New LG Nexus image leaks, 2,100mAh battery in tow

Ready for more juicy Nexus rumors? This time, we’ve gotten yet another new shot of the device. While this image isn’t necessarily winning any awards for best dressed it does show us enough to make us believe it’s the same LG-made Nexus phone we’ve seen over and over and over.

Evleaks, the trusted Twitter personality who was our beneficiary for this one, confirmed much of the specs we’ve been hearing for the better part of two weeks now. What hasn’t changed is the 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 4.7 inch display, 720p display (1280×768 to be exact), 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, an 8 megapixel camera and more.


Well, we also now know that the device should come in at just 9.1mm thin, and beneath the back-plate will be a 2,100mAh which we now believe is not user-replaceable.

Those last few words seemingly make this a deal-breaker for many of you, but it’ll be interesting to see whether or not users will value stock, straight-from-Google Android on a phone with such great specs over a phone with a battery that can’t be exchanged.

We’re expecting to learn more come October 29th when Google holds an Android-related press conference in New York City. And beyond hearing news about this new Nexus phone we’re told this event will also serve as the launchpad for Android 4.2 (which we believe is still being called Jelly Bean).

Phandroid will be at the event bringing you everything that comes out of it so you’ll want to check back with us in 10 days for that. Of course, the Nexus leaks will probably keep on rolling between now and then so it’s a good idea to check back every day to make sure you’re synced up with all the latest going on throughout these exciting times. [Thanks, Josh!]

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  • Mark phillips

    To be honest Such extensive leaks make the announcement dull and boring!

    • RitishOemraw

      True, but you still have android 4.2 to look forward to. Assuming they actually announce it then and there.

    • Marsg

      Still a beast of a device none the less. this thing can prob score 8k on quadrant and over 9000! if overclocked.

      • SuperUser1

        its over 9,000!!!!!


      Unless something different gets announced on the 29th ;)

  • Jdog25

    Please let then be another Nexus option or at least no glass on the back.

    • Jameslepable

      It’s not meant to be glass. It’s meant to be a polycarbonate back like the optimus g

      • Marsg

        the Optimus g has a glass back, its using gorilla glass 2 on the front and back

      • Jdog25

        Glass or Polycarbonate, they both are weak, scratch prone, and finger print magnets.

        • No_Nickname90

          My E4GT uses Gorrilla Glass and it still looks pretty new. There are small scratches, but you only see them if you actually look for them. LoL!! It does collect fingerprints, but you can’t really complain about fingerprints, because even screen protectors collect fingerprints. Either they collect fingerprints or they burn your finger when you rub across them. LoL!!

          • Jdog25

            Well I still hope that there are other Nexus because the back of my Gnex doesn’t get fingerprints or scratches and this feels like a downgrade if this is all they have to offer. I know the processor is better but this is stock Android and it runs smooth on an old 1ghz 2010 processor.

  • sc0rch3d

    *holds GNEX up to screen*

    *look of confusion*

    • Jameslepable

      No word of a lie. I just done the exact same thing. If I get it it will probably be q2 of 2013. By then hopefully the will be a HTC nexus 5 with that ridiculously high resolution screen.

      • Marsg

        by next year 1080p will be a norm lol

        • scoter man1

          Which is why I’m waiting!

          • Marsg

            Lol same but I’m kinda forced to, I don’t have a upgrade till next December, just in time for the GS4 the Nexus 5 and anything else that catches my eye

    • phinn

      Nexus brand recognition sounds like a good thing to me.

    • http://www.ScottAllyn.Us ScottAllyn

      The difference will be obvious when you hold the phones together in-person. The activity bar on the Galaxy Nexus is such a deep black that the buttons look like they’re part of the bezel. The activity bar on the LG Nexus will be “LCD Black”, i.e. a washed out dark grey that highlights the fact that they’re actually part of the screen.

      • http://www.ScottAllyn.Us ScottAllyn

        Having said that, I’d personally still rather have an LCD screen on my phone. I’ve had parts of Waze burned into my phone for the past 6 months. Curse you, AMOLED!! :D

  • acey_zero

    I am waiting for more details before making a final judgement. I sure would love a Nexus device, but am very concerned about the storage and battery.

    If the battery is not exactly removable, but is “field replaceable”, I might be able to deal with that.

    And without an SD slot, I would need at least 32 (and preferably 64) GB of storage, and it would need to not increase the price too much. But I am guessing if there are even versions offered like this that they will be too expensive…

  • zomgzomg

    i just creamed my pants all sticky omg omg omg I can’t believe this phone. might as well call this the end of my year now it can’t get any better than this!!! screen swiping will be so fast I wont know what to do with myself wow. smooth like the inside of my pants!!!!!!!

  • jak_341

    This Nexus is DOA. It pains me to say that. It has the trifecta of what not to do with a phone : no SD card, no LTE, and non removable battery.

