HTC Incredible DLX (Deluxe) could be Verizon’s J Butterfly, except with a 13MP camera [RUMOR]

Verizon has been rumored to introduce a new DROID Incredible by the name of “DIX” or “DLX” (typeface confusion) for quite a bit of time now. We thought it might be a variant of the HTC One X with the DROID branding slapped on, but after HTC’s official unveiling of the HTC J Butterfly it appears we’re about to get a lot more than that.

Evleaks has apparently found evidence that “DLX” would actually be the abbreviated name of this device, and that it would stand for “Deluxe.” This name actually matches up to murmurs we’ve heard from our own sources. We’d be remiss not to mention what our source told us to expect from this supposed quad-core beast from big red.

The device is said to line up quite similarly to the J Butterfly with either a 4.7 inch or 5 inch display (it’s hard to tell without anything to reference), a 13 megapixel camera recording at 1080p compared to the J Butterfly’s 8MP camera, a 1.5GHz quad-core processor (it would seem to be the S4 Pro that’s in the J Butterfly, but our source wasn’t able to confirm), and looks to be a tad thinner than the HTC One X. Conflicting reports say the Incredible Deluxe will have the same 8 megapixel sensor from the J Butterfly so keep that in mind before jumping for joy.

We also learned Verizon might have a 6 month period of exclusivity on this. We imagine this means no other carriers in the US will be able to offer direct disciples of the J Butterfly, but there’s a possibility that HTC could work around this to bring comparable devices to other carriers.

If it’s hard to believe HTC would agree to a period of exclusivity, remember that Samsung and Google held the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon for over four months before it went to Sprint.

It was never confirmed that this was due to exclusivity (and we imagine it never will be confirmed), but you can imagine that was the case considering Sprint tends to be one of the faster carriers in terms of getting devices on store shelves.

Other than that, we’ve learned that Verizon will definitely be offering the black with red accents color configuration that we’ve seen in the very first leak and that you see in the leak above, though no other color options can be confirmed at this time.

For what it’s worth, the J Butterfly will have black, red, and white configurations, though this doesn’t mean Verizon will offer all three themselves. Regardless, the black with red option does look very nice and fits in quite well with the DROID Incredible line.

In any case, with what’s been going on in the Android blogosphere over the past couple of weeks it’s always imperative for us to remind you that rumors are rumors — none of it is fact until it’s official, so don’t take this as gospel.

Still, we’d be very surprised to see the next DROID Incredible device come to market with a drastically different loadout than what the J Butterfly will endow us with in other parts of the world. [via Android CentralEngadget]

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  • leenephi


  • King_James_The_Wicked

    Daddy Want…

  • Lucas Pinelli

    Please be the nexus 5…

    • Marsg

      you can tell its not a nexus, no software keys

      • fix-this!

        not every nexus will have onscreen keys.

        • Derrick Anene

          and you know this…how?

        • C-Law

          Yes they will. Google would be a hippocrit if they didn’t have onscreen keys on a nexus

          • Mike Reid

            Companies, like people, change direction sometime. That’s life.

            Google provides app design guidelines, and some of their own apps break those guidelines. Go figure.

          • Marsg

            I understand that but the Nexus 4 has already been confirmed and contains soft keys, so they are not moving away from soft keys anytime soon if they do choose to go back to capacitive keys at all. They integrated Google Now so it launches by holding down the home button and sliding upwards, they wouldn’t have done that if they were thinking of scrapping the soft keys all together.

          • ChrisRuble

            …nobody has unveiled anything called a Nexus 4. ever.

          • Marsg

            I know, we don’t know its name yet so im just calling it the Nexus 4 being the 4th Nexus and its already been confirmed that its coming from LG.

        • Marsg

          the Nexus devices offer the pure Android experience which now includes softkeys beginning as of last year when Google moved to unifying the tablet and phone UI. These Nexus devices are the bench for what other manufacturers should aim for, if Google made a Nexus device with capacitive keys then that’s foreshadowing that they are getting rid of the soft keys which isn’t happening , they have made it pretty clear with the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and the Nexus 4 that soft keys are here to stay.

        • No_Nickname90

          Soft Keys allow the user to be more creative with what they want. I prefer actually holding my home to get recent apps instead of having a button for it, and I prefer having a search button. This makes it more user friendly and independent instead of buying a phone and hoping it has it.

          This is my argument on how I believe soft keys aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Especially since I NEED my search button.

      • Jason Sipes

        I think he’s talking about the next Nexus being a variant, or based on, this device.

        • Marsg

          that could be a possibility, but this device is being announced sometime in November if rumors are to be believed, and the Nexus announcement is in less than 2 weeks.

  • Aslan Bollin

    So what #MP camera does the J actually have?
    You said the Dlx has a 13MP camera compared to the 13MP camera on the J….. ;)

    • ntegrit

      Later in the article, it said 8 MP

      • James

        Why are Quentyn’s articles always so poorly written?

        • bob

          Why are you always bitching about how articles are written? If you think you can do better, go start your own news and blog site.

          • James

            Why are you so mad?

