may have thought to leave, however unlikely, from jumping ship.

    The screen res keeps all those thousands of apps relevant and by using the old processor, they keep the cost down and maintain battery life. Unlike Amazon or Google, Apple prefers to make money on their hardware and probably figure they can do that on brand alone, hence the price structure.

    Lets just hope the Android nation can keep putting pressure on Apple until they give up on at least this one segment, and there by loosen their hold some what.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

    Not exactly a scientific poll…

    Sent from my Nexus 7 :D

  • DarthDroid

    only reason I would get an Ipad mini over nexus 7 tablet is because there are still hardly any tablet apps on android and the tablet apps that are on android still can’t compare to the ones for the ipad it’s just the sad reality :(

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    The point of the larger bezel on the N7 was so you could hold the side of the tablet when using an e reader app. I like the thin bezel but can understand what Google was trying to do.

  • Joe Frederick

    I would like to say a couple things regarding this whole Android vs IOS argument that never quits especially over at BGR. First of all I am a total Android fan. I have had an OG Droid, An Evo 3d and an Photon 4G. We have at home a Kindle fire, Nexus 7 and a Viewsonic 10″ tab. 2 years ago I got my girlfriend to dump her crackberry and go android and she hasn’t looked back since. Because of work however I have also had an iPhone 4 and my girlfriend has an iPhone 4s and an iPad 3 both provided by employment. Being a technology buff I am just simply amazed at where we are right now compared to 20 even 10 years ago. We now have one piece of equipment that either fits in our pocket or is no bigger and weighs less that a book that can do what the following things can which would take up a duffle bag or two worth of stuff: Telephone, pager, camera, camcorder, voice recorder, notepad, books and magazines, calculator, gaming system, Television, answering machine, GPS, diary, flashlight, compass, level… and those examples are just a snowflake on the tip of an iceberg to what else can be done. I may not care for Apple much but I love the competition this is causing as I believe it is pushing technology faster than it has before. You have to admit even though IOS is boring as hell the technology that goes into an iPad or iPhone is spectacular just as much as what goes into any android or RIM, or Windows phone device. People get so caught up in their brand loyalty that they refuse to see the good in all the options available these days. OK so Apple now has a mini tab. Good, that will make Samsung and Asus and other tab makers make something even better which in turn will make Apple put out something better. This technology war is just awesome to watch from the vantage point of being a consumer. Just my two cents from someone who has been around since playing pong on a black and white TV as a kid and learning BASIC on a TRS-80. :)

  • http://twitter.com/TheTechChat TheTechChat

    Okay, pet peeve. If a product retails for $199, then it’s not right to list the price at $200. But if you’re going to do that, then there’s no reason not to list the $329 iPad Mini at $330. Yes, I know, a minor point, but…

  • AMbro86

    I’ve generally felt that Apple puts out quality hardware, but I don’t really find the iPad Mini compelling at all. Perhaps I’m ruined because I’m deep into Android, but iOS holds no appeal to me at all. I mean I can have a customizable experience and freedom with Android, or I can get hunkered down into iTunes and the highly controlled Apple experience. So that’s the biggest thing for me. But when it comes to the hardware I don’t feel there’s anything to be jealous of this time around.

  • http://Appleisfindingit'swaytofragmentation...WELCOME! tom-e

    2 different iPad sizes, 2 different iphone sizes. Different processors, cameras, memory, OS’s… hmmm.

    • storm14k


  • http://www.facebook.com/scooter.sfca Scooter Sfca

    The table has the wrong weight spec for the Nexus 7 — it is 340 grams not 390!

  • ratnok

    The iPad mini has a low resolution screen and no GPS, but a huge price tag FAIL.

  • Chingling

    Android 4.1.2 automatically wins the battle.

  • andrew__des_moines

    Over priced. But then again, so are True Religion jeans…

  • Darktanone

    I watched the press conference on my Apple TV and I was surprised at the release of the iPad 4th Generation. It will be available for the Christmas shopping season and there will be lines. The Nexus 7 and other 7 inch tablets have just been put on notice with the new iPad Mini. There is no competing with the iPad line. Apple just took over the market for the holiday season and beyond. I don’t care what the device specs are, there is only iPad and the others will compete for what’s left over. It’s over! Game. Set. Match. Apple.

    • http://twitter.com/Defenestratus Defenestratus

      Wow. Were you one of those idiots that rang the death bell for Android when the Verizon iPhone came out?

