Starbucks update brings Holo UI and My Starbucks Rewards

When apps get updated to conform to Android’s new design guidelines I always get a little giddy inside. After all, consistency is key and everyone knows that’s one of the main problems with the collection of apps currently available in the Google Play Store. While I’m no java nut I was happy to see that Starbucks updated its application to bring the Holo UI into the mix.

You’ll get swiping action, the action bar, crisp controls and a more smooth experience to feed your unhealthy addiction, but that’s not all we’re getting in this update.

Starbucks has also brought the ability to view your My Starbucks Rewards information to see how close you are to getting that next quad half caf venti 3 pump vanilla 3 pump hazelnut soy extra hot no foam with whip and cinnamon sprinkles latte.

Aside from all of that, general performance improvements and bug fixes have made their way into this delicious package. And you still retain the ability to locate your nearest shop on a map and reload your Starbucks card.

The app is visually rich so all the resources inside make up for a seemingly steep 6.1MB download, but you coffee fiends are likely to justify the download even if you had absolutely no space or bandwidth  to accommodate it. Get your download in the Google Play Store.

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  • Ian Woloschin

    Is this any better than My Coffee Card? That was around before Starbucks bothered to make an Android app, and I’ve been using that because the original Starbucks app was…terrible.

  • supremekizzle

    Starbucks is obnoxiously expensive. I have never seen a corporation so blatantly rip off their customers. I retract that…..APPLE does the same thing all the time!

    • Jason Farrell

      Mr. Coffee FOR YOU! :)

    • Guest

      I like how everyone dislikes this but if I made an anti-apple comment they’d jump all over it like white on rice. It’s the same corporate B.S. as apple but it’s ok because Starbucks is something you like and therefore I am making a bad comment? That’s the definition of hypocritical right there. Chastise apple for what they do but turn around and praise starbucks for doing the same thing…. oooookkkkkkkkkk

    • asianrage

      While they are pricier than some of their competitors, they are the most consistent. I can’t say the same for the smaller shops out there that are 50-75 cents cheaper.

  • johnnycrappleseed

    She can sure spread em lol

  • Nick Prochilo

    No more free syrup and soy for gold card members!!

    • Jason Farrell

      Oh wow… life must be pretty hard for you, yeah? </sarcastic Foxconn employee>

      • Nick Prochilo

        Go back to your hippie tent and smoke pot with the rest of the Occupiers, maaaan!

        • Jason Farrell

          Wow… you so lucky! You have tent to live in and pot to smoke while sipping 5 dollah lotte? I live in communal dorm making 5 dorra a week and sometimes get second hand smoke from armed guards at door. </sarcastic Foxconn employee>

    • Phillip Meyers

      The new rewards suck, the free syrup, whip, and soy were a huge reward. Not to mention the free mocha when you bought whole bean coffee. Now you get a drink after 12 stars, thats the only reward it seems.

      • Larizard

        u can also use your free “drink” to purchase any pastry or sandwiches.

    • Larizard

      yea that’s like $0.60 savings. :( I don’t like this change either… I always get my Chai tea latte with soy..


    Ummmm, update via WI-FI, while @ STARBUCKS perhaps. I’m a BLOODY BRILLIANT GENIUS……..

  • Alfred

    Quentin got the drink name correct. I work for Starbucks so I’m always impressed when people get all of the add-ons and changes/modifications in the correct order.

    • Jason Farrell

      How often do people actually order one of those pretentiously long drink names VS just a two-word “Grande Mocha” or whatever? Can’t be that often.

      • Jason Farrell

        Hahah. I like how I got some pretentious down votes. They’re OUT THERE! :)

    • B3astofthe3ast

      Except we don’t have cinnamon sprinkles. :P

  • JWolf_PDX

    What is this…

  • neotaruntius

    Small correction: The following has been there for quite some time –
    “Starbucks has also brought the ability to view your My Starbucks Rewards information to see how close you are to getting that next quad half caf venti 3 pump vanilla 3 pump hazelnut soy extra hot no foam with whip and cinnamon sprinkles latte.”

    • John Voegtlin

      yup, but maybe they fixed this occasional glitch:

  • wickets

    i wish starbucks etc would leave a tip option…..its such a hassle to pay with your phone and then have to fish around for tip money

  • CoffeeMaster

    Starbucks App is going to be history soon. Square is going to be taking over the payment system. You will also be able to leave a tip on your card from the app.

  • ConCal

    I’ve notices a lot of apps updating holo UI lately. Very cool, ever since ICS hit, it feels like Android finally got some style, now that’s tricking down to the apps.

  • Sean Kalas

    Congrats posting something 2 days after it took place~

  • Atomic Shroom

    Nice to know they are putting the money gained from avoiding corporation tax into meaningful projects……