      • Aslan Bollin

        No, it said 13, but he corrected it. ;)

  • Marsg

    finally a high end HTC device on Verizon

    • ntegrit

      Agreed! Still, I have questions about OS version, battery size, whether I would want a non-Nexus, and there’s always the question of switching from unlimited data (I don’t really use over 4 GB and don’t actually have LTE) for which I pay dearly (incl hotspot on Galaxy Nexus).

      • Marsg

        Battery will def be improved since the s4 pro is more sufficient, we should be seeing around the same battery life as the Galaxy s3 international or slightly less due to the higher res screen. anything above 7 hours of heavy use is good. In my opinion if my choices come down to this device and the Nexus, i will be getting the Nexus, the performance on the nexus will def be better but the screen on this device is pretty awesome. Also Verizon wont give you a subsidized device unless you switch to the family plan, i have unlimited also but at one point i will have to make the switch unless im willing to dish out and extra 400 bucks on a phone every 2 years. so it doesn’t matter that much, i barely go over 1gb as it is. .

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      Agreed. Long overdue, IMO. I thought the DROID Incredible has been one of VZW’s best lines so it was a tad disconcerting to see the DROID Incredible 2 and 3 being treated like red-headed stepchildren for a minute there. This should be second in line to the plain old DROID brand, in my opinion.

      • Marsg

        Still waiting to see a thorough review before i make up a decision, on paper it sounds like an amazing device but still wondering how much of the GPU is being used up by that screen, the iPad 3 has like 4 PowerVR chips and still seems laggy at times compared to the iPad 2, Same with the Transformer Infinity, when it comes to 1080p videos and high quality game graphics there’s an occasional choppiness/lagg. Those 1080p displays are performance hogs

  • Guest

    13 megapixel camera recording at 1080p compared to the J Butterfly’s 13MP camera

    Why is that every time Quentyn writes an article there’s always mistales. multiple typos, and mispelled words?

    • Uzo Ufondu

      *mistakes, *(why is IT that…), *(there ARE always mistakes)

    • RavenFox

      lol oh you

  • b_to_the_randon

    WHY HARD KEYS!? WHY!! I would love this sans that.

  • AJA0

    I’ll take the Note 2, Verizon can keep their dix to themselves..

    • Jonathan DeJesus

      Companies really need to stop this exclusivity crap and just release their devices on all carriers. The companies are only screwing themselves, I too will be getting the Note 2.

  • romma

    Probably the funniest thread on XDA. No matter what phone you are currently sporting.. There is mention of the DlX… Sort of ;-)

    • Mike Reid

      And not a single comment here about “dicks”, LOL.

      Bring back the booth babes for more enlightened comments.

  • AnthonyMoya

    I hope the Verizon version comes with a bigger battery than the 2,020 one in J Butterfly. It should be at least 3,020.

  • Fuzzypaw

    Exclusivity agreements suck. :/ This is why HTC is bleeding money. They need to bring the same device to every carrier with consistent naming, like Samsung and Apple.

    • Chris Chavez

      I’m pretty sure this is completely out of their control. If they shopped the same device to multiple carriers, they would get rejected. Unfortunately, they don’t have the clout that Samsung does in the industry right now. :/

      • peanutsrevenge

        The US isn’t the only smartphone market in the world (despite the stereotype).
        If HTC make devices people want, but can’t get in the states because carriers won’t take them, well, I’d like to think you lot would kick up enough fuss to change that.

  • BakerDude

    Solid red back or go home!

  • Ohiwastedmylife

    Why is the DLX name questionable? HTC J Butterfly was already shown to be code named the “HTC DLXJ” or “Deluxe_J”.


  • Bizzle9

    Why must Verizon slap their logo on the FRONT of every phone? Fucking tacky.

    • droidbeat

      My vzw gnex doesn’t have a Verizon logo on the front.

  • Crimsonshadow774

    Maybe if all the S3’s and Notes blow up simultaneously I’ll be interested. lol

  • toomuchgame441

    Htc made the device too long, give the damn thing some width!

  • DavidVarghese

    Don’t make the mistake of this being exclusive to Verizon, HTC…

  • Fred G. Vader

    the width on the HTC j is the same as the evo so just imagine an evo with a taller screen, I could live with that, just depends on what the battery life would be like and whether or not it is removable.

  • Daniel Tiberius

    In some ways it makes sense for them to have the Incredible 4G or whatever it’s called with it’s 4 inch screen and then have this with a 5 inch screen to have more options, since the One X is like 4.7 it wouldn’t make sense to have that and a 5 inch device. Either way I’ll take 2 plz.

  • No_Nickname90

    Dugh!! In these days in age, I prefer soft keys since OEMs are getting rid of my search button. LoL!! Yes, I know I’m one of the select few who actually USES the search button.

  • peanutsrevenge

    Oh look, another phone that will constantly be a full Android version behind without rooting.
    Can’t believe people that come to these sites actually buy from Verizon.

    • crazy3gz

      I can’t believe anyone who complains about Android version wouldn’t root…

      • peanutsrevenge

        Fair point, but that warranty threat’s a serious one for many people.
        Rooting shouldn’t be a requirement, should be the preserve of geeks, nerds and devs.

  • Thomas Edwards

    What’s the height and width of the phone and does it have at least a 2,500mah and uSD?

  •!/ZayStylin Zay Stylin

    I wish it had a kickstand. I’ve grown accustomed to HTC and kickstands lol.