      Yeah – you probably were.


    Will we compare the Max-iPad to the Nexus 10 next year? Apple keeps hitting new lows LMFAO

  • http://twitter.com/mygodfrey mygodfrey

    was waiting for the Ipad Mini Specs, now that I know – Nexus 7 is the better choice for me https://plus.google.com/+JRRaphael/posts

  • Del373

    I wish the N7 and KF HD had a 64gb option. Right now it seems, unless I want to get an iPad, the only quality alternative is the 64gb Playbook…which isn’t bad by any means, just very limited by comparison to the competition.

  • ellett

    Aren’t you a little premature, Chicken Little? Wait for a little sales data before you start claiming the sky is falling.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001426799180 Michael Payton

    Last year’s specs at $130 more than either the N7 or the KFHD is just ridiculous. The Kindle Fire HD has a better screen and HMDI-out for $200. The 8.9″ KFHD is even nicer and it’s only $299

  • shonangreg

    I think the question has to be which markets these tablets are going to be embraced by:
    – the iPad mini will lessen the slight hemorrhaging of bi-curious iOS users getting a Nexus 7 for eBooks, email, web browsing and the like in a much more portable format. But at the price, a Nexus 7 (or Kindle Fire or acer A110) is still an attractive option with the bonus of actually being able to see into the world of android. For the intended uses, you don’t need to be locked in to many android apps, and amazon’s platform agnostic Kindle app helps keep this open.
    – for those with no tablet yet and a willingness to try one, the price point of the Nexus 7 is still hugely attractive. And with 32GB versions coming soon at the same price as current 16GB versions, Apple is not offering much more. This sees to me to still be a huge advantage to google.
    – iOS fans will buy these in droves, of course. You’ll be seeing fewer full iPad’s on trains.
    – android fans tempted to experiment on an iOS device might go for this, but at the $429 price for the 32GB iPad mini, you could almost get a 32GB Nexus 7 (or acer A110, etc.) AND one of the new Chromebooks ($500 for both).

    I’m looking for another non-expensive 7 inch tablet. I have a Galaxy Note (5.3), a cheap ChangHong H7 7 inch android 4 tablet, a Nexus 7, and a ThinkPad Tablet. Since I don’t see any indication the Chromebooks are coming to Japan soon, I’d rather get an acer iconina tab A110 for a $100 less than the iPad mini and have a full portable video player system. Though if the A110 can’t be charged by micro-USB and needs its proprietary charger, I’ll pass. I’m thinking the development (due to overstock of the A100?) got so long that the 8GB debut model will soon be upped to 16 and 32GB.

    So for me, an android fan who is curious about iOS, there is little attraction here with the iPad mini. I’m content with android getting better and better.

    For anyone on a budget, android is still the obvious choice.

    Those people who have the cash to spend and have not yet committed to either android or apple, this is more of a quandry. I think android’s rapid development is going to bring a lot of them in, though. Apple is beginning to depend on its laurels, while android has reached near parity with Jelly bean and shows no signs of slowing down. Cupertino is beginning to lag Mountain View.

  • camelsnot

    Tomorrow Google should drop the price by $20 and provide a $30 mail-in rebate for the Nexus tab, simultaneously giving Apple the finger. At this point Google can afford to take a hit on profit margins. They have their name, the Nexus brand and the Play Store which will carry the sale. Microsoft did this with the Xbox and they reached the top in their class. Curious why the $30 rebate? Studies have shown that while people see the rebate and have every intention of mailing it in, a large percentage don’t. It’s not really a shady practice if the person doesn’t take advantage of it. I sure as hell did when I got my OG Droid and continue to with various components I buy on newegg.

  • http://everydaydrinkers.tv Derrick Schommer

    I feel the voting poll at the end is “just a slight bit bias.” Hmmm, would readers of “phandroid” be a fan of the android platform…or IOS? Hmmm, makes you wonder :)

    In either case, I’ve got two nexus 7’s (one for each kid), an ipad 3 and an ipad 1 along with an iphone and android (Bioinic). I feel the android system is much less constrictive to doing what the manufacturer wants with the OS and I can customize it and make it really fit right. And, for the kids, a $199 “DS alternative” is much more powerful and affordable than another ipad or, even a 3DS for that matter. My son is also learning to read/write and is in 1st grade, so the voice command helps him search the store for new games a bit easier and browse youtube/web.

