Sony provides Jelly Bean upgrade timeline for Xperia devices, 2011 models left out

On the heels of delivering Ice Cream Sandwich to many of their 2011 and 2012 smartphones, Sony is now providing details on the upgrade to Jelly Bean. Sony plans to upgrade their entire lineup of Xperia phones from 2012, but much to the chagrin of owners of older devices, their 2011 models will not see the latest version of Android.

First to receive Android 4.1 will be Sony’s latest handsets, the Xperia T, Xperia TX, and Xperia V, but the new Android build won’t be pushed to those devices until early 2013. After the first round of Jelly Bean updates, Sony will move on to updating devices such as the Xperia S, Xperia Ion, and Xperia P. No official timeline has been given for when to expect these phones to be upgraded.

Speaking on plans to not update their 2011 handset lineup, Sony said, “Beyond Ice Cream Sandwich we would not able to guarantee owners of these smartphones the user experience you expect and we demand. We will however, continue to support all these products with firmware maintenance releases.”   At least they go them to Ice Cream Sandwich, right? Check out Sony’s blog for the full rundown of devices.

[via Sony]

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  • DanWazz

    If a phone can run ICS it should be able to handle JB. Time to root and ROM those older models.

  • Paul Surgenor

    I think your reading this wrong, I think the Xperia S and other models launched earlier this year are first in “due course” and then Xperia T & the newest models in Q1 2013

  • BigCiX


  • Lokifish Marz

    Hope Sony knows that a simular move recently by Moto has Moto looking at a potential $60 million loss in sales.

  • Caloy

    Almost went for the Experia, now that I know they don’t have a long term commitment to their customers, I guess I’ll pass.

  • David Narada Brown

    what is the method for rooting the xperia play on verizon? i only use it to play games since i have a galaxy nexus but it would be nice if i could remove bloatware from it.