Gmail for Android to bring pinch-to-zoom, swipe to delete features [VIDEO]

Since the beginning of time Gmail has been sorely missing one very important, key feature. I think you all know which feature I’m talking about — the ability to pinch to zoom. I mean, if there’s any one app you’d hope to be able to zoom in it’s your email client. Thankfully it looks like Google will finally address that in what appears to be the latest version of Gmail.

Android Police apparently got a hold of a new version of Gmail, version 4.2 if you care, that “may or may not” have come from the LG Nexus and was pleased to find that this feature was available. Personally I haven’t seen pinch-to-zoom in any Gmail client except for the Samsung Fascinate, and ever since I got my taste of it there I’ve been dying for it everywhere.

Even more features are said to be on their way, including the ability to swipe an email in the inbox view left or right to either archive or delete, always delete, or do nothing when in the All Mail or Sent views.

We imagine the “archive or delete” option will hit you with a prompt asking you which one you want to do. You’ll also be able to do this for labels. Performing the gesture on “regular labels” will remove that label.

Finally, a new “Report Phishing” feature has been added. Google probably wanted to give users a way to report the far more serious problem of phishing instead of the more generalized spam. This should hopefully allow them to bust these malicious emails more effectively and efficiently.

You can watch the video above for a quick look at what we’re in store for. According to Android Police the APK works for Jelly Bean 4.1 despite being pulled from a 4.2 device, and although no promises are being made it’s believed that it should work for Ice Cream Sandwich too.

That said, they won’t be releasing the APK for download just yet but they’re working on getting permission to do just that. If all else fails we can at least expect the app to be out by the end of the month, right around the same time the Android 4.2-rocking LG Nexus is rumored to be out. Keep it tuned here for the latest on all of that!

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  • DarrenR

    Ive tried many times, unsuccessfully, to pinch to zoom. It just doesnt format some emails properly. Excited for this update.

    • Jdog25

      Yeah this is going to be great.

  • Jason Miller

    Am i missing something? I think pinch to zoom was already possible for more than a year?

    • Jdog25

      On other things like the Gallery yes but not in Gmail.

  • Richard Short

    Rome was not build in one day. It takes time to get things
    right. They are working on making the zoom much better….

    • TheScientists

      Neither was Rome.

  • Jayshmay

    Are these features only coming to 4.0+, I have the Samsung Droid Charge running on 2.3.6, I’d very much like these features!

  • thatcrazyone

    only took 4 years? i mean i am happy to get it but holy crap what took so long…

  • Frederick Warner

    Another feature Android Gmail desperately needs is a submenu with “Mark Unread” and related options that is ALWAYS available, not just once in a while.

  • ntegrit

    Am I the only one who lost Gmail notifications ages ago?

  • Lincoln King

    I’d like the ability to turn conversation view off on mobile devices – this is sorely needed.

  • Perplexicles

    This feature cannot come soon enough.

  • ogurlpls


  • Kevin Taddeo

    You mean i will no longer receive an email every time someone comments on my complaints in the Google development site…YESSS!!!!!!!

  • Scott

    It would be really nice if the text would realign once zoomed in like it will on some web pages when double clicking to zoom in (depending on the browser you are using). Maybe we’ll get that in the next version though (I just channeled a samsung iPhone commercial).

  • Jason Farrell


    But, one thing wasn’t clear from the video: can we also ZOOM OUT instead of just IN? The video only zoomed in, and when zooming back out it stopped at the default size and went no farther. If I can’t zoom out more this pinch-to-zoom won’t be very useful to me.