  • GBGamer

    You realize you could buy an iPad 2 for the same price. Why would you buy an iPad Mini?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jamille-Browne/1184321457 Jamille Browne


      • GBGamer

        I guess I just don’t get people who buy a smaller thing when they could get the same thing, with a bigger screen, for the same amount. I have that Android spirit :P

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jamille-Browne/1184321457 Jamille Browne

          I personally wouldn’t get a 7″ tab even then Nexus its way too small for a tab. I won’t buy an iPad not a fan of Apple. But some people like that stuff for some reason… I need a 8.9″tab at least 10.1″ is more ideal for me because its ideal if you use a stylus… If you add a keyboard dock its essentially a laptop… I wouldn’t have to squint at pages though Android does haave pinch to zoom its just not really ideal for less than 9″ if we’re talking tab..

  • koolkat2

    but did they compare it to a gnote 10.1???? ha!…. ok i kinda like ipads :/

  • Hipking23

    Compare to the N7 the screen resolution sucks and yet charge you an arm and a Leg

  • MikeDiSalvo

    notice apple removes the widgets from the nexus before they do comparisons. I find this funny.

    • No_Nickname90

      LoL!! I didn’t see that. LoL!! How sad of them to do that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=572826547 Scott Palmer

    I own a SGS3 and N7. The iPad Mini (A5) smokes the N7 (T3) in 3D performance (See GLBenchmark Egypt tests). In GeekBench, the N7 beats the iPad with ease.

    For office apps and web surfing, the N7 wins.
    For office apps and web surfing I’d prefer the 4:3 aspect ratio of the iPad.
    For games I’d prefer the 16:9 aspect ratio of the Nexus 7.

    They both have issues and fail in their own ways.

  • peanutsrevenge

    Even Chris’ hair cheers me up, let alone his cheery face/voice.
    You really should do more videos dude, you’re good infront of a camera!

  • Christopher Woodruff

    I suspect most fans of Android would choose the Nexus 7. I either intend to get one of them, the 10″ version, or maybe a Transformer. For the majority of people, it won’t be which system has the better specs or even price, but what ecosystem they are invested in. I have tons of paid content on Google Play and some MP3s on Amazon. I have no interest or need to abandon an ecosystem I’m already invested in for one that I would have to completely start over and pay more for the hardware then what I would with my current one.

  • endinyal

    Awww… looks like the kiddies here are really having a case of the hissy-fits. All those years of “The iPad is only a toy” and “It’s an overgrown iPod Touch” remarks from you guys and what of it?

    There is no tablet market, only an iPad market. Why? Because countless of millions of consumers expressed their freedom of choice and overwhelmingly picked a product that you hats hate. So you do the only thing you can and insult and ridicule those consumers.

    Try as you will, the Android community is just stepping all over each other and trying to compete with stealing the bottom-of-barrel folks from each other. Shame on the manufacturers for being too greedy to band together and actually make a product/ecosystem that can compete with Apple.

    No, they just would rather sucker you guys into buying their phone/tablet with a false promise of future upgradeability, then screw you over and try to sell you then next wet-dream device 3 months later.

    And you fall for it each and every time.

    Who’s the sheep now?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tyler.mcbride.399 Tyler McBride

    It is a shame so many people have been sucked in to Apple and there lies I just can’t believe that the nexus blows this sucker away when you look at specs but so many will still by the mini over of the nexus why it is an apple

  • Alex Pelev

    Well i actually love apple stuff. I am an owner of 4S and i absolutely love it. After all i waited to see the specs of the iPad mini and here nexus 7 beats it. Here in Bulgaria(Europe) nexus 7 is sold for 250 euro and the iPad mini will come for about 400 euro at least. Nexus 7 is definitely the better choice here. Lower price and higher specs => better device. Apple didn’t make it this time for me.

  • RavenFox

    At the end of the day you can’t blame Apple for denting other OEM products. They were to greedy and to late to put a competitive and well priced product. It took Google to put something worthy and affordable for the masses.

  • Lord Desslok

    I don’t plan on getting an iPad mini because my Nexus 7 works well enough, and I simply don’t use a tablet enough to justify getting another one. But based on the specs and reviews, the iPad mini is superior in many ways.