    • Marsg

      how do you know it has no LTE? did you build a time machine, travel to October 29 for the announcement then come back to leak all the info ?

      • phinn

        Right, everything has LTE now. Hell, even the iPhone has LTE.

    • James Bellerose

      The leaked device has no LTE because it’s in Europe where LTE is not a big player yet. The U.S. device WILL have LTE just like the Galaxy Nexus.

      • BLADESMAN1889

        LTE goes live in the UK this month for 9 cities of just one Network (or 2 depending on how you look at it – Orange & Tmob merged into Everything Everywhere) the rest of UK Networks will bid in government auctions next year.

    • Jdog25

      I personally I don’t really care too much about all of those things, mostly because every Nexus has been a really good phone that has held up against more powerful phones. Now for me I really don’t like the material that they are using for the back and the fact that the front is flat and not curved, I expect to see a lot of finger prints and scratch marks.

      Also why wouldn’t it have real 4G if the Nexus S had WiMax and the Galaxy Nexus has LTE????

      No SD Card is a problem, keep your porn on a hard drive, LOL.

      Why do you need to remove a battery, this isn’t an old Windows Mobile phone.

      • HalfwayCrook

        well said. Even so, I want a sony nexus :(

        • Jdog25

          Heck give me a Sony, HTC or Motorola as long as its built better then this phone.

    • No_Nickname90

      No LTE? Are you serious? The Galaxy Nexus has LTE? Why wouldn’t this have LTE? LoL!! Wow…

      • Guest

        I have no doubt the Nexus 4 will have LTE in the US, hell even the iPhone has LTE now.

    • vioalas

      Nexus phones never use SD cards, so no one should be surprised. It’ll get LTE. The battery is an issue for some though.

    • Craig Hawkins

      Of course it’ll have LTE.

  • Patrik Leonard

    Non-removable battery, non-removable storage, looks almost the same as the last model, is this an iPhone or a Nexus?

    • domatau

      seriously wtf is up with that? give the option to expand memory if stock is not 32gb or more!

      • Jdog25

        Your getting mad about something that has yet to be confirmed and the Russian site that did a prototype review said that there might be another option for more memory.

        • domatau

          you’re right, until confirmed it’s all a rumor so i hope i’m wrong on this. it’s @#$@% 2012 and 16gb cannot be acceptable for a high end device!

          • Jdog25

            16gb isn’t enough???? I haven’t gone over 8gb since I had the Nexus One! What the hell do you have on your phone?

          • bmg314

            16 GB really isn’t enough for many people…Im at the limit all the time on my Galaxy Nexus…it’s all how people use their respective devices..for some,16GB is more than enough, for others, it’s a huge hindrance.

          • Chimphappyhour

            When I picked up the GNex, I had to make some serious decisions on which music was going on the phone and which wasn’t. Add to that, there’s the little specter that is the real world amount of memory you get plus sharing it with apps and you need to leave room for the phone to store photos and to allow the phone to update…… 16GB definitely isn’t enough.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Movies, TV shows, MP3’s… Pictures…. Vidoes….with an 8MP@1080p videos take up storage rapidly

          • spicymeatball

            When travelling on long trips you need to have 8GB just for movies and music. Which I haven’t had a problem with on my galaxy nexus.

      • HalfwayCrook

        +100000, 32 should be standard


    im just curious, with the majority of users complaining about battery life, why wouldn’t they up the battery size?


      Upping battery usually means twice as thick phone. Motorola did a great job with MAXX HD.

    • Joey Malcomb

      It probably uses the same “high density” battery as the Optimus G which LG supposedly designed just for that phone. I’ve seen positive reviews for it’s battery life (lasting 20-24 hours on one charge under moderate use).

  • HarryColon

    Why would they sell the LG Nexus via Carriers if they are already going to sell the Optimus G, that sounds redundant…

    • Michael Tran

      I haven’t seen an Optimus G announced for Verizon which might make the situation similar to last year with the Galaxy Nexus. I hope it’s not a Verizon exclusive but then again I hope it’s not non-LTE only as well.

    • No_Nickname90

      I was thinking that too. I was wondering why they would just call the LG Optimus G the LG Nexus. That’s what makes these “leaks” questioning. I mean why would a company release a stock version and a custom OEM version. But then again, the HTC G2 (aka HTC Desire Z) was like that. Hmm…

  • MK2

    Non removable battery = Deal breaker for me.

    • No_Nickname90

      Why? Some people say it’s because they want to be able to swap out batteries when it dies. You know there’s a such thing as a battery charger? I have a 5000mA one. The one Phandroid posted on sell on Father’s Day.

      Others say what if the battery dies, you have to get a new phone. The battery will last you 2-3 years, just in time for your next upgrade.

      The lower percentage says you can’t do a battery pull. Hold Power for 5 seconds = Battery Pull.

