Microsoft bringing Google to court along with Motorola

The patent wars have been fierce and even annoying, to a certain point. Lawsuits are coming left and right, but until now Google has been left out of the court rooms. Even though they are the creators of Android, and sometimes the cause for these lawsuits. Microsoft is taking the next big step, though, and it seems Google could be forced to get involved this time.

Microsoft has revealed its plans to add Google as a defendant on a lawsuit against Motorola in Germany. The reason being that the lawsuit involves Google Maps, which Motorola has limited information on. More specifically, it revolves around the way a smartphone can obtain a map from one database, search for information like surrounding places and businesses from another database and use both together.

This would be the first time Google goes directly against Microsoft in a court room, regarding our favorite mobile OS – Android. The Search Giant is not exactly happy about this, but you can bet the team is ready:

“We want to focus on innovation, not litigation, but we’ll vigorously defend against any amended complaint Microsoft files.” -Google Deputy General Counsel, Allen Lo

As one of the largest tech companies in the world, Google has the resources and power to make a bigger presence in court. Let’s just hope this one works out well for us Android fans, but things could be getting interesting. If Microsoft happens to win, other patent trolls could follow along and try to hit Google.

[Source: Reuters]

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  • Donovan Shore

    Google should sue them for Bing then, since all it does is a Google search. Sounds like same premise they are mad at Maps for.

    • Gerard Krupa

      Bing’s translation service (as used by Facebook) is clearly a copy of the “Engrish Funny” blog and MS should be sued accordingly.

  • Carlos

    Im so sick of this crap.

  • Daniel Tiberius


    • Richard Braley

      I’m waiting to see Steve Ballmer burst in to the courtroom and start chanting Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft then rip off androids head and sweat down its throat.

      • a)

        NOOOO! Then he would be killing off the worlds greatest OS. Then him and Cook catfight it out of which one of their OS’ is better.

        Open WebOS needs to get the ball rolling and release a few phones. Surely that will help kill off blackberry and eat away at the bottom feeders! WP8/WP7 I’m talking about you!

  • keanmay

    Microsoft decided to apple google .. lol

    • No_Nickname90

      No. That will NOT become a verb. LoL!!

  • a)

    Dats sum buuullllsh¡t!

    • Mike

      Yes it is, but I think all that apple and Microsoft is accomplishing is pissing Google off! this is very sad when other companies feel it’s a better idea to sue then innovate

  • tim

    what I don’t understand is why is Microsoft doing this now? Google Maps has had that function for years and as Android had that ability for years. I believe it’s because Google is now posing a threat to them and Microsoft is scared. what do bullies do when they are scared of someone new and smarter? Beat em up.

    • warcaster

      Because they are scared of Android and Google now.

    • Phil Macrackin

      microsoft is trying to get into the phone os market. Nokia phones have windows os on them. so now, of course they have issues with google. (rolleyes).

      • No_Nickname90

        Now their trying? Remember back then when MS was making more money on licensing from HTC than their actual phone? And guess what? All phones on Win. 7 won’t be updating to Win. 8. How lovely. Looks like they’re doing it again. They should just leave the market if they keep this trend up.

  • peanutsrevenge

    Should be interesting.
    I’m sure Google have had a major legal team preparing themselves for a patent suit to come their way for a while. Maybe now they’ll be let loose.

    I’m sure Apple will be watching closely to see if Google’s team are as retarded as Samsung’s teams.

  • Dulal gazi


  • Joseph Lagalla

    And so it begins. Let’s hope Google fares better in a court room than most of the OEMs.

  • Max

    Guess it begins now the big G is in court. And since it’s in Germany and not the US the advantage of being an American company as in the Apple Samsung suit isn’t there. Data retrieval now, there are so many things to consider in the tech world when it comes to patents, many are probably “infriged”upon unpurposely. The problem with big companies now going to court over every infridgement is that small companies and startups are getting crippled. First a small startup doesn’t have the resources to fight legal battles and second a small company might not consider every little detail due to the lack of a special taskforce that is making sure no patents are inf ridged upon. Overall I understand that ones parents have to be protected, but there should be more leeway.

    • No_Nickname90

      I understand what you’re saying. Companies are patenting little things, things that are actually required to make something work. It’s like someone patenting the knob that turns the speedometer so it can show your speed. That is just required and shouldn’t be able to be patented.

  • *Certified_geek™

    All Google needs to do is prove that they’ve been doing this prior to Ballmer’s patent and we’ll soon see his bald headed hard troll shrink and become both ‘micro’ & ‘soft’.

  • Sandylls

    Microsoft is the worlds biggest patenttroll

    F*** Microsoft…

    • ingua2

      Apple is worse.

      • HalfwayCrook

        not really

  • Michael Thompson

    Good. I hope they fail.
    I’ve about had it with Microsoft too at this point.

  • lye
  • Gerard Krupa

    This has to fail the non-obviousness test. I mean how much of a leap is it to automate the well-established practice of looking up a business address in the Yellow Pages and then finding it on a map?

  • richard cantelo

    Exactly warcaster,, trying to throw their diminishing weight around.

  • danix180

    “but until now Google has been left out of the court rooms”

    What about infamous Oracle-Google lawsuit? Already forgetting they sued Google billions of dollars for Java copyright infringement ….