    The Nexus 7 reportedly has widespread quality control problems, and my own anecdotal experience supports this. I had to swap out two of them before finally getting one that wasn’t defective (and it still has a minor blotch in the middle of the screen under the glass that I decided to live with).

    Build quality is poor. The whole thing flexes. All three of my Nexus 7s had the left-side screen rise (though the third one isn’t as bad as the first two). The iPad mini is more expensive, but if build quality is anything like the larger iPad, it’s going to blow away the Nexus 7.

    I’m not sure what the clock speed of the iPad mini is, but I’d be surprised if its A5 isn’t at least as zippy as the Nexus 7’s Tegra3.

    The iPad mini is thinner and weighs less while having 36% more screen area.

    The screen is arguably the most important attribute of a tablet, and the Nexus 7’s is mediocre (viewing angles, washed out, colors way off after viewing videos). I haven’t seen it in person, but I expect the screen quality on the iPad mini to be superior to the Nexus 7. Yes the Nexus’ 1280×800 is nice, but I’d be OK with losing 23% of the pixels while gaining both area and quality.

    Movies on the Nexus will be about the same size, but old 4:3 TV shows will be much larger on the iPad, which also doesn’t lose space to soft buttons (that are always on the Nexus7, except for video).

    Having written that, I prefer the Nexus 7’s 16:10 aspect ratio because it allows for a narrower device. I haven’t held an iPad mini, but being 5.3″ wide will make it less portable and more of a PITA to use one-handed. For me, that form factor difference combined with the price advantage offset many of the iPad mini’s other advantages.

    As far as Android vs iOS goes, both platforms are excellent. I personally prefer Android for its widgets, superior Google integration, and customizability. For mainstream folks I give iOS a slight edge for its simpler UI, slightly better stability, and more polished apps/games.

  • Ahhk

    @Chris Chavez: Wow. Is your parent’s basement finished? Or did you sneak in to their room while they were away to shot the video? :)

  • olbp

    As Stevie would have said:

    Why is the mini pad to LARGE. I thought it was supposed to be 7″, not 8″?
    May as well buy the new new new maxi pad of the day if you want something
    THAT large. And, such a HUGE price for what you actually GET! Sad.

  • ChicagoBob

    ASUS Transformer TF300 T-B1-BL 10.1-Inch 32 GB Tablet (Blue) quad core. ALL kind of expandability and $380. Much better than the 7inch Apple. I wonder why this is not compared to the Apple IPad? I compared the side by side and the screen res is not the same but its far from bad and it offers all kinds of expandability.

  • ChicagoBob

    What I want from Google they wont provide, makes me sad. I want a wireless WiGig infrastructure. I want TV’s, Audio amps, computer interface cards and a host of other devices to allow foe WiGig Hi Speed Interchange of information. I have other ideas but GOOGLE isnt interested in breaking new ground, they are following Apple. Makes me sad.

  • Michael Thompson

    I bought a Nexus 7, but ultimately sold it because it was too consumer-y and locked down for my tastes, and it made me realize how much I really do value a memory card for having access to my media. If anything it’s the most iPad like Android I’ve ever experienced, but don’t take that entirely the wrong way…please.

    That being said, The Nexus 7 would be my first choice to give a loved one who isn’t totally tech-savvy because of it’s ease of use and how well it runs. It’s an slick machine (that can play Horn flawlessly) it’s just not for me at what I would consider my mid-range level of Android enthusiasm.

  • tWIStEdcOre

    Too many comments to see if this has been mentioned…

    The wifi mini version has no GPS, and their maps are rubbish, Nexus 7 have downloadable maps for use in offline mode with full GPS, Apple fails here badly. Plus when the 32gb is release next week at a rumoured £199 vs the £349 people are going to think twice about the £150 difference, could almost buy a second one so your spouse doesn’t fight you for your nexus 7. Also the nexus 7 fits into a coat or your jeans pocket, the 4:3 ratio of the iPad mini might prove difficult to do that with. The home screen widgets are really useful too, no need to open up a whole application to see something which could be provided by a widget. Nexus 7 is still winning for me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victois-Segunchoux/1799125824 Victois Segunchoux