      I haven’t taken out my removable battery since I never needed to. My SD card is hot swappable.

      I really don’t see what there is to hate about non-removable battery.

      • bmg314

        Uh uh…sometimes pulling the battery is the ONLY fix. But, you are correct in that I am a part of a relatively small percentage who like to hack the daylights out of their devices. ;-P

        • No_Nickname90

          Bwahahahaaa!! I guess so. The main reason I lyk Android is because they sort my apps alphabetical. Its always the little things.

        • Marsg

          On none removable battery devices if you hold the power button down for 10 sec it does a force reboot, it basicly does the same thing pulling a battery does but with out the hassle.

          • bmg314

            Again, that does not always work. Furthermore, I’ve had instances where the phone shuts off (not a reboot) and then won’t power back on…unless I pulled the battery.

            What I would like to know, and Im not mad at you or anyone else, but when I or someone else says that we want a removable battery, or more storage space, why do people try to discourage us or prove that we don’t need these things? Or worse, act like we’re doing something wrong if we want more than 16gigs or a removable battery?

            I mean, if it doesn’t bother you one way or the other, why do you care, then? (again, this isn’t directed at you, per se…just find it amusing is all).

  • Jdog25

    If feel like if this is the only Nexus then I will have to no choice but to buy a case so that the back doesn’t get scratched. This exactly why I never wanted the iPhone 4 and 4s but for work I didn’t have a choice.

    • Luxferro

      It’s a phone, not an investment. In less than 1 year it will be regarded as outdated. I usually put cases on my phones so they don’t shatter if I drop them, not to prevent scratches. Anyway, this is just how I view my phones. They aren’t sports cars that you want to keep in pristine condition for 20 years :)

      • Jdog25

        I try to keep them pristine because I sell it once I order the newest Nexus.

  • Johnathan Smith

    16gb is good with me. I’m all cloud all the time anyway. Photos instant upload to google+, Music is Pandora or Amazon MP3 from my cloud space, Netflix, Youtube, using my GNex Wifi or 4g LTE with Sprint unlimited data in my area. (Works great now, Thanks Sprint.) I have 32GB internal and only use it for apps. My GNex is good right now, so I may wait for the next Nexus after this batch a year from now.

  • Chimphappyhour

    If this is the only Nexus phone option, it looks like I’ll be signing a contract for a new GNote2 on Tmo instead. I haven’t had a carrier phone since the G1! :-/

    • Magnus100

      Good decision!

    • DYNK

      Yup. to be honest I don’t think anything is going to beat the galaxy note 2 for quite awhile now.

  • toomuchgame441

    Super not excited about this Nexus. But its not too surprising because I have never been excited about any Nexus outside of the GNex

  • hemipw54

    Doesn’t matter, it can drip gold with every button push, but it is still a LG.
    Should have treated customers better LG.
    Boycott LG.

    • bmg314

      Im not holding that sentiment against you, LG certainly deserves it. But keep in mind that Samsung used to have the same detractors crying boycott. Companies can turn it around.

  • No_Nickname90

    I will truly laugh if Google just through LG on a Galaxy Nexus to confuse leakers and have a totally different looking device coming out. LoL!!

  • Magnus100

    They could have made this a great device by Making it 32GB & 64GB & also by fitting it with a befitting 3200mAh battery & also a 13MP camera
    But with those specs this thing is DOA!

    • RavenFox

      Please stop the nonsense.

  • blest

    Hopefully the camera isn’t wack and there will be different storage models.

  • Robert Manser

    These claims are just speculation not fact.

  • TheTrueGMG

    I feel like if the battery isn’t removable it should have the same capacity as the RAZR Maxx

  • ColtonKaiser

    9.1mm? Please God, no.

    • setspeed

      That’s what I thought when I first saw it, but since then I’ve realised it’s only 0.5mm thicker than my S3 which is a pretty thin phone.

  • phinn

    After hearing the miracle Apple can pull off on the iPhone 5 with 1400 mAh, this 2100 mAh battery life better be amazing.

  • Ivan Gretic

    No, 4.2 will not be called JB…why? because, 4.0 ICS, 4.1 JB. Same thing with older versions of Android, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 … we have plenty of delicious names :D
    I just don’t see logic in that statement ” (which we believe is still being called Jelly Bean) “. Maybe i’m wrong, maybe i’m not pro in tech world.
    But, one thing is for sure, we will get new version of Android, 4.2, with new tweeks and rainbow happiness :) and that’s all it matters.

    • Joe Frazier III

      2.0 and 2.1 were eclair unless I’m mistaken.

  • Tadeáš Kříž

    I just wish there was nexus from sony, as I personally dont like LG.

  • droidbeat

    Non-removable battery is a deal breaker unless this thing is insanely efficient.

  • uscgamecock

    non-replaceable battery = deal killer for me