More evidence suggests 32GB Nexus 7 will launch at same price as 16GB model

Last week we learned that Google will likely phase out the 16GB Nexus 7 in favor of a 32GB model, and despite double the storage most signs point the $250 price point remaining the same for the larger storage option. Now we have a look at the 32GB device listed on Staples’ business portal, where it is actually shown as coming in at a few dollars cheaper than the 16GB model.

The move makes you wonder if Google plans to do anything with the pricing of the 8GB model, or if perhaps a 16GB option will be offered at the $199 price point. We’ve seen nothing to suggest this to be the case, but it seems a little odd that the company would offer three times the storage for only $50 more, making the $199 model with 8GB seem, dare I say, overpriced in comparison.

According to Staples, the new version of the N7 could launch as soon as October 18th, but that seems a little unlikely. A logical launch of the 32GB model could coincide with the unveiling of the next Nexus smartphone, an event that is rumored to occur at the end of this month.

[AndroidPolice via Engadget]


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  • Michael Vergara

    Sweet!!! Im thinking this is to help the N7 compete with the upcoming ipad mini. If this turns out to be accurate i will absolutely scoop up an N7 for my 12 yr old as a Xmas gift.

  • blest

    Why not off the 8gb? o_O

  • Ryan

    Having purchased a 16gb N7 recently, this news doesn’t make me very happy…would’ve much rather had the 32gb at the same price!

    • Jason Farrell

      No sour grapes here. You have to expect this sort of progress.

      • Remo J Gutierrez

        How so?

    • No_Nickname90

      You got the credit. So it all fairs out. =.P
      Though I’m not to fond of this. Even though I’m still going to get one. LoL!!

  • Aaron Peromsik

    I think the price on the 8GB is OK. This addresses the concerns of people who said that $50 is a lot to pay for a measly 8GB of extra storage. $50 for an extra 24GB is still kind of high compared to what you can pay for a microSD card, but it’s not as bad.

  • Jesse Hamlin

    wow I just bought the 16gb nexus 7 today

    • aiden9

      wow then you should be able to return it today

  • Robert Floersch

    Upsetting as a 16gb owner. Feels like I’m being punished for purchasing the flagship tab on preorder, all over again.

  • Ron

    So what happens to the people that purchased the 16 Gb model at $249.00?

    • irishrally

      They come to forums and comments sections to complain about it.

    • Jason Farrell

      They continue to enjoy the 16GB that they bought, because it was a good deal at the time.

    • No_Nickname90

      They enjoy the $25 credit. Or did you forget you got that? LoL!!

    • Michael Thompson

      They jump in their time machines and, oh wait…

  • Marcelo Burrieza

    If they can change the pricing to $149 for 8GB, $199 for 16Gb and $249 for 32GB they will be able to compete really well. I hope that they launch more countries also, Google is bad at international launch, only US and 6 months later some EU countries…

    • No_Nickname90

      No. They aren’t gaining or losing profit with the Nexus 7 8GB as it is. If they lower the price, for ever Nexus 7 8GB they sell, they will actually lose money.

  • Michael Lee

    I kind of expect them to replace the 8gb with 16gb, making the 16gb only $200 with the 32gb for $250.

  • Treyhunnid

    thaz a kick in the chick-lets…

  • droid.

    I hate getting kicked in the chick-lets!

  • Michael Thompson

    Tried to live with a 7 and no SD slot, went back to a 10 with an SD slot.
    Nice tablet though. Quite nice.

  • No_Nickname90

    Are people completing forgetting that they got $25 for free? LoL!! I’m a little upset, yes, but I’m not mad at Google for what they did. I’m just going to buy the next one. BUT if they come out with a 64GB in like 2 months, then Ima be pissed.

    • Remo J Gutierrez

      hahaha, I almost forgot about that. I ran through those free $25 the same day

    • Remo J Gutierrez

      Its sucks because afterwards seems Google gave me the middle finger by giving me Transformes “Dark of the Moon” for free as well. Screw you Google.

  • ninjustin

    16gb is perfect for me. I hope they drop the 8gb and move the 16gb to $200. If that happens I’m probably buying a couple for Christmas presents. 8gb is just to small if you don’t have an internet connection constantly.

  • Christian Barreto

    i just stop by my local staples and they had them in stock for 250