    asking whether or not android will lose lots of customers to apple over the ipad mini here in phandroid is as silly as asking the same question on a site that promotes apple. you already know what everyone here is gonna say. apple is crap. its too expensive android is better. but since I am likely to be more unbiased then anyone else here who will comment. I’ll try to answer that question. will android lose would be tablet buyers to apple. yes it will. I like to think of myself as a gadget junky. and not a fanboy. if the product is awesome I will buy it. for the longest time I have bought android products. my first smart phone was the g1 from tmobile. I’ve also owned the htc hero for sprint. then palm pre. then I went back to tmobile and I tired the htc hd 7 windows phone. it was beautiful but the battery was crap. so i returned in less then 30 days and got the white htc my touch. which was also a very nice phone. and I purchased the nook color when it first came out. like many android fanboys I figured apple was just a status symbol. till I bought the iphone 4s. and I gotta say, the ios platform is really damn nice. and if you jailbreak it, it does a lot more. like tv out on any app. which came in handy cause I would use it to read my comics on my 43 inch samsung plasma screen tv while listening to pandora at the same time. it was awesome. but after a while I started to miss google so I traded my phone to some guy for his galaxy nexus. and although the screen is big! and the phone is powerful. after my brief period with apple. I’m starting to miss it. and even though android in the future is coming out with plenty more great devices, a newer nexus lg, samsung galaxy note 2. and of course the galaxy s3 is already available. I’m thinking in july when im able to upgrade my phone with sprint. I’ll probably be getting the iphone 5. and even though the galaxy nexus 7 tab is great. and might be coming out with a 32 gig version soon. I think if there any to buy this holiday season. I might get the ipad mini. but I will in no way be a smack talking apple fanboy. never! but in all honesty. I think apple has earned profits and customer loyalty. whether this continues in the future remains to be seen. but anyone who is not a fanboy of either android or apple. who tries out both devices before purchasing will probably end up going with the ipad mini

  • mchan1

    iPad mini wouldn’t be so bad IF:
    1. Screen resolution would have been higher…ipad 2’s screen resolution is the same as the original iPad (it sux!)
    2. Premium price…Should’ve been price less but.. It’s an Apple product! OUCH!
    3. NO slot for expansion yet those flash drives are CHEAPER NOW esp when bought in bulk!!
    4. iOS … still can NOT save anything directly onto the device’s flash drive like an actual drive which Android allows but… It’s an Apple product!

    Sure, the iOS makes it relatively “simple” to use but Apple’s closed ecosystem makes it very less desirable!

    Hey, Apple…
    You sell music files without DRM… why the heck do you NOT allow users to simple drag n drop files between your devices to the PC? Why can’t the devices allow direct downloads for various files?

    Open your d@mn iOS!

    • AngelArs

      I’ll reply to these in order:

      1.) The screen resolution is to be expected since this is the FIRST version of the mini. this is a smart business move on Apples part. Why blow your wod out of the gate. Keeping some update-able features behind for the next version helps sales, which is why they’re in business. The Retina screen will be added soon enough.

      2.) I paid more for my full sized iPad last year and said the same thing. After I owned the iPad for a month or so I felt the price was more reasonable because the product was built very well, it never broke, and did everything I asked of it. Everybody always wants things cheaper, I get that, but some things are worth the price and I have no problem with Apples asking price because I know I’ll be happy with the mini. The only thing I didn’t like about my full sized iPad was it was too big for my needs. Getting a iPod would have been too small. Like the 3 bears, the mini is ‘just right’ for my needs.

      3.) They make a USB adapter but I never needed to use mine.

      4.) Saving on the device is not needed these days. People got all upset when the Mac mini didn’t come with a DVD player, but the same thing applies. You don’t need one. There are apps that allow you to directly save to your computer. Sending files to and from the iPad takes just a few seconds. You don’t need an app and you don’t need NFC. Air Drop works better. I am glad that Apple eco system is closed. When these types of systems are open you end up with crap products like on a PC. Having a closed system is why all Apple products work so seamlessly together, plus they are more secure.

  • http://opinadorcompulsivo.blogspot.com Miquel Mayol i Tur

    I would like you to compare CHEAP hardware as the CUBE U3GT 10.1 with this amazing specs for its prize http://www.ontablets.es/productos/tablet-pc-cube-u30gt

  • Pia Laplana

    ugh… theres enough room for each device on the market. Buy what you like, don’t let people tell you this is better than that. Thats the problem with lemmings-one jumps off the cliff, the other’s follow. Make up your own mind people!! Too many fan boys out there!! What’s better ipad mini or Nexus 7? What’s better Glock or Sig Sauer? STFU and buy what “YOU” want!!!